Steemauto is back online

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Steemauto is back online and everything should work as it was before down time.

Sorry for all the troubles

Don't forget to vote our sps proposal. Available options to vote:


Such a relief @steemauto

I wasn't sure how shutting down steemauto or ddos attacks on steemit that took place recently could potentially help anyone. The only people who were affected were often the same people who are supporting old witnesses.

Yours, Piotr

There was no DDOS on steemit servers. They broke hivemind by pushing their changes on tron witnesses. That was the cause of down time on

Edit: But, I'm not 100% sure about this. Many nodes went down on that time.

Very good, we have upvoted and resteemed to thousand followers.. Thanks to choose @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

Thanks and resteemed :-)

thank you! <3

THANKS :))))))

Thanks! :))

Thank you !
You are great

Good news 👍

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Will SteemAuto keep working for Steem after the Hive hardfork? @steemauto

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