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Forget what you heard about similar services like which is down now.


Steemauto offers something different.
Yeah, maybe you find similar services on the other websites.
Let's see what is the difference.


We in Steemauto believe in steem blockchain and steem community. I think steem blockchain is in its first days and we need to improve it every day by what we have and what we can do.
I believe steem blockchain will change our future world and our life by its idea.
I think steem is father of all other social media tokens and it is like bitcoin for other cryptocoins.

Steemauto will help steem community by its stable and updated features.
Unlike streemian, Steemauto is open source project and can be built by community instead of one person.


In one word, Steemauto is free.
You don't have to pay anything or upvote anything.
Unlike other services, Steemauto don't have any beneficiaries on your posts.
Yeah, its all services are free. Also, future services will be free.


Unlike similar services, Steemauto in unlimited.
You can auto upvote unlimited users, or you can schedule unlimited posts.

Unlimited features may cause a problem in the future because of abuses. Maybe you see some limits at Steemauto. But, not critical limits.


Instead of public nodes, Steemauto uses its own RPC node for processing upvotes and other things.
Using private node will increase our server costs. But, with great platform like steem, we can pay that costs.
Right now, our private node is on the good server:

256 GB RAM
1 Gbps port

I think we can use this server for at least 2-3 months. But, steem blockchain grows really fast.


We are using your account posting authority for processing upvotes, posts and etc.
@steemauto don't need your posting key. You will use for adding posting authority to @steemauto. So, @steemauto will be able to use your account's posting features. (upvote, post, follow, claim rewards, ...)

Of curse, you can revoke that authority at any time, in you dashboard.

By this way, if someone hacks our private servers and find @steemauto keys, we can protect all accounts from abuse by changing only password of @steemauto .

In the future, I will add more secure login options like 2fa (two-factor authentication)


You all information like email and password are safe in steemauto database.
Your email only will used to restore your password if you forget that.
You will not receive any email from steemauto. Nothing.
Steemauto never asks your password. Keep your password in safe place and don't share that.


You can check Steemauto source in our GitHub repo: steemauto
We need to make this free service better and better. So, all contributions are welcome.
If you have any development experience and you think we need to change something, you can contact me or submit PR (pull requests) on GitHub repo.


Right now, You can use these features:

  • Curation tral
    upvoting on the posts which someone upvotes. (following upvotes of specific users.) or becoming a trail.
  • Fanbase
    supporting your favorite authors and upvtoing their posts after publishing.
  • Schedule posts
    publishing a post in the future.
  • Claiming rewards
    claiming your author or curation rewards to your account's balance.
  • Upvoting comments
    supporting specific commenters on your posts and upvoting that comments.


You may see some features missed in the interface. Because, Steemauto is new project.
We will improve Steemauto by the time.

How to register:

Registering in the is really simple.
1- Click on the Login/Register
2- Fill registration form as requested (don't use your steem password in that form)
3- Send 0.001 SBD with specific memo for verifying your ownership
4- Login to your account


How to contact us:

You can check FAQ page for more questions.
But, you can contact us for more support.

Click on the 'support' and select 'contact us'. Then fill contact form and click on send.
Include your username in your message for more understanding your problem.


How to support this project:

You can support this project by contributing suggestions, developments and introducing steemauto to your friends and followers.

I don't want to ask for any type of donations. I don't want to charge users for using Steemauto. Because, steem blockchain can help with rewards.

Use and if you like steemauto, vote '@mahdiyari' as a witness.
Voting by steemconnect or Steemit witnesses



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who is the author, is there any chance to move trails from streemian to this?


Trails should register on steemauto and become a trailer.


I just registered recently to improve my account. I don't know also. I'm trying to figure it out.

Free! This is excellent! It's just what I've been looking for. Thank you very much!

I fell in love with steemauto for a few months now particular for its reliability. I initially used a service that wasn't in any way reliable but steemauto turned the table. It'd a nice job you're doing @steemauto. I really hope this service remains as it is or even better. Thank you.

So excited to start using this!


I uses it a lot it really pays and straightforward

@steemauto are we having problems with auto posts?

I can't see the point .
We have to curate not only make money .

this project very helpful for this community ^^


Yeah, I've always found curation trails to be interesting. It would be nice to set premade posts to be posted at the busiest time of the day though. Get more eyes on content.


Yes it looks nice. I have to check it.


Another new born. Welcome @steemauto Will try your services and let you know the feedback.

So let me get this... its like Buffer on Steemit?

Simply the best.

Seems like an amazyng tool, I will try it out!

A very important post for all


I voted you as a witness, good luck

I agree with you and wish to have a wonderful future steemit. Your program steemauto is beautiful. I am trying to understand it more. I want to register and join it. Thank you for that. I put all the trust in you brother @mahdiyari I wish you success, you deserve more than that Thank you

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 29.44% vote... I was summoned by @mahdiyari! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Just what I was looking for! hope it works well and improves over time side by side with steemit.
Thank you!

It sounds and looks great.

excellent tool, many of us will appreciate it, and we will use it it looks very efficient

The feautures here are just on point. I registered myself and four others today. Keep it up

great news and thank you, i am new at steem. i will deifinately want to try, please help me.

this is my post

This sounds like a very cool and useful tool, when I am ready to do some auto voting I will sign up! Thanks for steemfollower.

great system i can't wait until i use it myself. I am going to do dome more of my own research today and see where it goes

I'm really excited with this :D Thank you

Isn't this sort of counter-intuitive to the essence of Steemit in the first place? This seems like it would make it less authentic.


I think aspects of it are. I think "auto" posting is okay if you're talking about writing a post and setting it up to post at a time when the site has high activity. Like if you're in an unpopulated time zone. The rest of it I'm not sure about. I guess curation trails are sort of like delegating, since you essentially are giving your vote to someone else. Not sure how I feel about the whole thing.


I think it depends how you use it. There are surely accounts of people you care about a lot, true likeminded friends, where you like everything they post, but just don’t have the time to read all right away, or manually upvote every day. It’s just convenient.

I find it quite unresponsive at times, when I try and click settings on a user I've followed, often nothing happens. I try refreshing, logging in and out and nothing. I have also tried with different browsers, I've reported it a few times but nothing seems to happen.

It's a great service but it needs work, I hope you get some help.

Good luck with it all.


Yes, Thanks for your reports.
I'm working on that.:)


Check again trail page. I think that should be fixed now.
settings form will appear on the top of users list.
I'm working on the Fanbase too.
Also, I will work to make it responsive.

thank you. Finally I know a lot and add knowledge to me thanks to this information.

I am a first timer here. I find it great #proudsteemians

The big question: is this legal?

A very novel idea! 2FA, as you said, will create an additional layer of security which is indispensable!


I'll give it a try. Might be nice to schedule some posts ahead of time for weekly contests.

your account is so nice hope someday i can make your strategy and skills in making blogs.

its a nice program hope it will run smooth

I look forward to using this app, because in my opinion this is a very simple and easy to @afie

Sounds good to me. I had been looking for a better way auto vote good posts for me. This is something that i need to try. @steemauto

it is great


Great service let me be one of your users

@steemauto can I advice on a way forward? From my perspective this is a good initiative,but I think you should involve participants that have benefited from this good innitiative to give us their reviews and success story.This will go a long way in boosting the moral of steemians,and confidence too.

I did try your services a couple of weeks back but the upvotes were never carried out


problems fixed recently.

Very useful project.. Great job

This is an Excellent project, the best of all that is FREEEEE Wooow, Thanks @steemauto!

Very nice post share to increase the knowledge of steemit lovers.. Beware from site like this .

sound cool, but is it legit on steemit???

The content of the article is understandable and a great share. If you are a support, you will help me to share quality.
Thank you

so not sure how this all works but I am very interested in this any help on how this all works with my votes.. I don't quite understand this

now this is a good move i like this idea more..

Fantastic idea. Upvoted and followed!

Good Projec ..... I like

Good Work!!

@steemauto!!! I think this will prove very beneficial for the community of both especially the newbies and for the existing users of the Steemit Still unaware from this Program.
I think Everyone Should Share this post with friends and with their own followers...
Favorable circumstances with everything.

is it allowed bt

This is great. Can't wait to start using it!

Amazing and very usefull for a new comer like me.

very helpful and interesting post keep posting more and more really helpful!!
thanks for poisting

This is interesting project and good... Work for it

Terimakasih atas informasinya..

ok @steemauto, I will check on it and try your free offer,, and gona post about your service too..

This project for all steemiant?

this project very helpful for this community

Is it totally reliable

It's grate. I think everyone should try this.

autoposting... might have to check this out down the road, ty

this is awesome! :) thanks ill check it out

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Good idea. Upvoted!

This is simply incredible. Thanks for sharing

Se muestra interesante, contribuye a mejor la página empleando este programa. Tengo poco tiempo en está comunidad, pero dispuesta a aprender. Saludos!

as newbi, I interest this program. I will try after I get SBD. Thanks for share this information

I'll have to give it a try, great work!

very useful post, upvote posts @annchifahrani once. 🙏🙏🙏

very goog project.....

Very nice! Thanks for this service.

Awesome work man @mahdiyari. Thank you so very much for this service that you have provided us Steemians.

WaaoOWW is a really great program and we can improve our steemit page and increase our winnings. thanks clean and solid business. @Steemauto


I agree, I love it. This will help loads!


I would like to ask you, upvote from you is very valuable to me @musicblockchain

If I understand that right, it helps me to get my Account a better Steempower?
Im not 100% sure I understood it the right way.
But... First when i saw the Idea behind Steem, i thought:" Nice no more Fakenews. No Botaccounts upvoting post of others, only quality content."
Now when i read this isn't that like giving power to nearly every account?

Have in mind im not 100% sure if I understood it right. So if someone could explain if i got it right. I would be thankful!

this is great. very usefull...

Thank you @steemauto for such amazing features!

Ease my life on upvoting 😊

Nice work, I'll try to o use it

Thanks for the awesome post. I have followed, upvoted your post. Just follow me and upvote this comment for future upvote for your content.
Please 1 vote me..

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This project is definitely what every minnows just like myself. Am going to make sure this news spread like wild fire. Thanks @steemauto for this opportunity

This project is definitely what every minnows just like myself needs. Am super excited can't wait to start making use of it. Am going to make sure this news spread like wild fire. Thanks @steemauto for this opportunity

ok already I vote. do not forget to vote back

looks exciting and promising!

This is so good. Thanks.

really great um so excited

Looks awesome I'm new to Steemit so many great articles and people on here can't wait to give this a shot!!