To Who Made It To My "TRUE FANS" List...Congratulations and Thank you!

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Hello everyone!

Today I updated my SteemAuto account for the people that I'm going to be upvoting automatically in the comment section. Those people, I recognize, I've been faithful at writing engaging comments. It's one thing to vote for an article but it's another to show enough care to read and make an intelligent comment.

I'm sorry that, at this point in life, I don't have enough time to answer all of your comments.

I think it is time to recognize the people who have been the exceptional commenters on my blog and who've added themselves to my fanbase.

The List!

@mahdiyari, @fitzgibbon, @droucil, @drakos, @gauttam, @amoshaley, @fishyculture, @shencoin, @hornblende, @stackin, @wdougwatson, @aboutyourbiz, @taskmaster4450, @vidafitnessfeliz, @lifewithcrypto, @shawnvanderveer, @bloomberg215, @dedicatedguy, @hrhridoy, @thedrewshow, @jrue, @investwarrior, @otemzi, @theguruasia, @clumsysilverdad, @serkagan, @resteemia, @builderofcastles, @steemwija, @aweber, @progressivechef, @grandpere, @nickskywalker

Those people are getting a solid upvote above what regular commenters receive. If I see abuse, I will have to take them out of the list but as long as they keep doing what they were doing (aka being awesome) then I'm happy to spread the wealth!

You didn't make it to the list?

While I was looking through my fans list, I was looking for your comments on my blog. When I can't find you, I can't tell if you write intelligent comments! So either:

  1. Your username is different than the display name
  2. You haven't written comments in a while.

If you fall in category #1, I can't find you in my comment section! Please blank your display name in "settings" and comment under this post.

Your thoughts

What do you think of this idea of rewarding the most loyal and engaged commenter automatically? Please let me know below.


I think as long as you see they have original content , then they should be added to your list as a courtesy

oh there you are! You've been such an amazing commenter and I want to add you to my list. Why haven't you added yourself to the fanbase yet?

Wow you actually remember me ! I never knew there was a fan base . Sorry I have been busy college just needed now I’ll be more free . What’s the website ? :-)

I’ll do it today :)

I’m having a little trouble registering , when I try to make a new account , it keeps saying username is not valid , why?

WOW 340,000SP!!! You are a monster right now! Congratz on your choice to get some SP delegated.

Does having more comments drive views to a post? It seems to me like seeing a high comment count could get some extra clicks.

For some reason my automatic upvote was disabled for you (maybe because I can choose voting power now?). I enabled it now.

To be honest, I'm not chasing comment count and it doesn't help with rankings or view as far as I know. What I'm looking for is to create a solid fanbase and the only way I can reward them is via the comment section :-)

Awesome! I'll probably be a 'fan' for many more blogs to come! Being a @cryptoctopus fan is highly recommended :)

I am bit proud of myself to be on the list, since I am still a newbie with small SP. Upvote or not I really like your posts, I also learned a lot from it. This is going to sound subjective, but this is a great idea of rewarding most loyal fans:), although I believe that new users whit comments that you like should also be rewarded. Just my 2 cent opinion.

this is a great idea and it sure will encourage people to read and discuss posts in the comment section. I think more people should do the same as you

I am still troubling get into that list! Actually I want to be there!


I think it's a good decision to reward real enganging fans, it makes a bond between author and his fans and this way author get to know what their fans like the most. Thanks for adding me in your fan base and rewarding with a huge upvote.

@cryptoctopus - Sir, I just added you in SteemAuto... I want to be a true follower Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

What's this system and how can I get signed up in it?

Thanks for recognizing me of being awesome ^.^

Hey man. I'm honored to have made the list! I haven't messed around with steemauto yet, but I'll definitely investigate it. I think it's a cool idea to create a base of "fans" and reward them for that, as long as their posts are worthwhile.

Wow, I'm honored! This has been and is becoming more interesting every day.

I actually got to meet someone in the comments on your blog a couple days ago. There are proving to be more benefits every day too!

I hope this project turns out to be a win-win for everyone and helps create a great steemit environment.


I believe it’s a good idea because it can create a positive dynamic between the author and commenters where everyone is engaged and therefore, rewarded.

Thanks for putting me on the list!

My pleasure man. You've been a real trooper!

I love how even your name is dedicated;)

Yeah bro!

The truth is I came here to dedicate my time on steemit.

What do you think of this idea of rewarding the most loyal and engaged commenter automatically?

Personally I will say its great, probably cause am one of the beneficiaries which am truly grateful for but on the other hand upcoming users who might wanna join wont be seen that much anymore.

If I may be allowed to make a contribution, I would say if you would be so kind once more as to go through your comments say once a while and see if there is any new user that is worth adding once more.

Thanks for the upvote truly

I hope other users gets to see this your new style of voting.

thats good an auto tool and also it will be more good for those comenters who only like post and appriciate and just talk and give opinions on post nor like those who make coments for rewards and dont read post hope the next they will be care and read post deeply and make a coment @cryptoctopus

What do you think of this idea of rewarding the most loyal and engaged commenter automatically?

I think it is almost a necessity if you want to get it to be efficient. When you are doing something like this, I can only see it growing. Right now the list of people you are rewarding is manageable, but will that always be the case? As this idea spreads, and I believe it will spread, the number of comments are going to explode (if they already havent).

How are you going to manage all that?

I do not get nearly the comments you do yet I try to upvote those who take the time to write a reasonable response. Also, I try to answer and interact with them in the comment sections (maybe that is why I had 128K words in comments last week or so I am told). This is all time consuming.

Personally, with all the debate about auto upvoting and bots, this seems to be one of those instances where it is being used for practical, positive purposes.

Also, any idea why steemauto keeps disabling my upvote for you? I keep having to go in manually and reset it.

I've had the same trouble. It gets disabled and you have to delete and re-add to get it to work again. I think the error gets caused by some kind of bandwidth limitation, but I've always got over 95% but still it gets disabled. Glad I'm not alone.

It is extraordinary the idea in particular motivates me to read his post and learn his reomendaciones for better as a person and grow in Steemit, is grateful for everything he does

Nice from you crypto... But i feel forgotten... :(
Missed coment on one post, but no worries.
No worries If i dont get a vote.
I Will keep following you and comment always as possible, because os the end, what matters around here is good content. And you sir, is on the top of my list!

Sorry man! You've been added!

Thanks @cryptoctopus for this wonderful gift. My stay in steemit is becoming more eventful everyday, getting new opportunities and making new friends.

The idea is really cool and it shows your real followers. Your posts are getting a lot of views because everyone wants to read what you have for them.

Rewarding your stunch followers will bring more followers. Keep up the good sir.

Awesome man. thanks.
The sad thing is that I haven't been around for a few days and I missed the day you were doing your AMA. But truthfully I don't know what I would have asked. Your advice of adding value is pretty clear and it seems others asked most of what I wanted to know
Fear not, I'll be here adding my 2 cents.

Thanks for the post.
Keep Steeming!

I think the idea is great, comments are essential in steemit, atleast it shows who is reading and what they got from the post.

I've commented on some of your recent post, Its same username @samiwhyte, but its not on the list. Please check

Ok man

l just followed you yesterday, so I understand I can not be in there, but hopefully I can be in the list one day 😊 Congratulations to the selected users✨

just make sure you add yourself to my fanbase on :-) Looking forward to your comments!

I also want to add myself so excited
How to add myself

I've posted how on the article itself.

Thank you, I will study the killing solution
Thank you bro

I've read it's an amazing idea I wished to be among the main menu

I try to comment as much as possible

It's a great idea and would make my life a little easier if I could figure out how to set it up! I do it manually and it takes a lot of work, so much I don't always want to... I'll see if I can make it work :)

what do you do manually? Not sure to understand.

I followed you on and noticed that the status was disabled, I enabled it. Is it okay or do I have to do anything else?

I think you are good. I will review my auto-upvotes soon. Thanks for doing that man :-)

No issues and happy Christmas!

I'm actually very new here. Started following you yesterday.
I think what you're doing is pretty good. I mean life is all about giving... And it's even more fun when you're giving back to people who have solidly supported you for a long time.
Anyway, I look forward to getting to know more about you and learning from your experiences.


That's great. I hope to be helpful.

I trust you'll be.

It's done right, I believe we are here to communicate, some are here because they want cash but the main aim of interaction is communication and friendship, we must know what post and people stand for and that is seen in our comments, though am new here but that's what I believe. Thank u

I'm relatively recent at stymy, but I prefer to read people who write smart things that are interesting to read. For myself, choose those for whom I go and who can learn something. And I write comments only after I read, because I like it ...
I do not understand people who do otherwise, in their case, they do not get any benefits in practice, but only try to earn it in this way.
in general, thank you for what you are doing, I hope in the future I will be in such honorable list

That's cool. I find great value in your posts and I'll put time to reading them all. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us @cryptoctopus

Lol, perhaps im on category #1, i just blank the display name in settings... hopefully it would strike your attention now, shree was my display name.

Im still newbie learning how to post an intelligent comment even, but for sure over the time i would learn and improve.

Rewarding loyal and engaged commenter is good in certain way, but the commenter should know their limit as well, as of me im here to learn from your blog post, and you are obviously different from other whales on the giving back.. i do remember wise man says, make sure the giving portion is being executed by you, and God knows well and when to give back to you, multiple times more than what you have given out, since all are His children after all. Appreciate your effort on this. God bless and thanks.

I signed to SteemAuto even if i'm your follower only for a month. So i think it's right i'm not in your list.. Maybe in the future, more likely ;-)

I think it's the best use of autovote sites, encouraging those who go through post and make comments releated to post. Loved this innovative use of SteemAuto.

leaving it to a bot will strip it from your personal touch. but it's understandable considering the number of comments you get for each post.

Congratulations to all the fans, I want to be added in the list

I think this is a great idea.


Please, dont write ALL IN CAPS! IT HURTS MY EYES!

Me too, lol :)

This is a very great development and it will help others who are fond of just writing things that are unrelated with what the user posted, they would sit up with this step you have taken now and try to read up post and make good comments.

I'm sorry that, at this point in life, I don't have enough time to answer all of your comments.

we really understand, i know is not easy to answer all comments but at least you still try to touch some. thank you for your efforts we really appreciate you.

great initiative and generous support @cryptoctopus. i really appreciate your this positive thinking. I am still hopeful for my name in your fan list.
many many congratulations to all nominators.

Well, I'm sad I didn't make the list.

Oh that's a superb idea! I actually feel like writing something more ambitious then "nice post! nice pictures!" but then there are 30-50 other comments and I just think that author doesnt really care. I will start leaving some more insightful responses on your blog from now on :)

That's the idea. I'm sorry if I don't have time to reply but I make a point of reading them :-)

Hı.I just couldn't understand what is steemauto and what it does. Can you explain the system in more detail in a new post?

Yes! We really need a post on SteemAuto. I managed to register, but it was really confusing.

I am still a bit new to steemit I look forward to viewing your content

Life is about making an impact, not making an income.
different thoughts always win

@cryptoctopus it would be very good if you reward the most loyal commenter by upvolting automatically and that would encourage other people to contribute on your post and interact well and also support steemit and take it to a higher level.

Brother super post.thanks for your excellent post sharing us resteem it.

Hey, @cryptoctopus, It's really an awesome idea. So quality content will be generated and commenter will write genuine comments.

a very interesting and very useful post,
I really like your post

Hi iam your one of the fallower 2 days back you gave a one advice for my question to get more upvotes? I fallowed your instruction now and i got good number of up votes to my post thank you @cryptoctopus
You are doing a greate job..keep it up ..
Happy Christmas..

"follower" mate. You use it quite often here so better learn it right :D

I don't auto upvote people who follow. I upvote people who add themselves to my fanbase on steemauto. Please read the article

steemauto link dont work on your article

Just followed you @cryptoctopus. By the way, $89.97 worth of token in 8 do you do that? Do you help the undervalued posts get to the limelight? I know there are some other services like @ocd doing it but I'm just curious if you that or not since I just connected with you. Hope my question doesn't offend you.


Awesome initiative!

Wish I could do something similar but I have been manually upvoting for 21 moons now so don't want to break that spell yet. :)

Great to see more people rewarding comments, the stats of @penguinpablo showing the ratio between posts and comments has been a bit worrying. Sure on it shows that comments do receive a nice percentage of the reward pool but unfortunately that might be due to self-vote abuse. It's important to incentivize people to write good comments as that's a very important aspect of the posts, the discussions, the different opinions and being able to see things from a perspective from people all over the world.

Wish I could do something similar but I have been manually upvoting for 21 moons now so don't want to break that spell yet. :)

lol would love to see the outcome of your spell after casting it and truly I can attest to your manual upvote, so I do urge new users to try their possible best to comment on other streemians post, sometimes that little comment you left is even greater that $10 upvote.

Thanks again for upvoting and going through comments

well, just for being awesome, you deserve to be on that list. We've been on this ride together right from the beginning you and me. :-)

Yes indeed it is worrying. I'm trying to make a difference on my list plot of internet. I wonder if one day we will get all the incentives right. People will always try to game the system.

Aww thanks :D I always tend to not vote on comments cause I used to only comment for a long time so this should incentivize me to start commenting a bit more again. :)

Yeah what a long and strange trip it's been, hard to believe it's only now getting started properly. ;)

I think that more initiative like this will incentivate newcomers and minnows to write good comments ;-)

By the way - the link to steemauto must be wrong in your markdown script. It doesnt link.

So long as you have dimmed it feet to reward excellent and inspirational comments, then i believe that it's a nice choice.

I guess I am going to have to heave a heavy sigh and go take a look at Steem Auto. On the surface, I am not a fan of Auto Voting due to potential abuse. What I need to know is if there is a "stop loss" feature, where I can tell it not to vote on anyone if my VP is too low? I've seen people wanting auto-votes that would post 10-15 times a day if they knew they had a couple bucks worth of auto voting going on, and I'm not down with that. Unfortunately, I am also not down with managing my list on a regular basis. hahaha. So I need something that does all the work for me.

I trust you not to post so much as to be considered abuse, so I think I may set up my first steemauto fan follow with your account. After I do some due diligence of course. But from your side, this looks like a great way to reward people who are consistent in engaging with you in your posts!

Have a great holiday weekend!

It certainly is Sir... Looking forward to hearing from you when you do set it up too... Incentivize your most useful commenters and hope they don't abuse it.. 😎

Good job bro :) keep going like this :)

I think its a very thoughtful gesture, lucky bunch! ok so whats gonna happen to us new steemians and followers ....gimme,gimme,gimme! ; )

I am not a fan but I like your posts and how you reach gave me a smile today on bloodbath Friday 😈

It's awesome idea. I mean, it will make your fans feel delighted as well as taken care of

I actually just started following you today. I'll definitely have to comment more on your blog so I'll be added to your true fans list some day.

Well done. I love the idea of sharing the wealth.. Let's see what people do with it and if they also start sharing their wealth in some time..


i feel like I have been active in comments. Either way I'll be around. merry christmas eveyone!

Thanks my friend
I hope all of us get upvoted

esoooo.. Felicidadesss

i'd like to be part next round! Thank you for being generous <3 Resteemed, Upvoted and Followed.

너희 모두 성공하길바란다

While I'm not on the list, I really like how you reward your biggest fans. Each of these posts even serve as a shoutout for them. Nice! I tried SteemAuto, but I had to decide what voting power to use for auto-upvoting your posts, but I still don't understand voting power. Does 100% voting power mean that my votes are useless for the next 24 hours?

you can see the state of your voting power here:

Ah, thanks. I think I managed to add myself to your fanbase, so it will be exciteing to see once your next post drops if the auto-upvote works!

Hi, I am new bie. I live in south Korea.
your feed is really good! I follow you. Let's share good information each other.

Wow. First time I heard about this idea of rewarding commenter. Smart, creative and mutual I would say. As long as the comments are genuine, I think this idea is cool. 😎

Amazing post @cryptoctopus thanks for sharing

yes @cryptoctpus we will wait our name in your list bcz we already followed u first day in fanbase and hope we will be in ur good comenters list and i also think this is best app for all good members those having some sincerity about crypto matters

you are not on there unfortunately :-/ you sure you added me on steemauto?

That's cool :) great list

It is a good idea, I would be very happy to be on your list. Have a nice day!

Thanks for that innovative idea of auto-voting. I hope to be one of your beneficials. I follow and upvote you.

Congratulations to the selected users

Rewarding commenter automatically to others is honorable job to do. My idea, keep doing this my friend, people rely on your help to make them grow. By doing so, you directly support the user to grow here. It is not easy to find a person like you on this platform, rewarding solid upvote is impossibly done by the others. One thing that I can note from your post, be wise users and respect each other.

@cryptoctopus sir...
Actualy Such a useful article to me...I'm new comer to crypto world and steemit platform...I'm always try learn something with every posts....
I realy know and trust btc and steem can change my future life...
I'm become ur fan...and I'm always try followed ur blog everyday...bcz...I'm realy know I can learn something with ur posts about crypto...
And I always try include to ur active followers list my name..
Thanks sir..
Good luck....

Oh, my goodness, I had been commenting frequently at one point but wasn't getting any response. I, too, didn't realize that I needed to sign up for the fan base. My mistake. Good luck with this new initiative!

Rewarding your followers and commenters is really wonderful, shows you are selfless and great @cryptoctopus

I'm a newcomer @cryptoctopus so I'm obviously not on your list, but to answer your question, rewarding loyalty totally makes sense, especially when you have a huge following as you do.

I don't much like "automation" because it takes away from authentic connection, but in this case you're vetting people manually... and you're evidently planning to occasionally review.

So it makes sense. It's like we have 9500 twitter followers, and there's no way on God's green earth we'd be able to check in with every single one.

Sounds nice upvoting those that comments, it helps to promote useful interaction. I am sure they will be happy with your support.

I like steemauto a lot. I was running a bot on my linux server that was automatically upvoting authors I liked, which was great while I was busy on other projects. The problem was, if the server went down and I didn't know, it would take days for me to realize what was happening. The other aspect I like about steemauto is that it lets people know who has added them as an automatic vote, whereas with a bot the only way really is to post an annoying comment on every post and that feels spammy.

Some steemians are vehemently opposed to automatically upvoting anyone, but I find that if I'm busy it still allows me to curate users that have already shown an interest in my work and who write quality content on their own blogs. You can always remove someone if they abuse it, so it's a good thing in my mind.

In fact the price of time is very much There is some time to do some work. But if it is given automatically then it will be of great benefit to you. Welcome to your great work. Go ahead @cryptoctopus

I tried getting into the list but got stuck along the keys to confused...punched in keys and it never brought me the next page....Will try it again.

.3. We just started reading your posts and still have a comment or two to make an impression.

I've never been a huge fan of autovoting but since the platform kind of encourages us to keep going out and meeting immense amounts of new people, it's become a kind of neccesity. There are some friends who always write great stuff but who I haven't had a chance to check up on in a few days or a week so I get it.

I guess once your rep hits 73 comments become a thing too. As long as you try to read them.

I am a fan of your post. Almost all of your publications I comment on. I wish to add me to your list. I will publish a leaflet on you. I would advise all of you to follow up and publish your blog in Facebook.

You are welcome man... Hope you will add me also to your best friend list. Anyhow it's really great idea and it's not easy to answer everybody.Even if you don't response me also I will not mind yet.

very interesting

I hope to be on the list and thank you brother and happy year for you

Lol.. Just found this... It's great to see that you're helping people progress on here. Taking the time to add them to your autovoter. Most people just don't care... Good job.

Well, I'm here now. 😎
Let's see how frequently I could visit.

Congrats guys ! Wish it was me LOL!! Keep up the great work ,it pays to take the time and actually read posts and comment accordingly ! Awesomeness !

saya akan mencobanya

This is a really good one. I'm tired of all the people who just come and say "nice post" or "really educative" on blogs. This will encourage better comments on your blog. Congratulations.

Your idea of rewarding the fans is awesome. Far better than autoupvote on posts. Everyone have to read understand and then comment their reaction. Totally loved it.

I totally understand that auto voter thing. I always been against it as I thought it was to unpersonal and I always loved commenting and always answer all my comments to this day.
It's my favorite thing engaging.
But it's hard to get to everyones post all the time and feels wrong they don't get my vote so I now have a voter to but still comment as much as I can. Great post and true about the importance of commitment and good content 😉
Great way to inspire people.
Have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas

It is good idea, that person on your list are good steemians according to their history and engaging to help the steemit community. Im pretty sure that you always background check before you add another list. Im willing! :) hehehe

Your so generous to share your wealth!

Weldon @cryptoctopus
Just started following you but,your posts are mind taking and what you plan on doing is fantastic.

Hi @cryptoctopus, Though this is a wise move and will save you a lot of time and energy, yet there could be few people who recently joined you, made some intelligent and engaging comments yet did not succeed to be part of this list. I'm one of them. I recently followed you and I comment on posts where I feel I should be commenting. I actually got upvoted couple of times but Steemit now has more than 500,000 users so sometimes, one might miss your posts if you're not posting everyday or every other day.

Keep up the good work and Steem On!

I wish I could reply to everyone but I can't at this point. To be on my autovote list you have to be part of my fanbase...I thought I made in clear in the article.

@cryptoctopus, I'm following you, I don't know what's missing part on my end.

so am i not a true fan huhhh :/

so you will reply only to them

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