SteemAuto is now considered a google business.

in steemauto •  11 months ago

I have been working on attaching my SteemAuto to google maps so we can steem to the maps. So I started a google businesss that offers sercives in Steem like: cryptotrades, cash, credit, food, sleep, clothes, blogging, meetups, and anything steem.

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@christoph3 #WOW its really informative buddy :)
good luck with your business.

I just followed you to see your more articles like this in the #Future
keep it up.

Cheers :)
have a great day Dear :)


Thank you for your kind words and the #future is now. ;) I followed you back because it's nice to know that I have made a difference in a mad world of online crypto.

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This should help those who discover the truth always knew the truth.

an online world. It seems to be getting easier than ever and if you have an address to ship too then I can send you a #ssteemgift.

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