[@steemassistant] Chrome Extension v1.2 - Release Notes


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Hey everyone, @steemassistant was created with the attention to provide a suite of tools for Steemians to use to improve the use of the Steemit platform as well as provide information that may not be readily available to the non-technical users.

-- Chrome Extension v1.2 Release Notes --

  • Added Support for MSPSTEEM - Steem Assistant widget now available on the MSPSTEEM website.
  • Steem Assistant Widget now less intrusive - Font sizes and weights have been adjusted, voting power bar decreased in size.
  • Added Wallet Balances - Wallet balances are now available in the Steem Assistant Widget.
  • Balances now easier to read - added background to balance tables to increase readability.

-- Known Bugs / Issues --

  • Extension Popup still shows old "Alpha" version - This will be fixed in the next release but has no affect on the extension itself.

-- Planned Features --

  • Voting Power (Time to Full) - Timer to track when your voting power will reach 100%.
  • Claim Rewards - Claim your reward balance without visiting your wallet.
  • Options - Ability to customize the data available in widget based on needs.

Do you have any other ideas of tools you'd like to see?

Developed By: @jrmiller87

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Adding a task that makes it easier to work thanks

Looking good!

Yo, I tried to get it to work, but all it does is show an empty little box on the bottom right.