Daily Steemart - Day 15

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Today's Daily Steemart is a zebra with Steemit stripes. The instagram account daily.steemart now has 245 followers and 2 of my drawings got featured , one of them last night on letstanglehere instagram account.

This is how today's drawing started

So how many of you have read this new Steemit proposal? I thought that the whole idea was to post only on Steemit, because Steemit pays you. That was the idea, right? Or have I got it wrong until now? Cause I feel really attached to this platform, like I have never been to any other site and this kinda makes me sad. 

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i need to re-read it in the morning to get to grips with whats being suggested, but the idea has always been for steem to reach far beyond steemit. opening it up to all sorts of users and increasing demand or steem (which will increase the price of steem).


I understand the need to get new users. I have no problem with that. Before Steemit was advertising that you should blog here. Now they are saying that it's only an addition to your blog. The payments will be lower, because a part will go to other projects.


i think that only applies on 3rd party sites, but will double check when the old grey matter is a little more alert.

Well done.


Thank you!

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