Peakmonsters is #5 in transactions & #4 in volume?

in steemapps •  21 days ago

SteemApps is a fun site created by @therealwolf where we get to see the applications on Steem and some stats associated with them. You can even sort them by transaction and volume.


Because we run the bid market by posting on the blockchain that's why you have seen our transaction activity start to climb way up. And next week it will start to climb even more.

Also a lot of the transactions we facilitate for our users are counted by steemmonsters because they run the market protocol.


Expect these transaction numbers to grow even more next week when we give ALL of our users access to the bid market.

On that note we figured out the final details we want to solve for the bid market and once we impliment them we'll turn on access to everyone else.


This volume represents the amount of steem we're facilitating for buyers and is not representative of what we get... but hey who knows some day when we go from 4000 @steemmonsters players to 80k players maybe this number will be that.

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Wow look at you guys go!!

Super tool i am very happy with. Didn't get into the bidding yet although invited. I am more awaiting the analytics section, thumbs up for your work though!

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Great job! I guess I contributed to the volume too..

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