You will be the one to be left out if you are not ready for change.

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The realization that you do not yet know everything will open up opportunities for growth. Instead, feel you already know everything will shut out the repair.

If you tend to want to do business without capital (money), then you have to creatively create added value and run the business wheel well from any assets you sdh currently have. However, do not ever be mentally free, because you will lose the opportunity to try to be able to buy.

The meaning of success is not relative, that is, to achieve what you want. The relative is the success in the world, because everyone has different desires. Essential success is the same for every believer, that is to reach Allah's pleasure and obtain His heaven.

Problem is a gift Where we can get wisdom and inspire to act.

Discard the belief that there is only one way and the only correct way, that is the way you are doing right now. There are other better ways, it's just that you do not know how. For that you must learn to continue to improve your search work continuously.

What is needed is how you deal with the obstacle, whether you want to try to overcome it or be an excuse to quit or give up.

Everyone will face obstacles, including those who are already successful at this time. The difference is, successful people are able to overcome those obstacles.

With a positive mind, and high optimism, you will be ready for change. Your mind will determine your actions. When you are optimistic, then you will act to welcome the change.

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