Why "coming soon" though? Isn't steemit already here? ;)

Steemit is already here, join the Steem Train in a adventure around the world. Lets steem all the countries!

It seems like this might become the next thing to take holidays and post them up on steem.

Pretty nice

Alright, I guess my story as well as the one of so many other Steemians will be coming through as time goes by!?! Namaste :)

Really nicely done! Nicely edited - love the transitions, the text. Really polished and professional.

I'll be following your log. :) What's your route like?

Thank you! We worked hard on this video a few days. Details will be coming soon))

Awesome. Can't wait for it. I bet this video gets to the Trending post in short order. :)

This will depend on the Whales))

This makes me emo, take me with you :D

Really nice, looking forward to follow...Have a good one;-) Mmm, need to admit that I'm slightly jelaous! Cheers, Damir

Very nice video! We are waiting more!

Woah my face was in your video, thats mind blowingly surreal - but awesome! Cant wait to follow your travels, great editing.

Повезло киты подключились!)))

wow.. creative video

О ты так и китом скоро станешь =) good

┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐

It sounds like a board game! Which would also be fun.. Matel- where you at!

Keeping an eye out.

Looking forward to this! :)

I love STEEMIT... oooh.. me too! is not impressive? yes yes yes yes yes!

lehard, we spotlighted this video on our first ever show. Great concept, and best of luck. I am sure we will do an update once you begin your adventure.

Keep up the good work!