SteemAdvent Day 8 winners 🎉

in steemadvent •  11 months ago

As usual overwhelming participation, thank you everyone taking time to share their holiday mood with all Steemians!

Day 8 winners received their rewards!

  1. @krazypoet
  2. @welshstacker
  3. @denmarkguy

Congratulation to the winners!

Reward is exchanged to Steem in internal market and powered up to winners.

Pick and human judgement has been used for choosing winners!

You can participate to ongoing Day 15, vote participant's comment to show them extra love.

Steem on and Happy holidays!

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Congratulations @krazypoet and @denmarkguy plus a massive thank you to @good-karma for the chance to take part in an amazing competition. We'll done to all who entered


Congratulations bud! :-)


Cheers fella. I see you did OK a few days back also. Congrats


I dont even know what to say, but tears came to my eyes. massive love for this, and thanks @welshstacker thanks too @good-karma for the love indeed... be well and @denmarkguy

Congratulation to all 3....👌👍🍺🎂🌲 cheers...

Nice giveaway in Christmas spirit!
Congrats to all who won. 🎅

Happy Christmas!

Thank you @good-karma, what a lovely surprise to find this; your username is certainly super appropriate! Also congrats to fellow winners @krazypoet and @welshstacker!

Congratulations to all three winners :) :)

congratulations to the winner good luck always

Nice post,,

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Yine bize şans gülmedi. Çok çalışmamız gerekiyor. Biliyorum.

HAHA so cool 😊 happy holidays to you as well 👍


gooooddddddddddddddddddddd reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly tried welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Well done to the luck winners.
Many thanks to @good-karma who entertain this comunity.
Have a kind, amazing and the best Christmas ever @!
Happy Holiday!

Wow is amazingly able to get a gift that is so beautiful ,, if it's in my position ,,, I'm so grateful to the god Almighty ... Thank you for sharing the information brother @good-karma


yeah just congratsssssssssssss:)

Looks amazing I like it bro

Its really awasome .. thanks for sharing

congratulations for the champion,

Pemenang Day 8 menerima penghargaan mereka!

Selamat kepada para pemenang!

Reward ditukar dengan Steem di pasar internal dan didukung pemenang. Semongga sukses selalu steemit. Dan harga steem SBD. Jugak selalalu naik, $100%

This is awesome congratulations to the winners :)

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