SteemAdvent Day 21 winners 🎉

in #steemadvent2 years ago

As usual overwhelming participation, thank you everyone taking time to share their holiday mood with all Steemians!

Day 21 winners received their rewards!

  1. @bahagia-arbi
  2. @juandaloko
  3. @nextgen622

Congratulation to the winners!

Reward is exchanged to Steem in internal market and powered up to winners.

Pick and human judgement has been used for choosing winners!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

Stay tuned until next crypto Steem Advent calendar, peace!!!

follow and vote witness good-karma


@good-karma ...I think you give away more than 5000 steem in this month ....that why this name @good-karma perfectly suits you..

Ohh this is a soo sweet comment :D @kartiksingh

Awesome contest I think.

Thankyou so much @roxane ..i just say the truth...glad you like it...

Congratulations to these guys! Big luck to have such a contests!
Thank you Stickerboy by @dunsky

Hello @good-karma . may I ask you . How can it become like you 😃😃😃

I have a store that sells a bunch of Buddha statues near my house. Think i'll go ask one of the statues to send you a bunch of good karma, because man, you do good work. This is really nice of you :)

Hope you had a great Christmas, and have a happy new year!

Super Wettbewerb,schön 👍

Wooow exagerado lo q ganas

I congratulate on those who get the prize, if I can get a gift from you! Thank you for sharing @good-karma, I wait for your next post, greeting friendship for all friends steemit

Hello gook-karma conteo.

Awesome! This is helping a lot of people.
Keep it up @good-karma .

Congratulations to all the winner, and many thanks to @ good-karma for this wonderful contest. Good luck to you and good.

Поздравляю всех победителе, и огромное спасибо @good-karma за этот прекрасный конкурс. Удачи Вам и добра.

This is so AWESOME! Congratulations to the winners! Steemit and the Steemit Community is so GREAT! Wishing everyone a very blessed 2018 my Friends! Team Steem! :)

Congratulations guys! Santa does not rest yet!

Congratulations to the winners!! :)

good thanks again. please help me @aamaksal i am a newcomer

Hi how are You

I want to win!!! but it never happens...

Congratulations to the winners.

I wish i could win someday.

I will enter in that contest next

@good-karma is very fitting for this post and giveaway! Especially for the total amount given away for this month. Congratulations to all winners!

Congrats to all day 21 one
And @good-karma i appreciate this idea to organising such great competition. In which people wins reward
And this is the great new yeae gift
I hope next time i am also in this list

Hola amigo good-karma congratulations 😆 te deseo una feliz navidad y próspero año nuevo suerte. Comentado desde mi Samsung s3 norte @good-karma

congrats all 3...👍🍺

his beautiful postings, dropped in my account and upvote

Congrats the winner, special for brother @bahagia-arbi from Indonesian.

Ini sangat bagus @good-karma. Saya suka


congrats to winners
wanna participate in next contest

Congrats to the winners! Not only for your win and the revenue you get, but also about being n setup creative and deep minded with your winning comments!

Thanks for the helpful post!!

Congratulations all of you winners....& thanks for sharing @good-karma

@good-karma congrats to winners

Good day @good-karma ♥ congratulations of the winners

thanks your good karma steemit friend has vote my photos

Congrats to all the winners. Tho I participated, but all is good. God bless @good-karma for such a fabulous contest. Look forward to more.

congratulations to the winners, we wish we could be the next winner, thanks to @good-karma

You're so great

Thanks for your concern!

nice post..

congratulations to the winners

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Congratulations for winners!Great work @good-karma :) Best wishes for you

Very good post thanks

I'm happy to be on @steemit, I want to be a successful person at @steemit, I also want to be like you a success.

follow-up with each other :)

Those lucky bastards lol !

Sending 0.001 is really a good donation.

That was an awesome idea !

Tks u good karma u upvote me bro!!

If anyone asks me, who the winner you choose from the 50 wins listed on the list ,,, then I will answer yes clearly the person who always helps us ,, who is he ..? He is nothing but the @feruz alias @good-karma or @esteemapp nor will I support always @mysteem ,, that's the winner I support always ... But I do not need to be an important winner I can do better to manage the perfect @esteem app alone is enough. Thank you @esteemapp and @feruz @good-karma ..

A big congratulations to the winners.. @good-karma you are really doing well

This is wonderful

awesome steemadvent day 21 @good-karma.
as usually, we are aceh steemians is user of esteem apps. congratulation for winners. and good luck my friend.

congratulation guys, i hope i'll be the next hmmm...
hi i'm new here, give me your support and i'll do the same to you my friend thank you

Thank you very much sir @ good-karma for these initiatives, I am very happy to have won the second place, thanks to you for your generosity and good heart. I wish for you and all this beautiful community, much health, love and prosperity for your lives.
Happy Holidays. :)

visit on my blog sir may be you like...

hey man thanks for liking my post! I followed you, missed out on your contest :( but great thing to do and good on you for helping so many winners ;) good karma is an awesome nae for you!

menyambut perayaan natal dan tahun baru yang berkesan @good-karma. Postingan yang indah

How cool! I use Esteem as well :)

Great work @good-karma. Hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones

Can't wait to take part in this! thanks for being so generous @good-karma!

Wauhhh.... Congratulations all the winners but I promise next time I will participate not to loose but to win. So prepare yourselves well

is it too late to get a price. by the way congrats to the winners