Day 24 - Steem Advent Calendar 2017, Win prize, LAST DAY! 🎄🎁

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Steem Christmas Advent Calendar where you can earn rewards everyday until Christmas!

It is day 24 everyone... Great to see engagement and participation, LAST DAY!

Days 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 participation is now CLOSED!

Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #24

Where do you see Steemit/Steem next year at Christmas time?

Check out opinions from last year to find out whose predictions were close enough now that Christmas is here!

Leave your creativity answers in comment section below and 3 best answers get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

Advent calendar will be published everyday, previous day challenge will be closed when next day's challenge post is published, rewards will be powered up to winners!

Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

PS. Don't forget to upvote comments below, do good deed and share with others during these wonderful season of holidays… Your vote is essential to choose next winners.

PPS. Prize will be powered up to winners...

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I would like the next year Steem units more people from all world . I like that here you don't communicate only among people from your country or your friends , as in FB or others sites .
I would like next year coordinators of Steemit maybe put into some traditionals in own community , like this nice councource , to make us to open more each other .
I would like next year everybody finds here friends , love , hope , support ..everything what you need .
Happy New Year to all !
And big thanks to Good-karma for his work !

Good-karma for his work

I think it is only a matter of time (meaning it will happen real soon) when media start talking about STEEM the same way they are talking bitcoin right now.
They will have to - soon - address the amount of transactions on the STEEM blockchain which is (accounting it's only working with <1 % its capabilities) by far superior to pretty much everything else.
Next; because the crypto is ever more present in everyday life, it will get "dumbed down" enough for just about everyone to use (not necessarily understand) the platform. When it gets "dumbed down" enough, and gets some well-deserved exposure, I believe the population here will skyrocket.

Social media is fun. Social media is the thing of the 21st century. We just need to get it out there that STEEM is the next social platform. When the idea breaks out and its simple enough, we're up for some massive migration over from other platforms.

So by this time next year; I believe we will have ~$20/STEEM and about 100x the users.

You can take me, but you cannot take my bunghole.... For I have no bunghole....

The community will grow, that's for sure. There will be more information about it in mass media also. And I think the STEEM price will establish around 5$.

steem 5$ steem dollar 15$ ;)

steem 5$ steem dollar 15$ ;)

I wish but I doubt it... I mean Steem Dollar price, not Steem ;)

I'll go with you mate...but I think Steem $3 & Steem Dollar $4,50

agree with you boss @imperfect-one

Challenge #24 : With the kind of community adoption and the amount of transactions happening on the Steem Blockchain , i can clearly see Steem to be in top 10 coins before next Christmas. Merry Christmas @good-karma !

I have the same view exactly. But I choosen in top 20

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hopefully steemit has gotten a lot of new features and many more people have joined here by then. Seeing getting rid of spammers that would be gr8 as well. Overall im wishin mass adoption and steemit possibilities have been revealed by then.

By Christmas time next year I see Steemit doubling its active user base. A lot would have been fueled from the prospect of free speech and great content from a myriad of different kinds of platform and apps like Esteem, Zappl, dTube, Steepshot that mirror popular social apps used today and further development and freedom provided by the steemit system creates other apps like SnapSteem, dating app HookSteem, game likes Steemfishies (cryptokitties) and SteemCity (SimCity)

Interactions and votes from all of these different platforms earn and vest people with Steem, Steempower and SBD. Its value would be at 500% at what it is today because constant development able to accomodate the explosive growth of the community. Speed of transaction would be 1 second and transaction fees almost zero.

As Steemit becomes the preferred platform of writers, artists, musicians and other creative people we will attract the likes of George R.R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, Murakami, Ernest Cline who would have created sprawling communities of their fans. We get first looks at excerpts and tidbits from these authors.

Multi platform performers like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey and Jimmy Kimmel would use dTube as one of their primary means of airing their episodes.

Musicians like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and the likes would be using Steemit to publish their music and aside from upvoting you will have the choice to buy their music and download it.

Similiarly visual artists, comic artists and webtoon art creators can have their work paid in either Steem or SBD thus creating a robust economical market.

We will also adopt a good karma system ( I know I ripped it out of Reddit and brown nosing good-karma here hahha) whereas each user can follow and choose to give a good karma point to another user only once which will increase their Reputation but cannot be converted to Steem or SBD even if the user decides to power down.

The possibilities are endless with Steemit and we will continue to grow, adapt newer technologies and increase the efficiency of the chain.

I estimate steemit on christmas next year, has become the biggest social media and we will also see the steemit billboard in every big city around the world.

We won't need billboards, everyone will know what Steemit is by then 😉😉😉

more precisely, the steemit billboard that sponsors many important events ;D


become reality ;)

That would be super!;)) Merry Christmas, everyone!

Merry christmas everyone...

I see Steemit on next Christmas as a world best social media network and whenever a word social media come out of mouth then the first thing would come in mind will be Steemit.

Merry Christmas @good-karma

It would be great if Steem blockchain will become more popular gathering more talented authors. I think it will become something like a big co-working place for people fond of cryptocurrencies. If the token price will raise x10-100 I guess more people will come we will have this place more nicely organized with great professionals who can be generously payed for their skills.

agree with you @dunsky

by christmas next year i think steemit will have over 2 million users and steem will be about $10 each! :)

I don't really think it's possible to see anything, it will be on a whole different level than we can imagine.

Our thoughts and ideas will keep gathering, and Steem prices will keep rising.

But I don't think it's possible to put it on a scale and show some graphs. I don't think we're that simple.

We are a hivemind created on a blockchain, we are the greatest super computer.

Well, there is talk about a new app i hear? O.o
I can see the new steem app/wallet being worn on the wrist of everyone out there.

New android and ios smart watches so new you can wave at your cashier/robot to pay for your goods with pure Steem!

Paying for a car.... Using your yearly earning of SBD, just because you gained followers and the price went up.

Specialists coming in and working their butts of to get a piece of the workforce fund.

Getting my first post worth $100+

Realizing people on here have calmed down..... Bernie

More seed nodes to make others jobs easier (still waiting on an answer for minimum specs and cost)

Equality.... Whales using their power not to make more $ but to make others equal whales (you have the vote and time, if i were you i would blow peoples minds with great crazy votes for great crazy content)

Other things i can't even think of after working for 9 hours in retail managing 30+ cashiers and other people.....


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I see it right next to the American flag... On the moon that is!


ha ha, it could be.

Challenge #24: Steemit will be rivaling against Reddit. Slowly but surely their usere and others will be switching to this platform. Steem will be $10 a coin and will be on the verg of skyrocketing.

agree with you @robmeister

I see an increase in the number of DRAMA post, post created for the sake of creating Drama, like what happens a lot on Facebook. I see the growth of SMT's having an effect on the number of Dramatic post of us versus them with the implementation of Steem Communities. I see no change in @berniesanders, that he/she is/will continue to drive the divide and conquer, be the king/queen of the dramatic scene.

I see the Nigerian community becoming one of the most popular groups to be around, and an expansive growth of the Croatian community.

A decrease in the number of tags an individual is allowed to use from 5 to 4 or 3 possibly.

Mostly I see a steady increase in the number of "active" users and fewer dead users.

I'd like to see the bot situation fixed, but I honestly do not see that happening in 2018, but it would be nice.

Merry Christmas - - - Happy New Year

I think it will be 20 times more than this year's price, given that the steem app, an upgraded wallet and also if a chat function or 'people you may know' type function is here on Steemit itself. I saw that Bitcoin rose from about 1000 to 17000, i.e. 17 times in this single year, and so did the others, but not Steem.

Reason is the biased distribution of rewards. Quality and quantity and no of followers and likes everything must matter. There has to be some solution for this.

Hopefully we'll have seen more media attention over 2018, maybe even with a few celebrities joining, and endorsing it. The price point of steemit could be around 4-5, which will make it very attractive from newcomers, who are used to sites like Reddit. Hopefully we'll see steemit starting to capture market share from Reddit, so we will have an even more diverse group of people on here, writing on everything from space x, to Grandma's Christmas cookies.
At least, that's what I hope. Merry Christmas people :)

I would like to add that I could see steemit becoming a journalistic platform. A large amount of "journalism" today relies exclusively on ad revenue, and therefore it often becomes very sensationalistic. I see steemit as a very interesting option for allowing proper journalism to survive. Maybe we should focus more on that next year?

Making major noise, becoming a big thorn in Facebook's backside

@good-karma by next year I want to see steemit ranking number five on Alexa ranking. Also Steem rising to dollars per token

I think it will have more than double the number of the ppl we have now using the platform , because I believe more ppl will really consider moving from fb to here

It will have more life topics like fb now

More features will be on the platform for more ease in use a d more options

More creativity will be shown

More celebrities and public figures will move to here

Hopefully ( it will be well known in the Arab world )

I see steemit more productive in number of users in the next christmas. In past few months steemians were started to endorse steemit to their relatives, friends and co-workers and even up to these days, people in the community were initiating plans and programs to spread steemit to the people outside these community and even in the farthest corners of the world. And so, if these commotion would continue up to the next christmas, I'm so sure that a massive number of new steemians would be approaching and a new set of talented and great thinker steemian would contribute to the developmet of steemit

I am eagerly waiting for any announcements from steemit authority about Christmas party.

First of all, I want to greet you a Merry, Merry Christmas @good-karma !
What I see next year is a growing family here in Steemit, more people will be sharing blessings to minnows like what you are doing, building a good relationship with people from around the world, you'll develop great friendship with a lot of Steemians, diversity it is! Steemit is like a school where we develop our skills, so more Steemians will become poets, song writers, artist, photographers and a lot more.
Thank you for this awesome daily challenges @good-karma ! Resteemed.

I'll probably see it the same place I did this year, on my laptop/mobile phone! Hahaha

Merry Christmas one and all and a massive thank you to @good-karma for holding such a great competition. Hope all the winners managed to put their newly found steempower to good use and spread some love around steemit.


Steemit will be the star of the Christmas tree: brilliant, loved by all and indispensable for those of us who belong to her.For Steemit, there are only thanks for allowing us to be part of it and leave our dream ideas behind.
Congratulations @ good-karma, may many smiles arrive for you and your family.

Steemit next year will be gaining more ground since crypto currency is the talk in town now by this time next year i think that steem value would have increase times 3 of it price due to the acceptability of people accepting crypto currency as a means of trade and more people will like to invest steem because of the great community steemit have.

Cant wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think @hms818 could be right! Steem was processing a much greater volume of transactions and they were flowing fast and cheaply whilst bitcoin was constipated, ethereum was constipated. It took steem a bit longer to join the crypto slump this week and it wasn’t a 50% slump like bitcoin’s. Fluidity is so important and no one wants to pay high fees each time they do something like move bitcoin to a hardware wallet.
There are so many potential applications for the steem block chain. The sky is the limit. Steem attracts innovators!

Keep up the good work. Just resteemed all your posts.

where karma will decide

I think it will be massive, and known by many. It will be more used than the likes of twitter and Facebook. As for Steem I think it will be around 10 dollars by then.

May 150$ dollar price of 1 steem. And in top 20 currencies by capitalization.

Wow! Where do I see Steemit/Steem this time next year?

Well off the top of my head,this time next year, steemit is going to be a booming industry, expanding exponentially with each passing day.Today, blockchains are being applied in a host of industries. Christmas next year, I'm sure other uses apart from blogging and trading will have been found for steemit and its humongous steeming population.
In addition,the Golos chain,which is the Russian counterpart forked off from steemit.Now I don't want to give anyone ideas but I'm sure this time next year, steemit will be the mother to other chains like that. To be honest, if this was something I could do, I'd get cracking.
Slowly but steadily, the crypto-world is becoming more aware of the benefits that could be reaped from joining the steem while it is young. Even word-of-mouth and other social media are being used to spread the news. So come next year, steemit will be heard of and known even if by reputation alone in virtually every nook and cranny. In lieu of this, we can expect its active user base to shoot up. I won't like to guess how high because my guess is most probably going to fall short of the actual value.
This time next year, steemit will be a multi-billion dollar industry,as we can most definitely expect the price of steem to rise.With this in mind, lots of people will be retiring from their daily jobs to face steemit and steemit alone. Oh my, all these early birds are in for the surprise of their lives.
I see steemit this time next year positively impacting the lives of millions. Financially constrained students will have no worries,sick people in need of expensive health care will be covered, families without a breadwinner will still be looking healthy and elegant.
This is the christmas season. This time next year I see steemit putting smiles on a lot of faces as they go to the bank to withdraw money they got from being a member of the steem community.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Love you all.

My predictions for 2018:
Steem will experience in terms of performance, a percentage higher than BTC and any other cryptocurrency. Its price will be much higher than 10 dollars.
Steemit will be the social network most mentioned in all media.
Creators of Facebook will be here in Steemit nosing around what is happening here.
The growth in the number of active users will be greater than 2,000,000.

I wish this christmas more blessing to come ^_^

Hey cherish your charming and proper Stuff that you at all times participate present.
I'm successive you ago set of days advocate and have confidence me I feel along with your stuff.
Your style conference propitious this one dreadful neighborhood shows your severely interest in it.
Pleople with bright outlook such as you are at all times capital for a industry and I'm successful that one I'm interested you present at steemit.
All the best and many many MARRY CHRISTMAS @goodkarma


Happy christmis day

BY next year,among 2,64,94,504 people in Nepal more than 5,00,000 will be using steemit platform.
Mark my words!!

where did you see Steemit / Steem next year at Christmas time ?, do good deeds and share with others during this beautiful holiday season ...
and give it all presents and presents.
happy to have fun on christmas day ..

ch (2).gif

I think The number of Steem users will be doubled maybe will widely used in the world. And It will be produced
better quality content..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Where do you see Steemit/Steem next year at Christmas time?

In top 100 most visited web sites with something about 4-5mln registered users.

For FREE Christmas Package Giveaways, visit me here:

hopefully today is better than yesterday

Merry Christmas

Gift from me ☺

By next Christmas: Steemit becomes a top 5 social media and blog. 1 Steem equals $200

"If your goal is to replace the dollar, I think you're kind of missing the point. What's so revolutionary about what we're doing isn't that we're making a "better dollar" it's that we're monetizing entirely new things."

Wow. In three lines you changed my view on cryptocurrencies. Amazing statement.

I know your a fan of thinking from first principles, just wanted to say you do it really well.

What are you talking about mate?

From my personal analysis, I see steemit becoming a household name by next Christmas while steem hovers above $80. Merry Christmas 🎄 🌲

I think Steemit will break social media records and out preform them all.

I think Steemit had a chat feature next year and the community will grow for sure.

I saw the steemit when I struggled to finding ptc and mining with my pity mobile.
Thanks for supporting us anyway.

I can see that steem will become the most favourable socialand blogging channel next year. Also it could be used to search for answer like google. Price wise will be steem $4-$5 starting of the year and Sbd will like $20 per coin. I do hope that they will be a wallet dedicated only for steemian to pay for everything. By mid of the year sbd price will reach 100 buck and steem will be like 20 bucks.

I think steemit will be a great social media and container writing in future. 2 years ago iam a writer on platform blogger, and in the next year i make a plan to be a whale in this platforms.

Steemit will grow fast. If everyone knows the advantages of writing here. they will join, this all a matter of time.

Come my blog and see a thai ladyboys’ pic

By this time next year, I see steemit so popular that it becomes a regular news item on the topmost world news channels.

Merry Christmas @good-karma and all the members of steemit community i wish you will have a wonderful holidays!
I wish that steem rise up to the level that bitcoin!
I Hope that this community will grow up better than FB!
Your work @good-karma is really precious for all of us!
All the best to you and your followers!


for next year I am looking for exchanges that will allow to trade steem /SBD directly for eur/usd without the need to change it to altcoins.
Would be fast and easy to handle all transactions for most of us and especially for new users.
If Steemit will have at least a same good year as 2017 then shiny times will come.

In next year at Christmas Time Steemit will have grown at least 3-fold in population. Moreover, more and more popular youtubers will be joining this site because of money incentive. Right now with SBD worth 10$ it's a much better place then Youtube to blog or make videos.

This influx of youtubers and all different kind of bloggers will make Steemit more streamline. More and more people will realize of it's potential and community. More people, more investments. Site grows.

Unfortunately I think at some point this growth will be put to a halt because there are so many things to be fixed, before this site could ever challange and of the current giants like reddit or facebook. Reward system atm is too explotable at the moment, for instance.

So, all in all, I think everybody who is now signed up on this site, and stays active for a whole year, will be very very glad for that decision. I am gonna make prediction of Steem price to bo 8 USD and SBD 20USD.


Merry x-mad @good-karma and thank you so much for spreading the Xmas joy here on Steemit and holding these daily competitions! Awesome initiative:)

Merry Steemas !

Next year this month would be a healthy and wealthy more to all Steemians because Steemit is a fast growing platform and more repairing and updations are going to make, for that our steemit technical groups are working very hardly. Steemit users would be at least 20 million, Steem price will be $250 to $500. Merry Christmas.

Definitely a lot more users on the platform especially now you can buy an account for your love ones without hassle of email and phone verification easier. The should lead to more people getting more aware of our steem and steem dollar currencies and drive demand for it too.

Steem to 10$ 😂

I see steemit as the no. 1 platform for social media, fb/Twitter/Instagram will strave to death due to lack of users, and maybe they might start paying us for posting quality content.😊

By this time next year I see steemit becoming more popular than its contemporaries. It's popularity right now is second to non and if bitcoins could take the world by storm, see. It would do better come next year Christmas.

I see more than 2 millions users for steemit within Christmas next year. Maybe more

i hope we will come out of the beta stage with rock solid performances and almost 2 million users will be up by the next time :)

Merry Christmas @good-karma and everyone here !! Thank -You for this fun Christmas contest. .it was a lot of fun playing and reading what everybody else playing wrote !! And it was very generous of you and everyone who upvoted supporting this contest . ..I'm very GRATEFUL to have won a challenge....I had a lot fun :) :)

Steemit will be the topic public is talking about next year at Christmas time.People get to know it much more than ever!Since bitcoin is more known by people,Steemit(using blockchain tech) will rise!

Good post

Wild'n'Free Diary wishes you all Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays.

Vote me please....

That with the calendar was a wonderful action of you my friend. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Compliments of the season @good-karma i Love what u do. Am a Big Fan. Keep it up

I want more money for everyone, blockchain technology is the future for a better world. :)

maybe next year we can see steem in top 20 currencies

BTW Merry Christmas

I see that user base increases by four folds. Steem price of at least 15 dollars and SBD stabilize to Dollar value. Interface of the platform becoming more user friendly. Steem at Top 10 of coin market.

I will buy clothes with my STEEM for Christmas next year.

Steem Christmas, steemians♥

Steemit definitely is going to go global, and as soon as it gets discussed on a talk show or some famous personality does a Tweet ...KAPOW!!!💥💣💥

i see that steemit wil be one those top social media platform. i believe this won't be long as i've already known more people talking about it. the future of steem is bright!

I see steemit touching sky at its limit. It will be installed on everyones smartphones and sharing their moments and crazy ideas to world at one blog post.

Merry Christmas @good-karma. Thank you for all the time you have spent on this month long contest and for you generous prizes! You are the best!
I think Steem will continue to grow and friendships will deepen in the coming year as we all share and care about each other.

Am gonna be the next @good-karma on next chrismas and i will be hosting this contest nxt year on chrismas eve.. inshallah
P.s. You made me no-winner of this contest even though i participated in every day contest.

in an steemian answer


I would like to see Steel become more mainstream.
Possibly businesses would create accounts and would accept Steem or SBD in exchange for goods and services.
I would like to see more curation rewards go to comments, not as much to up votes so upvote bots and trails would be less affective and rewards would go to engaged users.
I would like to see the esteem app continue to improve as many users struggle with Steeming on the go.

I really do not want this exciting 24-day contest to end.
My Steem forecast is $ 20, and the number of registered users is 5 million.
Good luck to you and good.

Очень не хочется, чтобы этот увлекательный 24-дневной конкурс заканчивался.
Мой прогноз Steem – по 20 долларов, а количество зарегистрированных пользователей 5 миллионов.
Удачи Вам и добра.

Instead of just giving it a quick look,
I see Steem replacing Facebook,
And coming across a lot of Twitter,
Would be a lot of Steem content, a whole load of chatter,
I foresee Steem here, Steem there, Steem everywhere,
Constant and daily usage, with tremendous fanfare!

Thank you @good-karma for organizing these advents,
The time I’ve contributed to this has certainly been well spent,
So thank you for giving me a chance to voice my 2 cents,
Fingers crossed I’ll be pleasantly rewarded with a surprise Christmas present!

I think Steemit Become a Top-100 Site in the next year at Christmas time
The simplest and probably most effective thing to do is just tell your friends about steemit site

if each person who joins steemit would pledge to help two friends to join and then guide them through doing their first post and teach them a little about how it all works - then how quickly would this social revolution spread?
Can't agree more. After all, that's how facebook and google and so many other sites largely became the beasts they are today! And the same seems to be true for steemit's success up to now!

The second thing you can do is also easy. I bet many of you are using other social media sites, like twitter, facebook and reddit. Use them as trojan hourses and share your posts (and posts from other people you think are good, like the one you are reading now :P) and bring new people to the platform. This has a double benefit actually! First, new readers come directly from your links. But indirectly, you also increase the "value" of the linked posts (and STEEMIT's in general) in the eyes of google and other search engines, and over time these posts will appear in higher positions over google when relevant keywords are searched, bringing EVEN MORE people in the long term.

I think it will be around 20 at this time next year. To be honest, I actually think it will become 10 in the end of this year. However, it seems still have some difficulties now. Hope it will go to 20, such that it will still follow my expected schedule!

I would like to see Steem with a less fractured community with various areas for every language. A place where open source thrives, writers can create, reporters can follow true stories, musicians can play what they love, and photographers can shoot what they like. Hopefully there’ll be less focus on a few dole members and more niches with independent stars.

If this happens I could see a 250 billion market cap being reached easily. So I could see Steem giving a 10x return if all goes right. Remember we’re all still early adopters.

I see steemit to grow double fold by next year, with more users and more word of mouth hence, the Steem value will also be much better somewhere between $8-$10, there is a reason why i believe steem to have such a value, unlike other coins available on bittrex steem is backed up with a large community on which steem can count on, a panic news won't be able to bring down the value of steem, steem is backed by lot of quality curators and authors who works daily to make a difference for the community and for themselves, the future looks great for Steemit and Steem!


I see Steemit increasing in size, popular and in size of participants.

I can clearly say that, most of the people don't know about the Steemit Platform, if they will get to know they will join this amazing platform, according to me by 2018 Christmas month our Steemit Platform users will be doubled because its an great platform for content creators and also for those curators who supoorts the work of good and quality content creators. Thanks for the great contest.

Happy new year and Christmas day in advance.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

steemit will gradually collapse i Guess

Day 24 Advent @good-karma
Next year. Steemit will be on the lips and on mobile of all young lads.
Lips as in Steemit get very popular , and mobile as in everyone will be acessing it through esteem app.

Steem on the hand will be sky rocketting and making many people rags to riches👍