Day 24 - Steem Advent Calendar 2016, Win prize! Final Day! 🎄🎁

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It is day 24 everyone, Christmas is here!

THANK YOU everyone who is participating daily on Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 challenges and receiving rewards.

We are happy to see Steem(it) serving to change lives for better and goal of this challenges to engage everyone in/out community and spread joyful mood during holidays. If you have missed previous days, please go and check posts, comments, up vote fellow Steemian’s response.

Steem Christmas Advent Calendar where you can earn rewards everyday until Christmas!

Challenge #24

Where do you see Steemit/Steem next year at Christmas time?

Leave your creativity answers in comment section below and 3 best answers get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

Advent calendar will be published everyday (midday) ~12:00PM UTC to cover most active user time, previous day challenge will be closed when next day's challenge post is published

Day 23 participation is now closed.

Winners of Day 23

  1. @lichtblick
  2. @ace108
  3. @viktorcapulet

Thank you for participating!

Winner of Day 24 received their rewards

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful time!

PS. Don't forget to resteem, upvote, comments below, share on Facebook, twitter, etc, do good deed and share with others during these wonderful season of holidays…

PPS. Prize will be powered up to winners...

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Steemit will be one of many websites using the steem blockchain to store and display content. I see other websites come up with creative uses of the steem blockchain which will drive growth and with that utility and price.

I do see Steemit/Steem next year at Christmas time-in the list of leader such projects!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Hay @good-karma, just wanted to say thank you for doing this for the community. I hope we have more people like you next christmas!

I see it merged with Busy and the user base ramping up massively. Users will be flooding here and it will be better than ever!!!

hail to that!!!

I see the girls taking over and the guys of steemit learning their place


that's great, girls give beauty to this platform.. 😉

Steemit is going to be the most social and successful social platform of the world are my wishes for this wonderful social network.
That this Christmas you receive it surrounded by family and friend, full of joy, health and prosperity, Merry Christmas my friend @ good-karma

Merry Christmas brother! 😊

@good-karma ! Man I found the box. All is good.

Glad you figure it out! Merry Christmas, man! 😉

Wow. I have won-so cool.
Thank you very much @good-karma.
That was a really lovely christmas gift to me.

I see steem next year at christmas time at around minimium one dollar.
Steemit will have around 1 mio. users.

Congrats 🍾 brother! Merry Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas :-) That was really fun your contest. Thank you my friend :-)

Steemit will have millions of users all supporting and learning from one another and we will all make enough money, with change to spare to end world poverty. Also no-one will ever need to be lonely ever again, as there would always be someone to listen to or to talk to on here, who had been through something similar, to hold your hand and support you.

Wow, 2 time lucky me. Thanks for the prize. For this round, I say:

I see Steem being accepted at MacDonald's. I'm more a Subway person but I see they already take Bitcoin somewhere so Steem at MacDonald's is the way to go.

Congrats and merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Thank you and Merry Christmas

I am glad Santa Claus will find a way to reach us!

astronaut Santa, cool 😊

Merry Christmas, bro! Wish you all the best and great time! 🎄

I feel very confident in Steem/Steemit for this next year. With Synereo losing a team member and very little spoken on the progress of its competitors I can say with every confidence that Steem/Steemit will be on top in that regard come next year.
As far as user base adding in terms of progress/success I can definitely say that's a guarantee! As people become more familiar with Bitcoin & blockchain tech, we're certain to see an extraordinary leap forward in the crypto world as a whole.
As it goes some coins will be more popular than others and STEEM is one of them. People are growing tired of FB and the like for more than several reasons, and even though they won't abandon these platforms just yet (atleast not with out some form of internal struggle) more and more people are joining Steemit every day which means more and more people learn about it each day, but the aforementioned and everything that makes Steemit amazing aside the sheer fact of more people becoming aware that they can make money doing what they already spend most of their time doing (playing on social media) Is going to pull a ton of weight for Steemit.
A year from now Steemit will quite simply be a better platform with a stronger following. Options and features will grow, usability will become more friendly and by this time next year STEEM & Steemit will be household names.
Steemit is a more than exceptional social platform, the only thing it needs is time. It may or may not be a juggernaut by the end of next year, but without a doubt it will most certainly be a top contender and favorite amongst many.

Thanks and praise for allowing me this chance to participate, love and gratitude for the Steem you've given me for the 23rd. Shared everywhere, for as Steemit grows with a word so shall you. Gratitude

Thank you Viktor for taking time and writing this... Great to see your share of excitement! 👍

I hope to see Steem as a well known currency, and Steemit as a popular social media this time next year. Hopefully we will be able to bring lots of skilled contributes in the next year, which will make Steemit the first choice when people are looking at posting their content.

In addition to selling cakes to the regular market, I can benefit as well as sell it in steemit. thanks to @steemit

You sell cakes? How you deliver internationally?

I'd like to see around 2 million users and Steem at $1. I'd be happy with those, but would be great to see better

I'd like to see that Steem has continued to become more widely distributed, that weak whales have shed their stakes to stronger hands. I hope the difference between Steemit and the rest of Mainsteam social media becomes more widely acknowledged and the Steem economy continues to grow and build. Merry Christmas and thank you good-karma and all Steemians!

Merry Christmas, brother! 🎄 Have a good time and all the best wishes to you and your loved ones 😉

@good-karma. I am struggling to find out how to comment without replying to someone else's comment - can't find the box.

I hope that steemit does some good for local communities. I hope that publishers or curators turn to it to look for future authors and artists for creative works. It would also be kinda cool for it to be being used by someone in space- a Tim Peake kinda deal where photos and words from space are shared!

Sorry I didn't comment properly - still can't see how I do that!

My vision: Steem = $10+