Day 1 - Steem Advent Calendar 2017, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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Steem Christmas Advent Calendar where you can earn rewards everyday until Christmas!

It is day 1 everyone....

Challenge #1

What do you like most about Steem?

Leave your creativity answers in comment section below and 3 best answers get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

Advent calendar will be published everyday, previous day challenge will be closed when next day's challenge post is published, rewards will be powered up to winners!

Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

PS. Don't forget to upvote comments below, do good deed and share with others during these wonderful season of holidays…

PPS. Prize will be powered up to winners...

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Hello . I am not for a long time here . But what most of all strike me on this site that people are very friendly and polite .. thanks to all and good luck

I love that anyone can earn here if they are doing something the community likes. It doesn't matter where they come from. Steem on!


I was attracted to this post just for the Christmas holidays and what better prize can be earned by commenting


It doesn't matter where they come from.

Literally anyone from anywhere in this big world can earn here on Steemit.

For me, the best thing about Steemit is the people who have found each other here to let their creativity run wild. People from all over the world can be found here and everyone connects this platform with each other.

I like steem because it is the only crypto currency that can be mined by writing any story, thus making the user more creative


good to see how many people spam the first comment for the visibility.
" you are one of them" you could say.. well yes, but i'm doing for a good cause. shame on them.


and I really feel the impact of steemit on my writing skills and I get rewards from my writing


Very true what it says @dodybireuen
I agree.😁


Yes .. I really agree with my brother


Yes I agree with the opinion @dodybireuen...


I also appreciate your comments @dodybireuen ✍👍


Sure ... brother ... steemit is good media sosial


really @dodybireuen


Thanks bang buat spnya


Unless someone doesn't like your story and downvotes it.
In that regard it is the slowest blockchain.
7 Days until you know, if you mined successfully a 'block'

Mack-bot..good boy..SIT!

A warm concept Feruz!

Steem is amazing Cryptocurrency I really love because it can be gained easily thru our posting in Steemit as the socual media. I just posted an original and interesting contents then I earn Steem! Wow. And I should not buy Steem usong my money in my iwn pocket.

I am pretty sure the price of Steem will be higher next year. I will make a post everyday to save much more Steems for my future. You must know that only Steem you can gain by making a posting in Steemit. I love steem. That's it! Thanks @good-karma. Have a nice day.


Your opinion about Steem is very brilliant @bahagia-arbi, very comprehensively describes your thoughts and feelings about Steem. I love it.


Thank you Bang @ayijufridar, Steem is really amazing that we can gain it easily by making a post in Steemit.

I like steem cause it is the first social media cryptocurrency. Image facebook with rewards.. well, we are going exactly there!

I remember this from last year, hurrah. It's amazing!

The thing I love most about steem is that without it my big old train just wouldn't go anywhere!!! :0D


Hello stranger :)


Alohaha!! :0)



What I like most about Steem is amazing Steemit community.. I am a Crytocurrency trader.. When I started trading, I would follow some Telegram channels.. I was scammed so much badly and lost maximum of my capital.. Then I started using Steemit and found some guys who share their experience in trading.. I know one guy who has 5 years experience in trading and always share some tips.. I already got some advantages by following them. Steemit community is great and here people dont try to scam others.. I feel great to be the part of this community!!

What I like best is the opportunity for people to reinvent themselves.
There are so many people here with great ideas and amazing talent, that would find it difficult to establish themselves on preexisting/over saturated platforms.
On steemit, they have a clear slate and the real shit at making something of themselves.
Plus, it's simply awesome to be a pioneer in the social media revolution.
Edit: (realized it said steem, not steemit)
Well it really comes down to the ability to have feeless transactions in lightning time.
Steem was both my introduction to crypto and blockchain technology, which I've become completely obsessed with.
It's a great design architecturally, with the potential to have some truly incredible projects built on top of it. As more developers become aware of it's potential, it has the opportunity to become one of the top five blockchain available for development.
I love that I'm currently able to become an investor without spending money but by putting forth effort.

I like Steemit because it allows all people every gender, race and religion from all over the world each with their own various talents a place to showcase them and express themselves. And it is not only interesting but educational. ..everybody doesn't like everything but everybody has loyal followers, fans and supporters. You learn to draw..dyi an instrument etc. And unlike other social media platforms such as are not bombarded with fake news and extreme drama...most people that I have met are helpful kind and encouraging. I have lived through abuse..have had a long illness and even occasionally fight depression...and my loyal fans and followers are there with me on those days just as they are on my happy upbeat fantastic days :) now I am learning about crypto currency..which I joined this platform completely blind and unaware regarding this issue..I am becoming excited about it and wanting to participate now :) so as a blogger and a reader these are my reasons why I love Steemit!! But the question was regarding Steem itself answer is though I don't make money my sole purpose ..earning it and SBD is a fantastic bonus
One that we all want to see really pay off in the long run..but favorite part is that it's not only a growing investment but it also validates you and helps give you pride that people ..peers valued your or craft !! This is why I love Steem!! :) Vote @good-karma

I like the fact that Steem is one of those Cryptocurrencies whose price is based on true value and not speculation or herd mentality, or traders greed and emotions as seen in most other Cryptocurrencies. People buy Steem to actually USE it and not just because the price will go up.

Yeni yıl yaklaşıyor. Muhtemelen karda yağacak. Yeni yılın herkese sağlık mutluluk ve huzur vermesi dilegiyle. Herkesin yeni yılı kutlu olsun. Turkish

One should be in Steemit to earn Steem. A True value based currency for Steemitians original work. More STEEM need more STEAM conten.

I am passionate about writting and in here i get to write on topics that mostly expresses who and what i stand for.

I am not a professional writter and in here i do my best! I am not judged on the basis of professional writing or how well my English is, but through the content and the message i am trying to pass through.

I write my own words and i carefully research on the story i am writting about so that infringe and hurt other peoples work.

The best part is that i get to share with like minded people, i get to network, make friends and earn.


I really like many things about steemit because that's the truth.
Let me zero to a few things though.

  • 1.The community is loving and helping
  • 2.I have learned a lot about crypto in the last 4 months I have been here all for free education.
  • 3.I have showed steemit to some friends who have been able to earn their first income online...
    It is not easy to earn money online when you are from where I come from Uganda.Many people have lost money in online scams and pyramids and are scared of online things..

It is not only my friends who have earned their first online income,am also very pleased through steemit I was able to buy a smartphone recently which am using now to type this message on the esteem App!!

Steemit is a big opportunity for the third world countries especially Uganda and Africa as a whole.It is why I will continue spreading steemit far and wide.

Keep steemin guys.Steemit is the future.


Hello, I came for the money, I stayed for the comunity. That's what I prefer about steem!

I like that I was able to easily join the Steemit community despite having no money to spare for cryptocurrency. I also like that I can talk to like minded people and get rewarded for sharing my opinion.

I love writing and reading because steemit. Even if I am not a professional blogger but I will practice 😆 Moreover I can get rewards here too.

I love steem because i can show pictures and tell storys, and write of my life, where i got so many likes for on fb but noone really read it. And on steem people appreciate it and vote or not, but always leave comment or take part in the discussion, that you also might urn something WOW !


i know i reply on my self, but i thought while scrolling to my feed, that there are in a month time allready 7 people that i wish i would know in real life ! the amount will only grow i know, but these 7 are people i search when i do not find anything written. :-) I have not got that with anything else !


I agree with you.

I do like most about Steemit is that while you’re having fun and learning new things,you get paid for your effort.It’s one of the greatest advantages of blockchain system.
I wish good day for every Steemians :)


S - Socializing with people from far and wide

T - Training one to be better in different niche

E - Entertaining me with the different dramas i witness and other ways

E - Earning from ones post

M - Moulding me in a better way i didnt expect


That is quite clever. Awesome!

I like steem because of it community. I didn't knew anything about crypto before I joined steemit and the people here were just amazing. For me steem is more then a cryptocurency, it is a amazing group of creative people.

Enthusiasm. I think the people of the community who really seem to get what Steemit is about, emit this infectious energy that you can feel through the posts and comments. That acts as a big draw and drives the excitement and growth of the the platform.

Just love to read, and comment all the great posts on Steemit...lot's of great content👍

I think esteem is a great and good platform which gives you knowledge, enhanced your creativity as well as financial improvement. It is a sustainable beneficial platform and it's most unique matter, here's nothing hide.

I love being part of a community of people from all over the world, openly communicating our hopes, our fears, and foster goodwill towards all. It is an amazing feeling to see the world get smaller every single day as my reach across the globe extends further and further.

I am pleased to say that there are so many humanitarian efforts going on from within the wall of steemit. I am not sure I have ever seen anything quite like it.

Not on any other platform. Ever. Steem on, my friends.

  1. I studied design in university but pretty much have put it aside as I am more focused on business now. Steemit has been an awesome outlet for me to rekindle my creativity.

  2. I newer found any place that is so borderless. You can connect with anyone in the world here. Things such as nationality, beliefs and your wealth doesn't divide people in different categories.

  3. Even though I am not bringing in a lot of money here I am thankful for each cent I get because I don't value it according to today's value but the value I see down the road. Also we should remember that it's pretty awesome to get money in the first place for doing something we really like :)

These are the three things I like the most about Steemit !

Awesome concept hehe I'm looking forward to more surprises:)

The fact that you get rewarded for building and supporting the community.

I like reading about other people's adventures.

Steemit is a great rewarding platform for real efforts, other than rewards the transformation thoughts and ideas are cherry on the cake. There are professional who are sharing great ideas and life experiences which helps in the transformation of lives.

Thanks for the great contest and happy Christmas Day in advance.

Have a great day.

Aside from rewarding authors for every post they created, steemit makes me even more sociable. Here in steemit, I learn to communicate with other people in a way of giving back to others. People learn new things from me and so, I gain knowledge to them also. What I like the most in steemit is how people react to a certain situation, how people exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge and perception for the maintainance of the sustainability in the community. Steemit teaches me that every people I meet has their own perspective in life and has their own way of expressing it.

I like most about steemit is for get informative post knowlegde , discuss on topic also get reward so i like most.

The most thing I like about Steem is the quality of comments. Really not any other social network can generate such a big and smart comments like Steem. Sometimes comments are getting even more attention and appreciation rather than the post itself. Because of this system I can get real friends much faster. Everyone is trying to be more open here as I feel.

From my experience, I like steemit because overall it is a caring and diverse platform, I haven't seen much of the mindless rubbish you see on Facebook and we can help each other earn an extra income.....

Its way of generation, the way it has been created is awsome...Its platform and witnessess totally different and unique Idea


Steemit we can get more information and story about life and culure in the other country. And here, we give respect each other with our creativity and we have some reward. Love steemit forever




Good opinion @albertjester....Cheers

looks cool!!!

We must work hard for STEEM but it's a pleasure for us, because we can use our own creativity and build friendly connections.


agreed :)

What I like most about Steem is how it gives people incentive and extra motivation to be creative and try new things, thereby growing as a person!

According to me the best thing about steemit it that there is no censorship unlike Facebook. And the best part is that you can earn by doing the same thing you have been doing on Facebook

I really enjoy having a place to share the things that I love in life. If you are willing to put a bit of effort in there is just so much you can gain from this community. I've met lots of great people since joining a few months ago and hope to meet many more in the future!

The best thing about Steemit is that you can appreciate and be appreciated.

i like steem because,I believe everyone can become wealthy if they want now in this coming decade! We will see a world with everyone having access to internet and everyone who wants can work hard and make as much as they want! Steem is here to help as many people reach their goals.

Part of the steem I like the most, when I trade, there I can see the coin trading of other coins is amazing, especially now Steem coins in the outdoor market is estimated at more than $ 1.1, it is a very special thing for me now.


Ketemu lagi di sini bro 😂😂, ane keduluan terus nih...mantap. good job.

The thing I like most about Steem is the fact that it's a great way to introduce someone to cryptos that may have otherwise shown no real interest in the technology/space as a whole. As an example of this I tried several times to speak with my family about investing in cryptos but was shot down every time with looks of pure disinterest in the topic. So instead of trying to sell them on what blockchain is, why bitcoin is a good investment, what some of the good alt coins are going to do, and so on, I instead got them hooked to Steemit. By explaining that Steemit is a social platform somewhat similar to Facebook but it gives actual value for your good content, it quickly became as easy sale and all of them quickly signed up and started using the platform to test it out. From there, over the next several days/weeks they started asking more and more questions about not only Steemit, and how the various Steem currencies work (steem vs steem power vs steem dollars) but also started asking questions about some of the other cryptos that I had tried to talk to them about for months like OMG or PPT (as they all of a sudden gained a lot of interest in the topic of cryptos in general). And now they are much more open to the idea of learning what cryptos are, why they have value, how they can change the world, and how average people can not only get involved but can potentially profit greatly from them. Most of my family now has an account on an exchange and is actively investing in some of the major cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and a few alt coins which I have told them about (and so far all have made amazing returns and couldn't be happier they got in). Understand that this would of almost certainly never happened if it wasn't for Steem as their entry point into the space, and to them I now refer to Steemit as the "Gateway Drug" of the crypto world.

Anyways that's my story about why I think Steemit is awesome!

PS, I love the idea of the daily Advent Calendar, will be following daily to see whats next!

What I like the most in Steemit is the positive responses from other users.

Though many posts are not perfect.
People here always find the bright side or the goods in every post.
That's what I have experienced so far.

i love steemit for reading intresting post connect with friend , discuss in topic etc.

Two things that Steem has taught me in the last 100+ days persistence and consistency. I have always written stories but very scared to share with people. Steemit has however, motivated me to share my thoughts and earn something while doing it.
Learning something new every day has motivated me to keep reading more and more posts, increasing my knowledge of cryptocurrencies and life in general. And did I mention the jokes?
Keep steeming.

Hi @good-karma, thanks for the post.. Have upvoted/followed/re-esteemed too. Here's my creative answer to your question..

STEEMIT is where my HEART is....

Earn while you Learn

Even thou its really vast in attributes But what I like the most about steem is (its an outstanding opportunity for talented but yet unemployed ,and not to mention for employed ones too as they can mine crypto currency without putting money into it its best for poors ).

I less worry about small things, instead I spend many time thinking about what to post on steemit ;)

a power capable of making all the steemians happy and proud to still be here. love all that leads you to the path of success.

I like Steem because it has the potential to be whatever we want it to be.

i love steemit because we all do hard work n respect eachother post n get rewarded also learn frm eachother i like that.

thanks,,,,and happy holidays for u

I love that people are being paid for creating community, sharing ideas, impacting people outside their typical networks, and inspiring each other. It has become my favorite platform in a very short period of time. I joined about a year ago, but didn't start reading, posting, and participating until just recently. I've yet to do my introduction because I keep getting sucked into checking out cool art and new data and reading all of the amazing articles, insights, and adventures.


Upvoted and esteemed. :D


Yes, it is true media social. I like steemit.

I love steem, in steemit I can learn to respect each other's work. Steemit is a very good social community for mutual respect.

Steem, although still in it's growth phase has the limitless potential when it comes to appreciating one for the efforts they put in doing what they think is beneficial for anyone in the world.

Unlike any other social media, Steem is unbreakable in terms of social security and it's unique approach to HOW a real Social media should be: for the people,by the people,of the people - without any manipulation from external factors.

Having the supreme "Blockchain" as it's foundation,it has all the properties like any other blockchain based companies but HERE the difference is the users are specially rewarded for all their efforts according to systematic factors.

Steem's main weapon is that,
Steem is for YOU,
Hardwork is well evaluated by users like YOU,
There is no middleman to fool YOU.

You have the POWER.

A fellow Steem lover.

Hi friend, steemit for me -
We can earn here,
we can learn here,
we can build here,
We can share here,
We can achieve everything.
It's a wonderful community, where live wonderful people across the globe with their glory.
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

I belive that the true revolutionary power of Steemit is bringing abundance to everybody in the earth with no conditions.

No matter if you are a man or a woman, black or white, rich or poor, live in USA or in Zimbawe, joung or old, have an MBA or you didn´t went to school..

With very basic guidelines anyone in the world can earn and improve the quality of their life. That is magic. And is a force that can change the world to become a better place, specially to the people that is less afortunate.

One of the key things I love on here is that steemit doesn't know borders.

The whole platform is kinda like an anarchic experiment - "What happens if you put together the whole world and just let them do their thing?".

And I think so far it is amazing to see how people act, when there is no "right" or "wrong" but just a "get approved" or "don't get approved by others".

On the one hand, you can see what great things evolve when people just really work together on something they truly believe in - let's just use as an example. There are so many projects done from a motivation of love and dedication, it's amazing.
On the other hand, you can see how desperate people can act when it comes down to participate in the game for money.

Ok, that got long, let's just sum it up in one sentence:
"I like most that everybody can do whatever he likes on steemit, but has to fully live up to the consequences for himself."

Steemit has given me a near pain free path to wade into the cryptoeconomy. Quick & easy introduction to the blockchain. Friendly interactions with a growing international community of contributors is the icing on the Christmas cake!

Most of all I like the excitement of waiting for the recognition received for my posts and comments.

love steem because it is great platfrm everyone can earn frm here n also get helful n informative knowledge .

what I really like from steem is here I can write about what I get and I experience. besides writing I can also promote my work in this steemit. steemit for me is very different. because here I am given awards about what I pour into this steemit, can be in the form of writing and photography. I can also get a lot of knowledge and insight as long as I play this steemit. thank you

i love steemit because we get support frm eachother appreciate our hard work in this platfrm n also earn frm learn that get inspire n motivation to do hard work.

Best apps ever . I can make story, share pict, ger new Friend and get money with cripto.

image (7).jpg
This year the Rooster became special for me - I came to Steemit. I never thought that I would find so many like-minded people here so quickly, that I could open a part of myself and my family to the world without fear. In the country where I come from, there is no freedom of speech, everyone is used to being afraid to talk. Steemit became for me the territory of Freedom. I can tell and showall that I want. I open myself to the world and see that many are interested in what I say. Steemit is the freedom for everyone! Ability to create something new, to get acquainted, to learn, to travel. I love Steemit and I hope that I will settle here for a long time.

I love the educational aspect.

pretty thingy.jpg

I love that I have learned so much in the past week.

I learned that black and white photographs are amazing and that Researchers are unsure exactly how a cat purrs. I learned that Steemit can cause sleep deprivation. I became well aware of the fact that laughing out loud may awaken other people . I learned some really fun stuff like Fat bikes are really cool. And I learned that folks all over the world can be friends.

I discovered that I can actually earn cryptocurrency for doing activities that I love and that there are Steemians here that will encourage you.

I learned some serious stuff too.

pretty thingy.jpg

What do I like most about Steem? It's potential. It brings different kinds of people, with different talents and interests together with purpose. Whether the purpose is to secure, maintain and grow the network (blockchain), create new entities within, curate, comment or post new content, there is a place for everyone. It has the potential to change the way we do business and grow as a society, as a whole. As a non techie, it is this idea which drew me in. I look forward to contributing whatever I can. #steemadvent

Yeniyil yeniyil bizlere mutlu olsun. Noel babayi gormek istiyorum bende. Tum yil boyunca uslu bir cocuk oldum. Paylasimin icin tesekkur ederim. Beni eski anilarima goturdu gercekten. Arkadaslarin dedigi gibi yeni yil geliyor ve kar yagacak. Sominenin basina oturup saraplarimizi yudumlayacagi ve yeni yilin tadinincikaracagiz. Bu harika

My favorite thing about Steem is the potential. The beginning of something creative and open ended. There are so many different ways this community and the currency itself can change the way people interact, create, and share. It's a place where people come to express themselves and their interests, and to find their audience. Steem and the Steemit community allow support both socially and financially to help people live their dreams and unchain themselves from the 9-5. That's the potential of Steem and that's what I like about it.

the best way to change one's economy

I really like being here. Besides being able to expose a post I can also get results from my writing but it will also be useful for all users

the crowd of open-minded people of course that hanging out here. steemians, you are cool :)

Steemit is great knowledgement system. most of experience peoples coming to this platform and sharing important one. We can read and know more knowledge any fields.

Really i apreciate this type of rewards.Because it give more sport for steem members.In this platform we get rewards for their hardwork.Thankyou steemit community.

I like it because it encourages people to invest in it, not just buying for the sake of buying! Cof cof bitcoin cof cof. And also it is making a huge difference in cryptoworld by leading us to create VALUE in a great community :)

Steem is just dope.

May always be in success and will lead to a glorious reputation brother ...

Steemit offers everyone, no matter the background or situation a chance at being heard and being recognized. Steem is great as it's the power behind this platform. Cheers

So far I am only a day in, and one post. Though as it sits I like Steem for the diverse content, and what sofar seems like a great group of people!

I love steemit because it has brought a large community of people together from all walks of life, we all have such different life experiences that we share with one another and in doing so keep everyone informed about many important issues.
It is great to be able to dive into steemit and see so many different opinions on everything.
It is a great way for everyday people to gain control over their lives by being able to make money whilst being creaitive and sharing our own personal wisdom.

I like steem because it's a creative way to interact with friends and it's the find new smart and cool people. I hope that Steemit can reach more and more people.


I'm not sure

I like Steem just like liking e-steem, that is because I can get it anytime and anywhere while channeling my hobby of writing and photographing. I think the greatest job is the paid hobby. Thanks so much @good-karma.

Has to be all the cool contests.

Steemit I have seen better media platform around the world. I think steemit giving opportunities for earn rewards through contests ( poem, prediction games, photography, creative ideas etc..), good knowledge of adventures, travelling tips, establish great partnerships. So When i was here I could cryptocurrency market. I never know before come to steemit. I known greatest knowledge after come to here from crypto traders and investors crypto daily briefs and trends and valuable blogs.

STEEMIT making me very smart and intelligent!

What a fantastic initiative @good-karma!! Personally what I love about #steem is that it is a currency which is accessible to "the people" it is changing the lives of many people from all around the world because it is making it possible for them to change their current financial situation in a "user-friendly", manageable and fun way!

People who have been absolutely destitute or desperate are now able to change their own fate and future through the building of steem here on Steemit!

I am simply in love with this platform :)

Looking forward to reading some of the other feedback xxx

What I like about Steemit is it's diversity of cultures in one platform, also unlike other social media platforms where you can easily build your network here you'll have to show your creativity, knowledge and ideas to gain friends and followers and lastly you will meet someone like @good-karma who'll share blessings to others, I admire you for doing doing this . Nice to meet you. Pay it forward!

Since you're asking about Steem, blockchain, let me answer from both technical and social points of view. It is fast and has 0 fees, it lets people connect in communities. If you are nice and need help dont worry you will find it here. Short rhyme, but i like upvotes mostly ;) and utopian project :)

I like the "un-deletable" feature of written words on this blockchain. Like what I edited and hidden in this message.

The way it's innovating the social media and crypto world as well :)

what has really taken me with Steemit and I have never seen it on any other social media site is the sense of community and support that is prevalent with a vast majority of the users on here

I like the connections I make here. I think I made the best relations(friends) in the web in here despite of the platform having a lot of weakness. That makes me stick around here, not the money.

I take that back, please give me the 1st prize! Hahaha.

I love that STEEM and Steemit create a platform of POSITIVITY! Negativity and hatefulness get no rewards here. It's refreshing to be part of a wonderful community where kindness and positivity thrive.

One Word: FREEDOM!

My most favorite part of Steem is the wonderful friends I have here. I love having an outlet for my photos, and joining in the contests, and the groups I belong to, but that all adds up to enjoying the people that I look forward to interacting with each day!