Day 4 - Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Win prize everyday! 🎄🎁

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It's a fourth day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

Days 1, 2, 3 participation is now CLOSED!

Winners will be selected soon and prize will be sent out right after post payout! Go ahead and vote your favorite comments on yesterday's challenge to give them more chance of winning and spread some joy.

Moving on to today's challenge...


Challenge #4

What's your favorite Steem based app/service? What kind of services you want to see more?

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Leave your creative answers in the comments section below and 3 best answers will get 100% of this post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

Advent calendar will be published everyday, previous day challenge will be closed when next day's challenge post is published, rewards will be powered up to winners!

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Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

PS. Don't forget to upvote comments below, do good deed and share with others during these wonderful season of holidays…

PPS. Prize will be powered up to winners...

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I earn my first money with steem monstes HAHAHA I love them

Steem Monsters - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Google Chrome 05.12.2018 

Hmmm... This will be hard for me to choose. But I use esteemapp and partiko hand in hand, since my phone runs slow most at times. Esteem app helps me in posting while partiko on the other hand gives me quick notification, makes commenting easy, claiming my rewards too is easy with @partiko.

Both apps helps me hand in hand and I love them.

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I love apps like @partiko which gives me control over my voting power even when m not having 500 or more SP and it also reward me every time with some partiko point which can be redeemed to get upvote.. This is my geniune opinion. Hope such type of dapps will come more in future..

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It is a good question for me because I am using only one app and that is esteem app (Mobile & desktop). Frankly telling I love this app too much, It is user friendly and easy to use. However esteem surfer has attracted me a lot because it has lots of features like as transfer fund, search and drag & drop images etc.

Happy using esteem.

I think almost all services are in esteem app now and no need much more. If I will have any idea then surely will inform.

Good Luck @esteemapp and Team.

Great to see an entry from you! 😃

Have you ever tried to work with a garden gnome ?


This is a little tricky when it comes to blog along with a @luigi-the-gnome as partner ;-)

Why tricky ?
Well you have to go from one account to another, using two different browsers, having multiple windows opened...oh my...this could be so annoyingly time consuming but...

It is not !

Because using Esteem surfer allows me to run all that very smoothly, going from one account to another in a few seconds, and the best now is

I can stay on the same post while switching the account ^_^

which allows me to give a second upvote or resteem in an eyeblick...yeah !

So, what is my favourite App ?

o1pgybbbe1.pngYou guessed it ;-)

Glad you found the contest! And that is a great reason for using and loving eSteem!

Without a doubt, esteemapp has been the most supportive app with a great team. image

I agree 100%!

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

Look, the answer you're going to see here the most will definitely be Esteem. Just because you guys are hosting the contest 'n all.

I'm going to go with something different, even though I know that might put me at a slight disadvantage.

My absolute favourite project on the Steem blockchain is @utopian-io. I'm a big fan of their whole concept of supporting many different open-source projects.

Heck, they're even helping out esteem a lot. People can contribute to Esteem and receive rewards for doing so. They're supporting open source projects by allowing people to earn money for contributing.

They are one of the biggest benefactors of open & collaborative development on the Steem blockchain. Not to mention that they're also supporting many projects outside of Steem.

Esteem is one of my favourite projects for sure, but Utopian ranks slightly higher than that! Thanks for your consideration ;- )

Esteem is the app I'm using and by far the best I found. With its help I have control over the voting percentage and I can see all the info needed for a good life on Steemit. 🙂
I'm currently using the mobile version and I'm satisfied with it. Some tweaks are still required but the overall experience is a good one. 👍

I use the mobile app, too! And love it.

Indeed, this is good stuff. 🙂

The esteem team is constantly working on improving the app, the new version is going to be better. 🙂

I know. Looking forward to check it. 🙂

My favourite app is @esteemapp of course. The reasons I shall mention 4.

On the 1st day of christmas esteem gave to me an update on my surfer for me.
On the 2nd day of christmas esteem gave to me a nice little square link tag thing for my links.
On the 3rd day of christmas esteem gave to me a way to schedule posts
On the 4th day of christmas my esteem gave to me a great previeeeewwwwwww screen.
Esteem surfer 2 , a square link tag, schedule post and a great preview scree....... ah you get what i was trying to do!

Sing it, my friend!

You're a real talent @blanchy, eSteem is lucky to have you 😁

😂😂. I keep telling everyone this @erikah. Even the prison wardens 😂😂

You're a comedian 😁 I knew that from the start, when I spotted you out 😂

I think the best application to always be in steemit is eSteem. Since using this application everything is easier, in addition to all the support they give us when using the application. To all those who have an account in steemit I tell them to download eSteem and that it will be much easier to be in steemit and not miss anything

You have brought a lot of Venezuelans into eSteem! I love seeing your friends use the esteem tag!

I always talk about eSteem and I tell you how wonderful it is. I think we are more and more Venezuelans... Thanks for all your help with us

Be sure and tell me if I can do more to help!

I think that everything you do is fine. You're the best

I'm glad you are using eSteem too!

eSteem is the best!👍

How could the answer be anything other than @esteemapp and eSteem Surfer! I have used the app for a year and a half and as far as I'm concerned it Is Steem. The @esteemapp team is the best, always being super responsive and constantly developing updates to make our user experience even better.

You're the number one supporter of eSteem Melinda, the rest of us can only come after you 😀

You do a great job promoting and supporting, too! eSteem has been very generous to all of us and I know you feel the same way that I do about giving back when we can!


I have a couple of favorite app's but I think Esteem sneaks into top spot. I have been using Esteem for just over 10 days now and it has made my life a lot easier. From scheduling posts to just a great layout and easy to use site.

I'm so glad to hear that you are loving eSteem!

eSteem mobile is a great help when you're not using desktop. You'll get used to it, it'll became part of your life without even realising it.

The new update allows you to even use if if there is no electricity in your city. Amazing!

eSteem and eSteem Surfer the most because I like to work from my laptop. I am pleased with what these applications offer and I do not need others.
I would still love an pop-up to let me know when a blog of my colleagues (favorite category) is published.

Oh, I like that idea, too!

It would be helpful, I often miss posts that I would like to see ... challenges and contests.

Maybe in time we'll have that too.

I hope so! Longer ago I asked @good-karma about it and said that he was thinking about it.

Love eSteem app as it is so easy to use for posting, the search is excellent and allows to bookmark faavourite posts. You guys have made big improvement for over an year since I first started using it.
Also I use Steemworld on daily basis.

I love bookmarks, too!

It is so usuful to keep them in separate folder.

I'm so glad you're using eSteem. Steemworld is also a very important tool. 🙂

eSteem, obviously. eSteem made it possible for me to be able to post using my mobile and schedule posts. This is very important for me because I'm here, there, everywhere and don't have to miss out.
It has a lot of features that makes my steemian life easier.
The eSteem team is also amazing, doing everything possible to make the app enjoyable for us.
Keep up the good work guys 🙂

Great comment, @erikah! If I was at all organized I'd have you teach me how to use scheduling, too!

Never too late my dear friend, one day it might come handy. I use it a lot, it makes my life easier. Whenever you are ready, you know where to find me.

I love too many STEEM apps...

But one of my favorites is @steemitworldmap by @martibis.

It allows you to track your travels and log them on an interactive world map, where you can quickly view posts from all of the places you've been throughout the world.

Also you can view everyone else's post on @steemitworldmap, so you can essentially travel the world through STEEM posts. Absolutely brilliant.

I'd love to see more apps that will bring non-crypto enthusiasts onboard to the STEEM blockchain.

my Favourite app is @esteemapp when i using this app i feel so comfortable cause its have great features..

@esteemapp is my favourite app

eSteem has been my most favorite app on Steemit. When I joined Steemit I asked if there was an app and was told eSteem was the best app at that time and up until now it's still the best till now.

The app has been amazing so far, every part of the app is working fine and helps for easy navigation. For now I don't think any service should be added, but when I see the need i'll drop a suggestion. Thanks

esteemapp Surfer 2.0 ... I want to see easier onboarding for newcomers that gets them rolling right away with incentives and promotes community.

merry merry

Wow! Advent challenges! Cool!..

Well, we are not that close but if you go check my wall you will notice that I am always using @esteemapp for mobile and @esteemsurfer for lappy when i am posting my writeups! It has become a habit of mine.. but when it comes to commenting like blast it is @partiko for me..

You two are my inseparable Steemit App lovers!!! Oh yeah I cannot seem to enjoy steeming without the two of you. You had made my Steemit Life easy and fun.

Thank you soooo much for all your continued support all this time.

Cheers! ❤

Posted using Partiko Android

My favorite Steem based dApp/service is @partiko

No offense but the Partiko mobile app has the best user interface. Also, I think it's cool to earn points which can currently be exchanged for upvotes and it will become a Smart Media Token in a few months to come.

I want to see night mode option, transfer Steem/SBD options and the power up/down options implemented.

Thank you!

Posted using Partiko Android

And they will!

Posted using Partiko Android

The obvious answer is the eSteem app. I use it every single day, way more than Facebook.
I'd like to see services emerge along the lines of the Oracle-D platform, that brings in new investment in to Steem but it also gives creators great rewards for being a part of that particular service. I think Steem the Steem blockchain is built perfectly for more of that.

There a couple I use but I want to take this opportunity to say what I like about esteem😊.
If I blog, then esteem-surfer is my go to
I like that the short car bar is easy to access.
I like the side by side preview so if I mess with an image or a markdown, I don’t have to scroll to fix it and check it.
And the latest version makes it even easier with the tags on top and just the ease of using it.
And of course the generous upvotes.

Thank you so much @esteemapp 😊

This is really hard/tough to pick trust me but I use and eSteem app often. I would pick busy over eSteem because of the features - quick notifications, quick access to drafts, and friendly interface etc

I would prefer to see more services/upgrade from and every other apps/services.

I am a very new user. Very new. Out of everything I have learned and produced over the last few days, I would have to say the best app is esteem. I learned a little about SteemMonsters, Partiko, Utopian, and a few others. But overall, esteem actually gives me the power and features I require to build and maintain a community where steemit itself has fallen short.

I don't like to see a lot of apps that do the exact same thing, but I'd say apps that provide a service or benefit that really provides the community the facility to do something great is what I'm looking for. Such as simple benefits like scheduling a draft to publish, or saving a post as a draft for that matter.

Welcome to eSteem! Be sure and ask if you need any help. It sounds like you are off to a good start!

Definitely eSteem app.. And i like it so much, because its so fast

Posted using Partiko Android

I love apps like @partiko which gives me control over my voting power even when m not having 500 or more SP and it also reward me every time with some partiko point which can be redeemed to get upvote..

And it's also data friendly and it's very easy to operate

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ESTEEM why?? Because i can use it over PC and Phone... not like all these other apps

  1. Absolutely eSteem, from first I join in steemit, I use esteem mobile and then surfer. Simple the reason I use it.
  2. The kind of service I wait is update of esteem mobile, someday I want to open a link post from esteemian in discord or other place and immedietly connect to esteem mobile or surfer and not opened manual again from esteem mobile.
  3. For esteem search, I wait then this browser is make a filter for adult content. Because some steemian is child, maybe not allowed to acces it. So I think a filter make it esteem search more perfect.


The @spunkeemonkee application is very appealing to me for the adventurous spirit the idea holder implied in it. I'd be glad to see an application supporting the development of small business projects on the platform.
Happy and festive season, everyone!

#eSteem is my pride where I write. I have written a lot of things on the platform and many have corrected it. So I was at level 53 when I wrote this little note.

It's a pleasure to be on #steemit because of the best creators' hands, so there is #eSteem in my heart and all its use throughout the universe. Only a thank you for now that I can say. Hopefully I can be proud of those who sincerely created the #eSteem app.
Regards @p3d1

As far as Steem based apps, I'd chalk it up to the analytics side. In no particular order, I love SteemTracked, Steemnow, and SteemConnect! I had a thing for checking all the stats my blog accrued over the months, and honestly found it all with steemtracked. I hope it's not suspended indefinitely, because I still like visiting my most popular post from time to time. Steemnow helps me keep up goals for posting regularly; plus I can keep an eye out for users who visit me regularly. Steemconnect comes in last, but certainly not least for the seamless UX it provides. One-click sign-ins? Too right.

Congratulations @esteemapp!
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I’d love to see some collaborations between dapps on steem like esteem collaborating with tools like @steem-plus, @minnowbooster, steem forever and @steem-bounty!

Like they have done by integrating dTube without having to leave the app! It would just make esteem an even better user experience collating services that enrich the steem blockchain and together reaching more users from all communities involved

Of course, I like all these nice and cool eSteem things and features, especially in the new design, but...

Most of the Steem applications are focused on the internal user. Their goal is to create a positive user experience for us, the Steemians.

At that time, Utopian is focused on the external consumer. They encourage promo, bug fixing, translation work done for other open source projects. It's a bit more complicated.
See the difference:

esteem indonesia, I can meet with friends