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It's 16th day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

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Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #16

What are your predictions or expectations for Steem in 2019?


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Happy Holidays!

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My expectations for steem in 2019 is to gain back it's strength and be ranked first on the coin market in the world. And also it should survive even without the existence ned.

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I expect Steem to be in the top 20.

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I think 2019 is going to be an exciting year for Steem! The situation with Steemit has made it clear to a lot of people that there is room for some true leaders to step up and lead Steem to greatness and I can't wait to see that happen! I do think the apps that spend the effort marketing themselves and communicating will have huge successes!

I believe there will be a surge of new fresh investment in to the blockchain in to the new year, meaning more inventive apps being developed and possible interest from a few large named/familiar organisations dipping their toe in to the blockchainsphere.

Also a climb in STEEM price after April, not a big one, but a steady move upwards. I'd say $2-$3 by August 2019. 👍🏻

That's my prediction. 🍺

I predict steem will start rising again in January. It will average in the $3.00 range by July 2019. Hip 👋 Hip👋 Hooray !

  ·  last year (edited)

Last months are not so good for steem in terms of price and what is happening on the crypto space. But as you can check here: it's a lot of happening around steem blockchain.

After strong "Bear market" many projects was wash away from the surface and many projects were forgotten. Despite this negative environment there is builded more, and more decentralized apps based on steem blockchain. It's great time to become more active or even invest, because I think steem is so much undervalued right now.
I predict with new decentralized services and applications based on steem, there will be much more steem users next year. Bigger demand will cause higher steem prices, and this will attract even more people to the ecosystem and bigger popularity.

There is no need to Expect anything and TBH I am afraid if that word has any real meaning. I have seen a lot of posts and comments all over the Steemit expecting Steem to raise $2 or $5 or even more. Things didn't work like that before and never will be in future. So simple Economics,
Attract investors --> They will buy Steem --> Steem under circulation become less
--> Steem price raise.
Now A big question is how to attract investors, so-
Create valuable unique content on steemit --> Share the link on other social platforms(FB, Instagram, etc. ) --> Attract more people to the platform --> Strength of the Community increases --> Investors gets attracted.
Once i have done with all my little research, i will post about it most specifically. Till then,

Want STEEM high,

''Dont dream it, Just do It by yourself''

You are right, there is no need to Expect anything... while each and every one of the Steem users is selling their coins. This is not the way to attract investors.

We are the very first Steem investors... tiny investors who act as an indicator for a person with a big wallet.
Ask yourself: would you like to buy some STEEM to PowerUp right now, when the price is low? Or would you like to sell for cash when it is, I don't know... $2 for example?

Then why some unfamiliar investor should want to buy them, if WE do not hold our precious coins but try to get rid of them? WE are the persons who can make the Steem price raise, and creating good content is not the only way.

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I think the start of the year will bring more issues, and a continuation of the rough ride we have been experiencing, but development, new dapps and token solutions will continue to progress.

I think we will reach a big part of the smt vision, but without steemit inc or Ned, thanks to people like @fulltimegeek and others.

The price might still go down short term, but we're breaking $25 some time next year:)

I hope Steem gets back at least at 1,5$ but all depends on the cryptomarket, but the real value in life is time, this is the only thing that is priceless, so untill people get envolve writing, reading, commenting, upvoting, developmenting, our real value will always be on the moon

It is a very good coin and now the prices of these coins have dropped due to the decrease in bitcoin prices. With the increase in the price of Bitcoin, its prices will increase. We all know that the price of all coins increases when the increase in bitcoin prices. Again when bitcoin price drops, all good coin prices decrease. The price of these coins has decreased due to the decrease in the price of Bitcoin.

I expect this coin price to $ 5 in 2019 and take place among the good 10 coins.

There are some reasons for this increase in the price of the coin

Soon, SMT is going to launch

This coin has its own platform

It is now being used by a large number of people and therefore there is a possibility of increasing it

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i don't know, hopefully $0.60 by March

Steem at $0.22 feels like it's at a giveaway price. Lets all make sure to grab as much as possible.

Currently ranked 54 in terms of market capitalization, I expect Steem to among the top 20 Cryptocurrencies in this category.

I believe 2019 is going to be a better year for Steem especially from recent developments. I see Steem reaching the much awaited $10 mark thus setting a new all time high in 2019.

I believe in the future of Steem✌

  ·  last year (edited)

I wish and pray that 2019 will be the better day of the steem value and steemit will be having improvement and steemians unity.

I think next summer we get back are 2 $ one steem ...:)
And if it hold like this all summer...then it start go more up, and end year can be 8 $ back.

I keep creating contents in DApp of Steem Blockchain until now because I am sure that Steem will reach the peak on 2019. The market is going to be better and all Steemians can earn more money for their daily life thru the posts they create in Steemit and other Application that run in Steem Blockchain.

Remember that we are still waiting for the launching of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs). We hope the mainnet of SMTs will be success and giving us a new hope to keep Steem ON!

I expect to see at least $ 2 / STEEM and more than 500k real active Steem users (no bots or alts).

I predict that promised SMTs will not be delivered till the end of 2019... but I'd like to be wrong here:)))

I predict a lot more ingenuity by the steem members. I am super impressed by the applications people have developed for this platform like the auction system, decentralized games etc.

One other thing I've been noticing recently is more and more of my searches are showing steemit posts in the top page of google results. This is great for our platform. Hopefully more and more of the best content becomes indexed and presented as authoritative sources of information for people searching for content.

The community will continue to grow and there will be a reversal in the price trend. It will be about $3 by the end of 2019 and STEEM based applications will start to be used by more people around the world!

My predictions are the best, in the next year the steem will be very high, and all of us who are striving today, and we do not let ourselves down because of the low we are living in today, we will be very happy of our loyalty and perseverance in the platform.