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It's 15th day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

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Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #15

If you were Steemit CEO, what three things about Steemit would you value most?


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Happy Holidays!

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If I was the ceo of steemit three things I would value most are;

  • The Steemit blockchain system
  • The various communities on steemit
  • Sticking to Original Contents only

With these three things steemit would go a long way.

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#1- Encouragement for Newcomers

Newbies join steemit everyday but later you find out that almost 90% of them stops doing steemit, by getting frustrated of low bandwidth(though it's a good step for control spamming) and less visibility. Newbies hardly gets noticed by steem whales or reputed steemians to get encouraged. Security should also be kept in mind as I read a recent post on how someone's account has been hacked. Well, this could be a rumour too! Let's just hope steemit warmly welcomes newcomers with a tinge of secured feeling of homeliness.


As goes in market, so be it here. Brand names don't fall from heaven but gets created with tiny little steps. Steemit whales should look for quality blogs, with special care to newbies so that they get encouraged and supported and inspire others to be on steemit.
We often see, people with high reputation points often get more upvotes, comments and earn more dollars what newbies only dream of, even after they're talented, sincere and hard-working.
Some new steemians even beg for recognition by publishing their poverty, critical medical condition or so. This should never be encouraged. Steemit should focus on Quality products, even from startup companies!
Many people even make groups outside steemit just to upvote each other, paying no heed to the importance of valuing quality thing on steemit. This should be checked!

#3- Regualtion on Promotions

On the very first day of steemit, I found out that people who made highest number of SBD were often promoted even though their blog hold no water.
Steemit is for bloggers, content creators and people who love steemit just not because of the money they make but they've something important to say, something valuable information to share what makes steemit different from other cheap social sites.
Promotions can never be banned though, but this must be regulated and steemit should look after that contents with no quality is not ruling the trending article or becoming the content with highest upvote on it.

Though not the CEO, but hope these things would work someday. Steem on!

Let's hope and make steemit a better place!

P.S: couldn't post this just after seeing this, due to low SP! See, how you are screwing us, the newcomers on steemit!!! :(

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Hey! Thank you for conveying the situation we, newcomers are going through... Along with that, I think you should have mentioned a lot more points too! Anyway, your efforts are showing in your comment and steemit would reward it someday surely... Hope and keep steeming! :) @ushmil

  • Membership loyalty
  • The contribution to development
  • Creativity

right on

I'm glad you agree

Oh, good ones!!!!!

Thank you!



Makes good sense, @bluemoon.

That's what I thought, thank you!

community. new comers. developers.

well said

this one is pretty easy ... communication, community, and commitment

That's an amazing one for sure!

You've got my vote!

I like the three C’s. 😊

  • Autonomy of service (no human factor on the top of the structure)
  • good content (system which rewards good quality content)
  • community

So if I would be a CEO, first I would kick out CEO :)
An good algorithm based on Blockchain technology can regulate itself on the principles of fair economics.
There is nothing to do for me as ex-CEO... better I will post some valuable content to keep this cool project growing :)

The community

All great ones, Melinda.

These are indeed right on Melinda! I'm glad so many people are thinkers on here!

The community, the usability of steem as cryptocurrency, and the esteem app ;-)

As a Steemit CEO of would value...

  1. C = Community the way people actively takes part.
  2. E = Encouragement to all the user to bring quality content.
  3. O = Other dapps which are blossoming inside steem Blockchain. Giving many developers to showcase their worth.


As a Steemit CEO of would value...

  1. C = Community the way people actively takes part.
  2. E = Encouragement to all the user to bring quality content.
  3. O = Other dapps which are blossoming inside steem Blockchain. Giving many developers to showcase their worth.


As CEO, I would probably be taking nerve pills while looking at the price of Steem as it plummets.
But seriously, I would value the hard honest workers of the community, reward their loyalty and make sure there were good developers to keep the blockchain running smoothly.

quality and loyalty bonuses
user growth
more revenue to acknowledge #1,2

I think i will value more quality contents, communities and a better control against scammers and plagiarism ^^

These are good too!

communities: the power of aggregate people with similar interests
usability: make the platform more intuitive and easy to every kind of user
reward: give value to people (dev / users) who spent time and put effort making a better platform

Commitment, interaction and participation

Value of coin ,community feedback ,community marketplace.


  1. Community must be concerned because they are grassroot.
  2. Creativity is the proove of success from community development.
  3. Content is something that is abandoned for the our future
  1. community driven best platform
  2. development that bring steem value up
  3. more and more frequent users

Definitely will be :

  1. All the users especially active users and communities.
  2. The dApps developers and the community and team. Just like esteemapp, it helps to keep people active using the platform and keep Steem alive.
  3. The project developers and the community and team


  • Technology
  • Community
  • User activity

I think I'll value ways to make Steemit look better to those not registered in the platform yet. That and the loyal community members.

All Fish (contributors to the platform who post content),
All Programmers & Wtinesses who contribute updates and upgrades.
The Community itself, which is what keeps the platform alive.

Crecimiento, contribución y desarrollo....

The community and the people.
I would be in touch with the community... I will let them know about every decision I make, and discuss these decisions.

Security and Stability.
I would take care that the Steemit attracts good open source developers and support them with our own investment budgets for example

Community grow.
I would take care of good marketing. Its very important to attract new members. I would organize different challenges like this one ;) organizing meet-ups etc.

If I would be a Steemit CEO
1)I will be a good example to.all steemians

  1. good leadership
    3)listen to the voice of majority

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