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It's 13th day, everyone... Great to see engagement and participation!

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Moving on to today's challenge...

Challenge #13

What's your best Christmas present ideas?


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Thank you for participating!

Happy Holidays!

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My best Christmas present idea is to get the opportunity to go on a tour and with the entire family, have fun and get a new phone with higher ram to be perfectly on esteem app for the rest of my steemit life

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Everyone knows that I love pastry and this weekend I will learn to make houses of gingerbread cookies and I think it will be very nice to give some as it is a gift that I will make with my hands and they will be full of love.


That would be a wonderfully festive gift! I love gingerbread!

I want to make several. I wish you were around to give you one

Photos of your creations are just as sweet and make me feel included!

You know you are always present. We love you

I have beeing the gingerbread kits around and thought about getting one to do with the Grand Georges this year. Great idea!

I'm sure it would be great


Wouldn't that be a great gift for Christmas!

That would make me very happy

I would also agree with this

Since Steem is having such an amazing HOLIDAY SALE, I would say Steem is the best Christmas present ever!!!!

You're right, it's a wonderful gift idea



The gift of crypto...I like it.

I told my mom I wanted steem for Christmas and she got me a kettle. O.o

How literal of her!

Hello , friends )))
My best presents ideas - what I make by own hands ))) at least when I buy some normal gift people always are disappointed- why don’t I make anything for them 😅😅❤️
I wish to all of you Happy New Year and Happy Christmas 🎄






I don't need anything so I force everyone to commit to send some money to a great ministry or organization that is helping families out.

That is a wonderful gift to receive, and to give!

brilliant idea sir

Bueno mi idea para regalar en esta Navidad es un envase de vidrio de reciclaje personalizado que sirve de utilidad a la persona que yo se lo regale.bien sea para beber agua o de adorno .. gracias por esta oportunidad...

I would like to give a one month stock of groceries to a needy family, this was they can have a good Christmas and we can have more happy people on the planet. We buy gifts for ourself and our family all year long, we should look out for the needy people especially on such festivals

That depends from person to whom gift should be.
Good present should awaken creativity, should help to express the feelings and emotions...
This year I will gift my loved one by Ukulele. She plays on guitar already, but guitar is not so easy to transport. I hope she will love this :)

My gifts this year will be tickets to the theater and to music concerts. They will be easy to wrap!

An easy gift to wrap and everyone will love

that's a brilliant idea!

It sure makes it easy for me!

yes, then it's a win win, I love that idea!

Easy, convenient and lovely

I plan to sketch something for a friend who loves peacock or panda, as her present.
Since that's what I am good at anyway...

That is a very thoughtful gift!

Thank you @melinda010100, I hope she will like it!

Running shoes. People in the new year will be after them ;)

Invite, help and mingle with those who are homeless and share your joys with them :)

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This question is still confusing me these days! I would subscribe to this thread just to see if there will be any nice one for inspire!

I've been inspired by the crypto voucher idea :)

to all relatives and friends a Xmas card and inside it a new personalized Steemit account with password ready to be used

Every one giving bless to each other and giving usefull gift.

My best present to my family will be my presence and love during Christmas.I was not able to be with them for 22 years since I am working in a distant land for greener pasture.Simple wish during this season.

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GFuel and CBD Oil for myself xD

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I had been planning to give cryptocurrencies last year but the recipients I had in mind are still kids and I was having issues with creating wallets for them. Now that this year I see some wallet options I think I will do it this year.

I am going to give chocolate cupcakes, I have several small nephews, and I know that they will love it very much ... it is a gift for both adults and children ....

That will be such a delightful gift!

and also very rich :)

It will be a great gift. We all love cupcakes💕

In my case I think that a good Christmas gift would be something of great sentimental value, the reunion with loved ones who are far away, this is very relevant for Venezuelans due to the migration of these last few years, so I would try to give an emotional connection between loved ones

I wish all families could be with their loved ones for the holidays!

Thank you, that is everyone's wish.

I am going to buy my friend a 3D Hogwarts Puzzle :D

  1. Origami earrings
  2. Magnetic paper boxes with little iou 'tea' or 'massage' inside
  3. Socks and undies - They wear out, people.

steem fly to the moon

Well, we don't celebrate Christmas (more below) but I'll answer as if it's a holiday present, it depends on who I'll send the present too. If they were gamer(s) like me I'll buy them a gaming present like a title in their wishlist or if I had money, a new gaming console!

I'll be glad if someone bought Kingdom Hearts the story so far for me (Because KHIII won't be out before Christmas.)

If they were like my mother (who don't enjoy video games at all) and she's a good cook, I'll buy her a Kitchen tool.

Really it depends on the receiver.

On unrelated note, I think you may be interested in the "we don't celebrate Christmas" I said above. well, it depends on the area but Christmats isn't a national holiday in Libya and I don't know the percentage of us Libyans who celebrate it.

My family doesn't but I know some people who do celebrate this holiday.

Congratulations @esteemapp!
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