Steem Ads Slovenia

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Steem Ads Slovenia

In this post I'm going to introduce my new project called "Steem Ads Slovenia"!

Slovenia is "small" country in central Europe with population of around 2,000,000 people.

Did you heard for BitStamp, NiceHash, Viberate, Iconomi,, Hive, Quantum Project, SunContract, Xaurum? This is only few big crypto companies from Slovenia.

Are Slovenian people interested in crypto?


Google Trends

You can see that we have many crypto companies in Slovenia and CoinMarketCap is high on top visited list, so many people know about cryptocurrencies.

I'm going to pay for ads on Slovenian biggest tech forum!

Some stats:


There is over 510,000 unique visitors and 4,000,000 visits per month.


Price is:

  • 1000 views to 100,000 views: 4.9 € per 1000 views
  • From 100,000 to 200,000 views: 4.165 € (-15%) per 1000 views
  • From 200,000 to 500,000 views: 3.92 € (-20%) per 1000 views
  • 500,000+ views: 3.43 € (-30%) per 1000 views

Payment in crypto :)

How am I going to pay for this?

I will use my witness earnings, earnings from my delegations, post payouts, earnings from vote selling, donations...

Designers wanted!

Are you graphic designer? Do you want to earn some STEEM?
Create ads for Steem and you will get generous bounty.

Contact me me to get all details.

How can you help?

1) Vote @fbslo for witness -SteemConnect / Steemit
2) Donate some SBD or STEEM to
3) Upvote this post.
4) Upvote "Fundraising" comment bellow. All SBD [EDIT: and SP] payout will be used for this project.

I will post another post next week (Ads design, amount of money collected, amount of views).


(Click on the button)

(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

P.S. New update of is coming soon.

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  1. Upvote 5 of "Fundraising" comments bellow. All SBD payout will be used for this project.

Why not power down the SP to pay for it too?

Their twitter is posting all of their article but only has 1400 followers.

Great initiative but please be doubtful of their audience numbers.


I will power down SP too, but it will take 3 months.


I am also skeptic about 510,000 users -> 25% of whole population of Slovenia. I will pay for few thousand views first and count amount of "real" visits.

I also have plan B: I will pay for ads on (computer news).


You got my vote too for you as a Witness. Keep up the good work!

I could do something like this for my country. It is not represented here either.

you are doing great job. I did not know so many big crypto company from slovenia. go ahead

Pozdrav z Hrvaške! :)

Steem Ads Slovenia... Slovenia is "small" country in central Europe with population of around 2,000,000 people.

Congratulations. Keep up your amazing work and raise Slovenia name even higher!

I'm from a small italian town next to the slovenian border. I was shocked, when I looked out of curiosity on google trends about Steem a couple of weeks ago, to see that Slovenia is third while Italy is last but two.

I'm supporting your campaign by upvote and resteem, good luck!


I think in near future Italian will be also interested to Steem

This is so good strategy to get wonderful outcome @steemit and get slovenia high


thanks votes

Some cent's for you.

Nice project buddy I just gave you my vote for witness keep it up and have a great weekend :)

Good luck with your project budy @fbslo Slovenian biggest tech forum I know you will achieve it....Blessings

I like that idea from you.offers a very interesting friend.thanks @fbslo.

Congratulations. Keep it up!

this is soo cool, Upvoted

Excelent post bro

I find your p[ost very interesting, I will keep an eye on your progress.



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Woow excellent initiative, I will be attentive to your publications, I am not a graphic designer but sometimes I draw well, from today I will think about creating an ads for Steem to possibly participate in your new project
Thanks for share, Good luck

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good post

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Such a nice project I read before I sleep keep it up buddy

This is so fabulous!
Never knew those crypto you listed were from Slovenia
Congratulations in achieving some giant strides @fbslo
More success awaits Slovenia

congraculations for your project... my wishess always be with you..... go on man


congratulations for your project

Maybe this can be so hepful for some guys, thanks for share this info

You're a good man. You create an enabling environment, while we live in a world where no one is obliged to help people. Help must come from within - from the heart. It's just that humanity would have died out long ago if there was no mutual aid. You will help someone today, and tomorrow will help you. There is such a karmic law of life, someone believes in him, someone not - a private matter, but he always acts, but the essence of it is that all our actions is comparable with the action of a boomerang. Everything's coming back. And all that we receive from this life is a "reaping of our fruits," a reward for good, a punishment for bad.


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hello friends I hope they are good as your post, is very good and great and the image too, you can count on my vote and my comment, without anything else to say I say goodbye for NOW your friend @manduto are wanted

i wish things like this could be done in my country,,,,interesting anyways

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards


congratulations for your project

very good project.
best of luck.

Hello I live in Trieste a town at 1 km to The Slovenian Border and i support the Slovenian Steem witness project very much because they showed great interest, also seeing the data, compared to the Italian people who still do not trust this new project by Steem but I support him with my whole self
So i support @fbslo

I'm late in commenting on your post, I will support your new project. I am from Indonesia. I am women😍

Nice post buddy!
Goodluck with this project put in your very best and you will surely succeed, godspeed my friend
This project will be a blast goodluck my friend 😋

Vielen war super...💗

Great idea @fbslo. I am supporting your iniative by resteeming this post.

Congratulations..... Keep up your amazing work

Isn't IM bigger?

Just kidding. Great idea

have a look

really great project. nice article. thanks for @fbslo

Hey why i cant reestem ur post?

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keep raising the flag of Slovenia high, this is what emulating.

please vote for my article.


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I am sorry. thank you

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good job...great post

I am very positive about the future of Steemit and will continue to support it. Great post by the way. Up Steemit.

Fundraising comment no. 1

Hey! Cool initiative, upvoted.

We are looking into Slovenia and Ljubljana as a possible place to work from. Could I get in touch with you for some recommendations about places? Perhaps there are some open space / incubator areas/cities where a lot of the companies and startups are placed?

Good luck!

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your amazing post,,Keep it up


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