New shoes

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Got a shipment I've been looking forward to - my first pair of Innov8

I dumped my old shoes and the packaging in their dumpster, and tried them out.

They fit. So far so good.


Fascinating color scheme! Finding shoes here for me is a pain in the rear, most shoe stores don't carry 14 4E gunboats XD

Those are LARGE shoes XD I got these online, from running warehouse. I just found an even cheaper place - the last hunt. Of course, this info is pretty location-specific. You aren't in North America, are you?

Unless there has been a recent and catastrophic tectonic shift that I slept through, I am most definitely within the confines of northern America XD

Sorry, I confuse easily. I think it's the running endorphins :)

The online stores are probably good for you then (better if you are in the US) since I end up with 'duty' fees and a longer wait.

I hope you start running sensibly, by logging and tracking your walking, and increasing slowly. Walking is a great way to start getting apps, gear and routes dialed in. :)

Been figuring somethings out and getting into the habit of something like this is near the top of my priorities now. I keep talking about it but I'm not doing much and its annoying me that I keep doing that. Procrastination is a terrible habit...

When I started, I insisted to myself, that I would do ONE THING every day. (it was walking on the treadmill)

Later, once I got confidently on top of that, I added another.

Now I have run nearly 60 days in a row, and put on my shoes in a fancy and challenging way. Might mean little to anyone else, but that is the point. It is meaningful to ME, better than where I was.

How can I help you, @prlndra ? You want to do this. I want to help you.

In all honestly, google gave me the kick in the pants I needed XD. Their new material design fitness app gives you a more accurate breakdown of your daily activity so I have 2 daily goals I'm aiming to meet each day now. Once I get familar with the mechanics then I'll add a third in. I have no clue why but the new interface makes me want to be more competitive.

That's awesome! I hope we are running together soon :)

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