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Basically I couldn't think of a funny or witty title, so you get exactly what it says on the tin!

Please do t expect any major news, but I have been saving DEC, completing my DQ and another bits and bobs.

Today's DQ splinter: LIFE

Not my strongest, but definitely one I enjoy playing.



I started in GOLD II, fell in to GOLD III but managed to rally and ended up back where I started.

That meant 7 DQ reward cards:


It's nice to see a bit of goldfoil action going on, it's been far too long since I had some shiny in the game..


I realised a few days ago that you can now exchange DEC directly for cards. So I've been busy playing harder than normal and trying to pull in as much DEC as I can, while the going is good.

Today I managed to pick up another EARTH summoner - "LYANNA NATURA"



If I'm lucky and can continue to pick up 1000DEC every other day, I should be able to level up my Summoner to lvl 4 by seasons end.

Then I'll work on the cards needed to play at the higher level summoner.


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I think the option to buy cards with DEC is going to be great for the game, particularly for those from other chains who don't want to have to deal with Steem wallets.

Just do The Best You Can and You will be GREAT !

Nice score buddy.

Dont forget to donate to the guild ha once the new season starts.

Good stuff brother!!

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