Was trying to record a gameplay video but audio got cut off :( - AMAZING TFT 4 WILD 4 NINJAS 3 SHAPESHIFTERS AND ASSASSINSsteemCreated with Sketch.

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Today I managed to record an amazing game of TFT where I managed to get an insane team comp with 4 Wilds, 4 Ninjas, 3 Shapeshifters (including a swain and gnar!) and 3 assassins (the rengar hypercarry is real!!).

BUT alas when I finished the outro and played back the video, I realized I had messed up my settings in OBS hence leading to no sound being output at all :( Regardless, I decided to post this video anyways for those of you who want to watch the gameplay since it was a pretty crazy game. Thanks for the support!

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A little about me:
Hey guys! My name is @retropetroleum. You may also know me @retropetrol as a sports writer or @retropetrolmusic.

I've always had a passion for gaming but never had time for it until recently. I hope to spend more time gaming and sharing my experience with you guys! I'm currently aiming for a humble gold rank in TFT and LoL. So if you're interested in having a chill, cozy time gaming, you can watch me live at twitch.tv/retropetroleum, or watch me later on Youtube: youtube.com/user/retropetroleum or steemit.com/@retropetroleum/feed. I may not have much content out now, but trust me soon I will!

I am streaming as a hobby, I still plan to try my best and take it very seriously :) I try to stream every Saturday and Sunday morning (I am currently still limited by temperamental hardware), 8am to 2pm Singapore time (8pm to 2am Washington DC) So do drop me a follow on Twitch if you want to stay updated :)

All earnings or donations of any form are welcome, but for now and the foreseeable future will only be spent on making your viewing experience a better one (not going to buy things like a new monitor for myself, but instead something like a better webcam or recording microphone). I do hope to get your support!

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