Splinterlands Last Minute Fun

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As I sat to give my Steam Cleaner a break, I noticed a post from @travelgirl reminding me that the season for splinterlands was ending TODAY, in 40 minutes.

I had fun playing to beat the clock. All Reiki and positive thoughts were thrown aside as I cursed under my breath at those who were "fleeing the battlefield." They took up plenty of precious time.

I didn't help that I stopped to steam clean the spot I was going to be sitting at.

Hey, you gotta relax in style...

Except I was NOT relaxing.

I was playing and battling the clock and the 18 minutes I took to disinfect my dining room/current writing room was precious.

But I made it to gold fast.

I kept going to get the daily reward. A Gold level daily reward will give you SEVEN cards, and that's a lot more that I have been getting.

There was one minute and 50 seconds left on the clock and I needed one more win to get the seven cards.

I almost thought I didn't make it as I was faced with this:

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 1.29.44 AM.png

I am @monstermama and I took one quick glance at those cards and pressed the "skip to results" button, thinking that I might get one more quick win in if I hurried but whoa! I had actually WON!!!

Check out the epic battle that makes me think I am going to lose every time I watch it, and I already know the results! lol.

The Splinterlands team, as if rewarding me for my awesome journey, gifted me 22 cards for reaching gold and another 7 for finishing the daily challenge and they included a beautiful Manticore.

Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 1.05.12 AM.png

Thank you for reading about my Splinterlands journey.


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Very exciting, that was a close fight. Glad you managed it in the last minute!

I was so happy about that!

Looking forward to the next season :)

Thanks for visiting

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Oh nooo I missed it by 2 minutes !!! Hahaa.. oh well..

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I got some good cards this time!

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I’m pretty happy with mine too!

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