Final Fantasy XIV Until Death

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The latest Stormblood patches created a perfect context for what comes now with Shadowbringers. The fight against the Empire, the Eorzea Alliance and the terrain gained in this war remain nothing when the Scions of the Seven Daw begin to disappear one by one. That is where we meet the Crystal Exarch, who will explain what is happening. And it is with this preamble that Shadowbringers begins a trip to The First, where we will have to stop the tyranny of light, which wants to create the next Threshold era in Eorzea with the aim of generating a catastrophe that eliminates all life. But for this we are. To enjoy the best story of the fourteenth installment and to explore a brilliant expansion.


"gameplay changes"

The increase in the level limit, now extended to 80, and that brings with it the inclusion of new skills, actions and traits for all classes, including those focused on collection and manufacturing.

However, the most notable change is the elimination of the TP (Tactical Points) meter used for the abilities of the physical damage characters, as well as the reduction of the MP (Magical Points) meter to a unique value for all characters.

New races and classes

The Viera they are a hybrid breed between humans and long-eared rabbits, much like those already present in Minqo’te and Au’ra. More notable are the physical changes present in the Hrothgar, a race of humanoid lions (seen in the Char de Guild Wars 2), which will have a greater appearance and resemblance to their animal part.


An extraordinary trip

As an MMO you cannot expect great graphic changes, but all the artistic direction of the game now has some of the most beautiful cities that have been created. The Crystarium is a living example that does not require great potential to create wonders for the eyes, and the new areas reflect this devastated world very well since even in the greenest places you can see the sky submerged by light. The design of the enemies, many borrowed from Final Fantasy XII, and the spectacular design of the Sin Eater, the great challenges of this expansion, give greater emphasis to the plague that represents light with angelic designs.


Shadowbringers is a round experience, where each of its parts works like a clock: an MMO with a brilliant story in which emotions do not stop emerging. When you think there is a moment of calm, the game hits you again with a lot of surprising narrative threads and a system that links the main plot and expansion of the new world in an interesting way. The fighting is convincing, the dungeons have new mechanics and the whole set of expansion takes the experience of Final Fantasy XIV to a new level, with few weak points related to some problems with the new races or some elements of the PVP. When we read the new raid we will see the potential of many of the changes, but for now we have it clear: Shadowbringers is wonderful.


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