My humble Entry of Contest Steem 2020 - what should Steem do next year & how will you help

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if you want to reAD more about this contest, do well to click at this link

what should Steem do next year

i may have loss track about recent happening on steemit but with the love i have for it, i will be adding my little value to the existing body of values in it.

value of steem/sbd . value of steem/sbd should be increased as it were in late 2017 to early 2018 because it was the driving force why so many people joined the platform. since they are adding value to steemit, steemit need to add value to their pocket. back then, i enjoy the works that some project owners were doing then like steemstem etc. they reward those who were adding great values to them

promotion steemit need to start doing promotion. when i said promotion, am referring to to promoting steemit to outside world but promoting steemit in steemit. exisiting users needs to be encourage so that they will come out of their shell and do what they once enjoyed doing (blogging and having fun)


“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” – Betty Bender

OF all the greatest resource there is, Human resources exceed all other resources. Even when steemit might have encourage its users, we need to make steemit a home away from home by energizing many project owners who will inturn do likewise to its members community. when such happened, their hearts will always be with and inside steemit

New users should be taken care of. when it comes to this aspect, steemit fail woefully. when i entered steemit newly, i loss it all but thats to @ejemai for his support through upvotes until i was able to make friends. those who are bringing new user to this platform need to educate them on how things are done not just to they will pack millions that they didnt worked for.

Exisiting and new users steemit need to checkmate the account of exisiting users. they need to checkout those who has multiple account that are spamming this site. inflock of new users should be controlled so that steemit will still retain its values. they should borrow i leaf from what Germany are doing when it comes to immigration.


in the first quater of 2020, steemit will have to work on the inflation and value of steem/sbd, when this is achieved and stablized, they move over to the next quater.

second quater of year 2020, will be about checkmating existing and new users so that we will know how many of us are here with reasonable reason not just for the cash but primarily adding value to steemit

third quater should be about promotion and human resources as they are the key in any workshop

last quater should be about helping right hearted new users adapt to the blockchain and make it their home

am not a programmer in other to beautify the front and end view of steemit. neither am i among the witnesses or stake holder to control in inflation of steemit. therefore i will like to be in the role of steemit ambassador, who will be educating new users about steem and spread the gospel of steemit to the right hearted ones. i will also like to have a project contest word puzzle so that the new and even exisiting users will still have fun, learn and earn.


new and improve ideas will be coming as day goes by. thanks for reading and Jah bless us


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