Share your dMania Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest

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I have just uploaded a new version of dMania that enables social media sharing. Sharing posts on others sites was one important feature that was still missing.
You can now share your memes on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest.

It may look like that I just added a few buttons, but I had to change quite a lot to make it work. Before the change, dMania was running completely on the client without a webserver. Unfortunately it is not possible to enable social media sharing when the app runs completely on the client.

Now dMania runs a webserver that sets all necessary header tags for sharing. Everything else still runs on the client side. I also changed the hosting environment from Google Firebase to Google Cloud.

With the new changes you will also get a preview of the post and the image when you post on Skype, Discord or any other chat.

Share your memes

It would be great when everyone shares their dMania memes on other social media sites. If we do that, we will bring more people to dMania and Steem. That will increase the value of Steem and everyone will benefit.
Maybe I will reward users who successfully share their posts on other sites and bring a lot of new users to dMania. I still have to think of some system how to do that.

Support dMania

If you like dMania then you should become a dMania supporter. dMania supporters receive 15% of the rewards on dMania. To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.
The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power to upvote posts on dMania.


There are already over 50 dMania supporters.

and many more...

If you have any questions join our new Discord server

Please upvote, post and comment on dMania to support this project. Every single upvote counts. You can contact me on or discord if you find any bugs or if you have ideas for new features. Please resteem and upvote this post and tell everyone you know who likes memes about dMania. Together we can make Steem and dMania great. Follow @dmania and @zombee to get the latest updates about this project. 


Awesome tool! I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this!

Yes, The people who want to post funny pictures and memes for those dMania is great platform. Nice concept.

Excellent concept. Guaranteed to make a huge splash!

I do like your method of letting people know about Steem through memes :) Resteemed.

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that drawing..

Awesomeness! Please add push button so we write one meme that publishes via Oauth onto all of one's social media accounts, facebook, twitter, instagram, snapschat, linkedin, reddit, reddcoin, sola, etc


Yes a lot and a lot of brilliant theme
Thank you ❤

awesome bro !!!!! i really like it.

Awesome! Fabulous idea to be able to share to fb etc. Im loving using dMania! Im addicted to memes! 😁

Have you considered creating a referral link for dmania members to recruit ? Maybe if the new user signs up with the code they get a bonus as well to ensure the referring dmania member gets credit.

Sign up is still a problem. All sign ups still happen on Steemit. On Steem all new accounts need initial funding. That's why it is a little bit more complicated. But I heard the Steem Team is working on SteemConnect signup and instant account creation. Maybe then I could add a feature like that.

yes, I see the logistics problems. The SteemConnect signup sounds like a nice work around for more automation of the referring process. I wonder if there would be a way for someone to manually enter a code upon joining DMania (perhaps even just entering the Referring Steemit Members username in a "referral code" box. this way people can still join Steemit the normal way. Then when they go to make a Dmania account they manually enter the screen name of the person that referred them. So no electronic referral link. Just thinking out loud.

one other option is to enter a code on Dmania within 10 minutes of joining to collect rewards as well. So a quasi retroactive referral code with a small time window to avoid any funny business :)

senor @zombee , i am not able to login to dmania using steem account , is this just happening to me or there is some issues with login ? i have tried login using all keys :( but not working

great will try out @zombee

Wonderful device! I am certain many individuals will profit by this!

I'm certainly using my other platforms to spread the word. I am placing the Vlogs from the trip my son and I took to Base Camp ONLY on Steem :) I'm forwarding the link via FB and LInkedIn promoting the site and sign up for free. Many people don't know about it or how to use it so I have to include "how to's" in my descriptions like "click picture to play the video". This community is fantastic so we have to spread the word !!

I have always believed.
This is Great Project

I am a new user and I want to be friends with everyone

Wow this is so nice,keep it up man!!!

I love this Post! I will join and follow you with constant post.
Thank you

This is cool! Is there a reason you focused on Memes specifically?

Because memes are great and I just love them :)
But you can upload pretty much anything on dMania. It should be interesting or funny though.

This is a nice post! Good job!

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I'll be honest: normally I'd say it was a bit late for such a basic feature...

...but beyond that it's better late than never, DMania is barely weeks old, so it's definitely not "late".

This is great news, @zombee! A single good meme could potentially bring in a lot of new users to Steemit, so this will probably be extremely useful for getting new members.

Wow ! Nice post

Will there be an option to log on to dmania with your posting key instead of the big ones in the future?

If they change it for SteemConnect. I have no control over SteemConnect.
In my opinion it should be possible. Maybe the Steem Dev Team will change it in one of the next Hard Forks.

Okay! Thanks, because in other apps like steempunk-net for example you can login via steemconnect with the posting one.

I am not sure about that. I talked with one of the devs of SteemConnect and he told me it is not possible atm. It is the same on busy or utopian the last time I tried.

Helo guyz can u tell me what is dmania?? i m newer i have no much idea of steemit guide me and support me

On dMania you can post memes, funny pictures and videos. It is another app on the Steem blockchain like Steemit.

This is great. I have yet to check out dMania but from the sounds of it, I may do well pursuing the site. Lead the way fellas!!

Thank you for the invitation @zombee ! Great initiative.


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saya suka artikel anda

Resteemed. Nice work bud.

I like the idea.. Let me know where I can find out more about dMania.... thank you^^

Nice one, just resteemed it for you 👍

Looks like an awesome idea!

Awesome tool!. I am sure a lot of people will benefit from this!...

Nice post

I’m fairly new here..excited to use dmania and share with other socmed sites soon!

Awesome! I'm sure this will go a long way in helping to grow Steemit.

Great sharing

Your post is marverlous! Your enlightening post is second to non. I expect more posts from you. I follow and upvote you.

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i wan to know more about dmania,keep us inform.

Something I will have to check out..... Thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing this great tool

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Nice concept. Posting memes on dMania is good idea and it can be share to facebook, pintrest, reddit and twitter thats amazing feature. I support dMania.

Har har har , so funny picture last :D

Awesome stuff resteemed for ya!! Exciting times :D

fabulous and a great idea to share memories on Facebook twitter etc, this is really useful

Ok. I am a supporter.

This is a nice article

Lograr la interacción con otras redes sociales ayuda a que las personas que tienen cierta afinidad con una Red social en especifico se sienta más cómoda porque no sale de su lugar seguro . Evolucionamos a pasos de gigantes.

Achieving interaction with other social networks helps people who have a certain affinity with a specific social network feel more comfortable because it does not leave its safe place. We evolved in steps of giants.

thanks It is beautiful

This is an eyeopener for me. I am new to this tool and I must say after reading this article I got interested to learn more about dmania. I am extending my support for this.

Beuatiful ,amazing , im like you pos ,good luck 😘😘😘

How can one support dmania

I like the cat photo :)

Awesome stuff 👍

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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This is really nice future added in dmania.

your post is very interesting, I like your post, because it can add insight to me, hopefully in the future can provide better postings, so I can know many things in my life, thank you very much. and also hopefully useful for other stemit friends.

This is great! Going to start sharing asap.

very much beneficial,
keep it up

Happy JUMOWA just got happier
2013-12-23 13.57.36.jpg

btw, are you guys on any other social networks so we can tag you. Might bring in more people

Everbody should read. Thanks

Sounds...Great, My first time hearing about dmania. if someone can educate me on what its generally for, aside from the new features added, that would be awesome

dMania is an app on the Steem blockchain like Steemit where you can post memes, funny pics and videos.

good one, keep up the good job @zombee

This is a nice post! Good job!

This is the feature that every Steem app needs. When people click to dmania and see the hilarious meme and then see the rewards earned, the only question they'll be asking is "Where do I sign up?" lol

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Very good post

Hey there definitely up-voted your blog to help you!! Cheers!

The best fosting

good post . Visit my blog and help me with your vote @ leonelgv26

wonderful features.

cool blog i follow you!

Zombee is good app

You're setting a good pace. Better be ready before masses come :)

This is awesome, gotta love memes :)

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Can I join it ...awesome tool

Muy interesante este post...Algo muy util para muchos =)

You will want to read this. I am NOT giving you this link in an attempt to beg for votes. Have a nice day.

So I can share to Facebook and get paid to do it? Is that what you are telling me? So there is a God!!!! I got so many friends on Facebook I can troll daily with a meme and to get paid to do it lol wow....mind is blown

Tell your friends and invite them to Steem and dMania :)

i like dMania :))

Great tool that will benefit the community

Hello . I live in Myanmar Country
I like your post

The newest dManian approves this!

Very thankful