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RE: Donating 5000$ and raising money with this post for covering some of SteemData costs + server upgrade. (by @Furion)

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SteemData is really great and I am using it for some features for dMania.
Having more options to query the Steem blockchain makes a lot more features and apps on Steem possible. That is why a service like this is very important.

Lately it was lagging behind and the data wasn't up to date sometimes. I guess it was because of the limited hardware resources.
If SteemData is reliable and all the data is up to date, I think it will become crucial for the growth of Steem and we will see a lot of new great apps and features.

@Furion don't forget to add more indices for comments 😅 I really need them.


I agree with you we cultivate

Hi there @zombee I have been trying to post more on dmania so does that mean like I m doing something wrong ? I feel I can make people laugh. So I try to make more post ... Then today I realised not many people are looking into it .. n my post promotions went worthless ... So I m not sure should j make more post or just a few

dMania is still growing. Every post and contribution helps us grow. Thanks for your support.

& truth be told I m having zero knowledge of coding .. I can barely understand what to do with these kind of post ... But I try to searc keywords mentioned in these .. n m reading everything line 12 hours a day

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