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dMania Bot v.3.2 - Some changes to post selection and authorized supporters

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There is a difference between your voting strength and the voting power. Voting power shows how much voting you have done. Voting strength can be adjusted for every vote by users with more than 500 SP. You don't need to adjust your voting strength to keep your voting power up.
There is a dMania faq section:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Sorry but your explanation didn't enlighten me :) In my mind voting power and voting strength are connected. If I cast votes that have more voting strength my voting power will go down, or at least this is how I understand it.
Regarding FAQ I should have been more specific: I was referring to a separate tab containing the FAQ to make it more visible. Anyway the main idea is that all these rules seem kind of complex even for me to be honest, for a new user they might seem even more so.


As a user with less than 500 SP, you vote every time with 100% voting strength. Every vote takes away about 2% of your voting power. With more votes, your votes become less and less valuable. That's how they are connected. If you can adjust your voting strength, you will use less voting power.

As a normal user posting on dMania, those changes don't have to bother you. Those changes are only for supporters who want to take part in the curation process.

If you want to get authorized and be part of the curation process here is the easy explanation: Vote fair and don't vote too much. That's it.
Some users wanted to see the metrics behind the system. Normally I would hide stuff like that to keep everything easy and simple.


easy and simple ???? lol


I thought that I had to keep my voting strength above 70% in order to qualify for a bot upvote as well as an index above 0.975