dMania v.1.0 online - Plans for dMania v.2.0

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Version 1.0 of dMania is online. The focus of version 1.0 was to fix bugs, UI issues and improve the usability.


  • Category menu is in fixed position and doesn't scroll with the content anymore
  • Fixed cross browser UI bugs
  • Revised breakpoints and layout for all devices
  • Fixed upload bug
  • Moved app images to code. Those images will load now on app startup without delay.
  • Optimized app images sizes
  • Fixed bug of endlessly loading side panel posts
  • Fixed missing scroll position reset
  • Fixed post editing bug
  • Added more loading spinners

If there are still any bugs or UI issues, post them in the comments and I will try to fix them right away.

The journey so far

Getting to this point wasn't easy. So much drama, hate and bad luck. A lot of ups and downs.
My goal from the beginning was to create a meme platform that rewards their users. A platform about funny stuff, memes and anything else that is somehow interesting. A platform where the users get finally rewarded for their contributions, not only the big companies.

The Steem platform allowed me to do that, but only to some degree. The biggest problems are voting and reward distribution on Steem. Stake based voting doesn't work for reward distribution and content ordering. Low quality content gets to the top all the time. The posts on the top aren't the posts selected by the community. They are pushed to the top by a single or a few accounts.
That means the top posts on a website like dMania aren't compelling or funny because of stake base voting. Steemit or any other Steem app has the same problems.
Users shouldn't visit the website because they get rewarded. They should visit the website because of the content. Getting rewarded should only be a bonus.

Stake based voting doesn't allow a fair reward distribution based on content. On Steem only your Steem Power matters. As a new user,  it is very hard to get started. Most of the reward pool goes to selfvoting and voting bots. You need quite a lot of money or have invested early in Steem to be successful on Steem.
With a system like that, Steem won't be able to go mainstream and get more users.

Another problem is that posts on dMania have to compete with other posts from Steemit, DTube, DLive,... Of course a meme in terms of amount of work will always be inferior to blog posts, vlogs and live streams. That doesn't mean memes don't have value. It just doesn't make any sense to compare them with other posts.
That's why dMania needs its own token to reward users. Then there wouldn't be any competition with other platforms for the reward pool.

dMania 2.0

To make dMania a success, a few things have to change. dMania needs its own token and account based voting.
Account based voting on a blockchain isn't possible today, but soon it will be. @ned already proposed a solution with oracles. Other blockchain projects work on it as well.

dMania 2.0 will have its own token that will be airdropped to all users. The token will generate its value naturally through user demand.
dMania 2.0 will be built on the blockchain that fulfills all requirements. If Steem makes it possible first, then it will be Steem.

Other improvements are an Android and iPhone app, better UI/UX, notification system and improved performance.

dMania was built by myself, but for dMania 2.0 I want it to be a community project. That's why I am looking for developers, designers or entrepreneurs who want to be part of creating a next generation meme platform. If you are interested then you can contact me on Discord (zombee#4206)  or e-mail  ([email protected]).

What about dMania 1.0?

I will keep working on the current version and keep improving it. It will be the groundwork for dMania 2.0.
If you have any feature requests or ideas, post them in the comments.

Support dMania

To keep dMania up and running, the project needs some Steem Power. Delegate some Steem Power to dMania to keep dMania alive on Steem.
dMania supporters receive 15% of the rewards on dMania and control the upvotes of the dMania bot. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power from supporters to upvote posts on dMania. To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your rewards and the more power you have on dMania. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.

Discord server online

I have decided to start the Discord server again. I have integrated the Discord link on dMania as well.


great work @zombee
I appreciate your work.

A dmania token...sounds exciting.

Steemhunt does have account based voting with weights.

"That means the top posts on a website like dMania aren't compelling or funny because of stake base voting." - have you considered counting the number of votes received instead of the dollar amount? Or some more advanced algorithm. Shouldn't be too hard of a job.

Also I'm glad to hear DMania is back, I always thought it was a bit foolish to throw it all away. As crypto is entering a boom phase again, who knows what heights DMania could reach if you put the effort into it. It might need some creativity but there's a good chance to "make it"

Even 50 cents for a meme is more than anywhere else, if DMania can just solve the issue of showing the best content instead of most stake voted it will have a good chance of going viral. I've noticed myself voting gladly on older posts that already are on trending since I as a stakeholder want to reward those who contribute quality content. Keeping them involved is far more valuable than nay miniscule curator rewards.

Agree with the votes being most important. That way meme’s of my 11 day old like this go to “Trending” hahaha 😈DBDA108A-7989-4F89-9C58-EBAF1CAACEED.jpeg

I'm glad to hear you are still upgrading and working on it.

Compared to other steem dapps dMania always worked as designed.

Thanks for still developing dMania further, regardless of what happened in the past!

If SMT's and Oracles will be available dMania could really grow to a serious competitor to websites like 9GAG, especially if HF20 would be implemented.

A feature I would love to see is kind of a mute button on dMania, if that's possible. So you can mute users and their posts won't be shown to you.

Keep doing the good work, @zombee.

Thanks @zombee, keep pushing, don't give up. Winners never quit!

A dmania token sounds exciting. Great to hear about your future plans.

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Great post @zombee And great job fixing the bugs! you have all ready laid the ground work for dmania 2.0 and im sure it will be very sucessful , I love the idea! keep up the awesome work , I really liked your meme too Lol!😂😂😂😂✌👍💕upped and restesmed

Always nice to see DMania getting some love! If i see another steem monsters or byteball post i swear i was going to flip out, so nice to see something im actually interested in on my feed

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nice zombee

This is great news, hopefully, it will come back again with a bang. The very first link is wrong, its having : https://https// , you need to fix that.

@zombee dear Hard worker never quite from his decisions keep it up
Man you can do it.

Due to some error I undelegated my 25 steel plse tell how can I restore him as delegate it to dmania

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13.05.2019 seems to be down :-(

I can't connect to dmania server because apparently it doesn't exist. What can I do?

Good afternoon. I can't upload a video file to dMania. I'm downloading it from my computer. the file is small 9 MB in mp4 format. Thanks