dMania to the moon? +1000% growth in January

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January was a good month for dMania. More than 1000% growth in unique visitors per day in the last month. The increase in the price of Steem and the delegation from Steemit helped a lot, but that's not the only reason. I did some social media marketing and a lot of users shared their memes at the last dMania promotion. I also did some search engine optimization to get more users to dMania.

What is dMania?
dMania is an app on the Steem blockchain like Steemit. You can post memes, funny pictures and videos on dMania. Give it a try -> 

I want to share some statistics with you from Google Analytics.

Unique visitors

5.7k unique visitors on 30.01.2018, a 1239% increase compared to last month. Not that bad 😎. If dMania keeps those numbers up, then I see a bright future for dMania.

Sign ups via dMania

I am tracking the redirects to the Steemit sign up every time a user clicks on sign up on dMania. 3658 signed up via dMania in January. In the last few days over 300 people signed up every day.
I can't track the actual account creations that happend, but I think they are very close to those numbers.

User acquisition

Most users are still coming via referral from Steemit. On 30.01.2018 almost half of all users didn't visit dMania via Steemit. That change is very significant. dMania can only be successful and outgrow Steemit if it has it's own user base and user acquisition.

dMania to the moon?

Not yet 😅. That start of 2018 looks very promising though, but I am not sure if dMania can keep up this kind of growth. It's a lot easier to grow when you are still small. We will see what 2018 brings. Thanks for everyone who is supporting and promoting dMania.

Support dMania

dMania supporters receive 15% of the rewards on dMania. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power from supporters to upvote posts on dMania. To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your rewards. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.


There are already over 150 dMania supporters.

... and many more

If you have any questions join our Discord server

Please upvote, post and comment on dMania to support this project. Every single upvote counts. You can contact me on or discord if you find any bugs or if you have ideas for new features. Please resteem and upvote this post and tell everyone you know who likes memes about dMania. Follow @dmania and @zombee to get the latest updates about this project. 


The Steem platform is growing by leaps and bounds. Great work!

I want to be your supporter too, give me a chance

Mantap rakan... Mari kita sling follow..


Wow staggering numbers way to go!


Yeah! I agree with you. It was so encouraging.

Very nice job being done by the team ! Continued success!

Which means it is a lot harder to get the vote from Dmania also... it is awesome idea but for us minnows to be noticed chances are small

But I also want to try @marskosky , as a small fish in a large pond, but I want to work hard.
Please guide me master @marskosky

Try it ;)

That is awesome to have such a good news!

Thanks for sharing!

great job dmania all the support for you ^^
i like dmania video ;)

Wow! Keep up the great work, I'll sign up soon.

Great numbers. Thanks for the update.

This is soo great, a few sign ups came from my actions too:)..i'm telling everybody about Dmania!!! Hope soon Dmania will have it's place stable and high!! Upvotes and resteemed!! Thank you @zombee !! 💙💙💙

I love Dmania and Dtube. I will leave youtube and will go to youtube.

Hi @raumuscom yes Dtube is really great! You need to be constant and offer interesting or quality videos and followers come:). Good luck!

Huge growth potential! Been using you guys, great platform and the support is awesome 🙌🏼💪🏼💯

Let me try to make an awesome meme for tommorrow 😀

Wow that is very encouraging to see.

Try to stop at the blog post I'm also yah @showtime... I invited you

I love the platform and everything about Dmania, it will only get bigger and bigger with support

nice funny post my steemit post

These are really great statistics. You're right, it's easier to grow when you are small. But i hope dMania can keep up this growth! Thank you for your hard job at dMania!

#dmania looks great! I just created my first two entries.

Great news!

Hi @zombee :) just a question here.
Whem I'm trying to log in on @dmania, the app wants to have permission to vote - why? Am I'm selling my vote power somehow?

No nothing like that. dMania won't vote anything without your permission.
SteemConnect is a tool so that users can securely login on other apps on Steem. It's used by many apps on Steem like Dtube, busy or utopian.
If you have every any doubts you can revoke the posting permissions from dMania on SteemConnect.

Ahh, I get it, I can upvote posts (memes :) directly on dmania. Thanks!

Wow dmania is growing like the weed of my neigbord!

Thats great and now that we also have decent memes we can create and post memes on the steem blockchain!

1000% ^^

could someone tell me about the reward system? do you just tag dmania and get a upvote or how does it work?

@zombee @dmania

How are you!
Oigan I have a question, "I am new" in and today I saw that I received a payment of $ 0.2 in the support, but that as I see if I get or how it is paid and so I do not understand.
On the other hand I want to thank you and give a wide recommendation since I have fun with the publications that are made there. Good job!

man...there is a problem...I delegated to Dmania but not using your system....I delegated 60 SP using steemconnect link the problem here is that I don't appear in the list of the there a way to fix this? Thanks

The data for supporters who delegate outside of dMania should be synced every 5 min.

thanks man...I love you(not in that way of course)

I think dmania is the best platform for all users and specially new user can also earn much better for doing best work ...
And i also think that dmania achieve all goals in coming few days love u dmania

Does Dmania equate to Snapchat or instagram for Steemit? I am curious with these type of growing numbers will this pull community members from using Steemit or wilt help grow this community even more??

I think its a great thing for everyone and I for one will be checking it out. thanks for the great information and detailed statistics!

More power DMania!!!

Who's side do you think I am on?

Do you like football?

Not sure if i have to comment with a meme under a post that is about dmania ;)

@zombee i had posted quiet afew posts using @dmania but all in wain nobody appreciated that and i don't think that any of the dmania users had paid a hue over that thing. I was very much disapointed being on dmania and now i promise to myself not being any further user of dmania...

Hail 9gag!!

dMania is still in development and things will get better over time. The curation will get better with more users. You should stay on dMania if you believe in a better system where users get rewarded for their memes.
Sure you can go back to 9GAG and get $0 rewards. Even $0.01 for a post is better than nothing.

Dmania will get bigger even more in the next years, great platform and good support

This was really good. By the way, just check you my first post and give me some suggestions. Please don't flag the comment. This is can be very helpful for me.

How wonderful. Please keep updating continuously.

Can I do well? Not long after it began

@zombee dMania is a great creative idea, I will support you ! 🙂.
Thanks for the number updates and the great post.

Thank you for sharing this.

Which One Do You Think We Should Spend more Time On it ? Dmania or Steemit?!

Yeah,why not : ) thanks

Love dMania! I just got into it.

I did not know about this app, thank you for sharing This!

best regards please support and enlighten brother..

best regards please support and enlighten brother..

Congratulations dmania is gaining more recognition

well ill check it out soon,,it must be awesome

it seems to me it's great job!!!!

i love that platform...and i enjoyed it very much...really appriciate it...feel free to follow me...

Keep up the good things .
This is just the beginning!

Yep . One of friend made $60 just one upvote from dmaina and i told him all the best ..Lol

It is very exciting to learn about the many different steem based platforms. dmania looks to be a promising use case that will expand the steem user base. Do you intend on making a smart media token in the future for the platform?

plese your votes back

Hi, Greetings from Venezuela, I am new to the Steemit community, I already have my first story, see if you like it, please leave your vote and share it so your friends can see it

Buenas, Saludos desde Venezuela, Soy nuevo es la comunidad Steemit, Ya tengo mi primera historia véanla a ver si le gusta, por favor dejar tu voto y compártela para que sus amigos/as la vean

Thank you zombee i love you..

please in my judgment yes, i am new in steemit

Awesome, nice to see this kind of tremendeous growth.

I just joined a short while ago and do enjoy everything about the dMania......Keep it up

Well.. That's sounds like a great way to go and fun too. Would certainly dmania a trial. download (2).jpg

lord how much do you think steem will be worth at the end of the year ?

yeah, d mania is growing fast like a rabbit.
and in the feb it will achieve more success.

Great numbers. TY for the update

I would like to ask about sharing event on facebook / twitter

Dmania is on steroids!!time every steemian headed there

Wow staggering numbers way to go...woooowwwwwww

i like this post ...
thank you @zombee

that's awesome news!

Wow another history, this is my favorite thank you for sharing this, awesome

I find it similar to my favorite subreddit /funny only here you can get rewards for your sense of humor which is even better and forces people to give a better quality content.

Thanks for information
an honor if you can take time to visit my blog

I think it is a very good initiative, but how about with us who also want suport dmania while our steam power is not enough?

Even though I don't personally use dMania, it's still good to see that the blockchain is growing. I think that if Steemit was the only app that grew, it might get rid of some creativity from the blockchain.

Great!! I'm interested.

Wow, this is insane lol. So if I'm understanding you correctly, dMania gowth directly = steemit growth too ? (Sorry, I'm new to all of this).


The bot will select only posts with above average upvotes and rewards.

but people hav some sbd to buy upvotes from many of bots so there posts having average upvotes and also best rewards
but thinks once we dont have sbd to buy upvotes and also i m getting daily 40 to 50 upvotes on my dmania posts not saying upvote to my post but i have small rewards like under 0.500 sbd so how can i get upvote from dmania
if any clarification then suggest me or solve my query

i know its great platform on steem blockchain
but i have doubt so i asked
i upvoted and commented and resteemed this post

You don't have to collect high rewards, only a few dollars. $0.5 is probably not enough.

Hey , why not vote my pictures?

Be ware All altcoin have indicate scam, beware my brother

i already use dmania but i do not get vote from dmania. I like to join here maybe I do not have time to get this vote I will be patient to dmania

Congratulations @zombee, this post is the most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Hero account holder (accounts that hold between 10 and 100 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by Hero account holders during this period was 439 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $15062.71. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Congratulations, your post received one of the top 10 most powerful upvotes in the last 12 hours. You received an upvote from @dmania valued at 238.78 SBD, based on the pending payout at the time the data was extracted.

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Congratulations, your post received one of the top 10 most powerful upvotes in the last 12 hours. You received an upvote from @upme valued at 229.20 SBD, based on the pending payout at the time the data was extracted.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, reply with the word "stop".

i love everything about @dmania, the name itself is funny.
cu doss to @zombee for creating such a big platform for everyone not only in this community @dmania is trending but also on other social medias, to me that is a huge progress so far.

wow @zombee you have made it....

Very happy for you @zombee! The traffic growth is awesome. Love to see that you are driving new signups as well.

Excellent update! Glad to be a contributor to dMania (in a small way). Let's continue to draw contributors away from competing channels to dMania.

Happy for your success, mems are fun and adding it to crypto extends boarders of crypto social space :)

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Phew, that's BIG! Good job. Congratulations.

Great news....... We keep fighting till we reach the sun...

Thank's for your works

thanks for your information

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