dMania Bot v.3.3 Making everything simple again

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I have realized that the current system for the bot is too complex. The average user shouldn't need to know anything about vote distribution and Gini-Simpson index. Steem is already complex enough and I just made it more complex and less user friendly. That's something I tried to avoid in the past on dMania.

What I want on dMania is that the community rewards themselves and selects the best posts. The problem is that the current curation system on Steem encourages selfish voting. A lot of users only upvote themselves or a few selected users. What any curation system should do is to encourage users to select the best content. Users should only vote on content they like, without any thought on how much they would gain by voting on it. What I tried to do from the beginning is to get dManiacs to spread their votes and discourage selfish voting. I tried to force them to get a better vote distribution with authorized and unauthorized supporters, but I think that was too much black and white thinking. I want that all supporters take part in the curation process.

A new approach

I removed all the stuff about authorized/unauthorized supporters and Gini-Simpson index. The new system ranks posts by supporter votes similar to the old system. What is new is that it checks how you have voted for other users in the past. The more you vote for a single user, the less valuable those votes become.
The following formula is used to rate a post:

Post rating = Steem Power of supporter * Vote strength * Vote distribution factor

The more Steem Power you delegate, the more powerful your votes become. The vote strength can be adjusted by users with more than 500 SP, for other users it is always 100%.
The vote distribution factor is based on the vote distribution of supporters and is a value between 0 and 1. If you haven't voted for a user for some time, it is 1. The more you vote for a single user, the closer this factor goes towards 0 and your votes become less valuable. Users who do a lot of selfvoting or only vote for a few selected users won't have any effect on the selection process for the bot. Their votes will have zero value.

This system encourages fair voting and discourages selfish voting. Any voting groups will also be a lot less effective. I have analyzed the voting distributions of a lot of users to set reasonable limits for voting on a single user. Supporters who vote too much or try to manipulate their vote distribution by unvoting will be excluded from the selection process.

I am not going to share specifics what the limits are for voting. I have shared too many details about the bot in the past. That just helped some users that were trying to exploit or trick the system in some way. All that users have to know is that they should vote fair.

Support dMania

dMania supporters receive 15% of the rewards on dMania and control the upvotes of the dMania bot. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power from supporters to upvote posts on dMania. To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your rewards and the more power you have on dMania. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.


There are already over 450 dMania supporters:
... and many more

If you have any questions join our Discord server

Please upvote, post and comment on dMania to support this project. Every single upvote counts. You can contact me on Discord if you find any bugs or if you have ideas for new features. Please resteem and upvote this post and tell everyone you know who likes memes about dMania. Follow @dmania and @zombee to get the latest updates about this project.  


I am very new, just signed up for Steemit a few days ago and made my first post on Dmania earlier today. I was very confused by the previous rules, and didn't really understand most of it. This system seems much clearer and easier to understand.

My only questions at this point are the following :

  1. Do I need to be a Dmania supporter to get vote from the bot?
  2. Previously there was something about reputation being above 50, which is pretty high, and prevents newer users from being picked. Is that still a requirement?

Thanks for your effort, I can see you put a ton of work into trying to make things fairer for everyone and so that the platform can grow.

Yes your rep still has to be above 50. You do not need to be a supporter to get an upvote from the bot. You do need supporters to upvote your posts though. If you post good memes for like a week your rep should be above 50.

one more thing to clarify things more
let's say i cast 100 votes 10x for one guy and 90 for 90 different people

  • now my "Vote distribution factor" will be low only for this one guy with 10 votes from me?

If you use 10 votes on one person and spread 90 votes evenly on 90 others, your vote distribution will show that you are favoring a single account. The more votes you give that single account, the less valuable every single vote becomes. The first vote will be equal to all other votes.

ok and its the same as before last 14 days right?

seems the server is currently down...

or you had mentioned something before about the site switching over to a different domain address...?

Dude. It's over. Dmania has been shut down since May 2, 2018.

Ah k. Thanks for the clarification.


Honestly all I could say in this comment has already been said by you
1• Bots can cover larger number of people in votes but how do you program a bot to recognize good content

2• Humans can identify quality posts but won’t they die working like a bot someday

3• The best I think In my own knowledge is bringing together AI {Artificial intelligence....the bots} to ease the work of humans afterall that’s the sole aim of AI.

• Final thought

More curators are needed

I completely agree. No matter how good a bot's programming is, in the end it is still a bot. It can never replace a real human curator.

This is a great move. The selection process definitely needed a correction. I have seen a lot of abusers chasing the upvote. I had given up on dmania but with this new algorithm I will try my luck again.
Appreciate the effort.

Thank you @zombee sir for give us a chance to win upvote from Dmania.

Lot's of love for you and I pray that you should update the community day by day....

Thank you again.

Good work on this update, i realy agree with the idea of better bot which brings more good content to the frontpage. By good i realy mean the good stuff, because to be honest there is a lot of "not good" content on the frontpage. Just my opinion - maybe my humor is just different.
Keep up the work and thanks 4 making @dmania a better place.

Thank you @zombee sir for give us a chance to win upvote from Dmania

I was awarded the last 2 months ago by Dmania. And I have not been awarded in any way for 2 months.

I have been following the rules that you have posted on dmania since the beginning. I do not know whether I am on the black list or not. I was suspicious of this.

And I tried to write you a special message on the discord. But my private message did not reach you. For this reason, I asked this question in dmania channel. I wanted to know if I was on the black list. Since I could not give you a private message, I had to write a channel. I had no other chance to learn it.

As a result, you threw me out of dmania channel. I just wanted to find out if I was listed on the black list. I have not violated any dmania rules until today.

I do not know if I'm on the blacklist. But I did not do anything to deserve to be listed on the black list. Even if I'm on the black list, is not it normal for me to ask why?

I did nothing to deserve to be blocked through dmania. If im listed on the black list, it is my most natural right to know why. I'm just trying to find out. Just because I asked for it, why are you throwing me through dmania. I still delegate to Dmania.

I have followed your rules until today. There is one thing I want to learn.

Am I on the black list of dmania bot?

It is natural to ask this question. Unnatural, we can not get answers.

now when supporters vote for post you have a small change to get a vote when you post unedited gifs/movies
to get the ofhftrgiphy.gif
you need too:

  • make good memes or
  • be friends with a big supporter :D

Simple is good. "Vote fair" and keep the algorithm hidden to avoid abuse

Good luck. I stopped posting on Dmania because the biggest posts were often memes that weren't funny and made no sense. Hopefully that has changed I might come back again good luck

to get a upvote u still need a vote from a top 10~ supporter or a looot small votes but most dmania upvotes go to posts with upvotes from top supportes and this makes that the same sens of humor is at the top page

So we don't need to check the gini index ? And the status will be always green ? Did you update the FAQ to reflect this ?

Steve Jobs said : Making the simple is the most complex thing to do. Well done.

Thanks zombee! Agree with this change, the last iteration was very convoluted.

I believe this is a much more elegant system that encourages voting which is more in line with the quality of the memes on trending.

What are your thoughts on anti-plagiarism controls?

Güzel güncelleme olmuş bence :D

I think this is very fair, @zombee has worked very hard to make a difficult job and I think the dmaniacs must obey this rule. Thanks so much

If the system has been simplified, I can't imagine how complicated it was before.
There is so much focus on how to financially benefit from the platform that a bulk of the posts are about Steemit itself. At some point the focus on posts will need to be on creating great content alone.

Without creating a new bot, we need new motivation or movement from the old users.If they start to change their mind set about nee comers, it will become a great place to stay and will continue to grow.

Alright @zombee I hope this will make people vote fairly this time.

oh boy, I'm scratching my head again :) my main question is does the 50 minimum reputation still count in order to get bot upvotes?

Yeah the minimum reputation of 50 is still the same

I understand none of this. I wish Steemit were alot more straight forward and simple. It feels like it is more a platform for tech savvy computer geeks that want to constantly tinker and interject new, more complicated factors that make it impossible for laymen users to grasp. The broader community like me just doesn't have time to become a computer geek.

the yellow/green had one plus you saw when u did something wrong

but this new looks great

Thanks zombee! I Agree with this change.

I like it! I'm back mother fuckers! I was waiting to get up to a 50 rep, but shiiit.

WTF is this Dmania thing and why are 90% of the posts I'm seeing having the byline of "view post on Dmania?" Is there a basic post describing this anyone can link to plz?

WTF is dMania?! ->

Very good post @zombee

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Awesome thanks so much for clarification and update @zombee ! Sounds great ! upped and resteemed to spread the word !😀👍👍👍

toss upvote bots out and vote for things that actually funny. dmania has about 5% funny content. more people just making stupid crypto jokes along with dmania jokes to try gain more money and upvotes its not funny. true humor and creativity should shine through way it is now system is simply broken.

Vote distribution factor - Is this the same as the gini index you created?

Is the 24 hours time frame for upvotes still considered or has that changed?

Vote distribution is your vote percentage for every author. The Gini Simpson index was just a way to measure that distribution with a single value, but it isn't used anymore.
Yeah the 24h hour time frame is still the same for upvotes.

Aha, so if 2 % of my votes go to user X the vote distribution factor in relation to that user is 0.02? Did I get that right?

it can't be gini index because it's too easy to stay at 90%++ and i wouldn't work for this

For 2 days now I cannot seem to load the dmania page.

That's because it's been shut down since May 2.

Hey i want your discord link..dear..i want to join..

Hi! Can you please send me an updated discord invite link? The current one is expired :(

@zombee I feel sorry for everything happened in the past. I don't know really what was going on but you know I wasn't getting anything on my memes in dmania then I noted a postby equilibrium and he said that @zombee is plagriarising and I was really hocked and also angry and frustrated so I posted something there but now as you are back with bang and now I am againa Dmania Supporter so I don't anything to happen like what happened in the past!

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