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RE: How Many Active Users Are Really On Steemit?

in #steem7 years ago

You keep bringing the good stuff! It's really interesting to see, I guess retention rates will go up in the future as the platform evolves. Now you kinda have to "look" for content, unlike other platforms who have mastered the art of "showing " you content.

This will probably also be solved with developers making their own platforms ontop of steem blockchain, each for it's own audience. For example it's natural that people who mostly care about photography share/consume in a different way than people who loves to go balls deep in statistics ;)


Yeah...wonder if retention will be higher after the last HF.

I have been struggling lately to find content also. Maybe I follow too many people and when I look to the hot/trending 80% is the same ol vacation rentals, youtubers cut/pasting their video, some one's vacation pics, etc.

Maybe I'll do some research to identify best authors to follow that write legit stuff and reply back to commenters.

Seems like there is a lot of curator projects going on at the moment, so I guess following those would be cool. Eg. a curator dedicated to certain topis. That also seems like a good business for the curator as you earn from your summarypost.

There is ofc a lot of good content here, just not everything is interesting to everyone. Seems like whatever content with the lowest common denominator wins 90% of the trending page :P

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