Charlie Chaplin

in #steem5 years ago

One day .. Charlie Chaplin said a joke to the public
Everyone laughed ..
And brought it back for the second time, only some laughed
When he returned for the third time, no one laughed!
Then he said a nice line ..
If you can not laugh and laugh to the same joke, why cry and cry for the same concern and injured?
So enjoy every moment in your life ..


  • Charlie Chaplin left leaving a great legacy without uttering a word or injuring the feeling of one, we remind him of these sentences that touch the heart ..
  1. There is nothing permanent in this life, not even our problems.
    2 - I love walking in the rain, so that no one sees my tears.
  2. The most lost day in your life is the day you do not laugh.

Wonderful person and great words

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