Is steemit fair?

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After 10 days i spent in steemit, my observations are it is the reflection of real world. Rich become more rich powerful become more powerful. Who just born without support will almost have no chance to survive. Whales have reality of canada newbies have reality of kongo.

What i observe in these short time there are very good bloggers who has 1 upvote per post because huge majority only focus for giving post or give some upvotes for whales with small hope to get some hand. Most of the content dies in the stream.

However, how beautiful the story started; i loved the cheetah so much. I don't know if it is magic but it catches everything if you copy content from other website the time you will get caught is about seconds. As a data engineer i can say that it is a big achieved challenge.

I think they can give more chance who is newbie to introduce themselves more. Or maybe steemit again would find some other magic solution for new potentials. Otherwise in future whales might support only whales and it will become small community sharing platform.

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I really feel you.
i am a newbie who seeks an upvote or resteem from whales..
Inspite of these, i still keep on writing, I still keep on steeming maybe someday soon they will be able to recognize my writings on my blog @kim24.

Very very truth. You are absolutely correct @zafueta.

This same baffles me. Its like you saw my mind. Nice post

The solution is simple. We will need to become whales. It is natural for the whales, then dolphins, etc to be rewarded for their belief and stake in the success of this platform. I have noticed in my watching different creators, many seem to be here for immediate profits. Cashing out as it were, instead of investing in the platform, which is investing ultimately in oneself if the platform grows. The whales became such because they were willing to invest heavily into the platform. Us new fish do not deserve the rewards they are reaping until we have put in the same effort and investment.

Roll your sleeves up with me and let's do this.

Yea it's a tough community to crack that's for sure. Saw one of the best Steem memes today... it was a image of girl about to show breasts and then it said... please insert more Steem to continue... so true!!!