how Steemit is making our life amazing

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When I joined Steemit before joining Steemit, I bought Steemit from Bittrex Exchange. The first time I bought crypto for me, that will give me profits. But now my feelings have changed. Now I have a great plan for my life. Many months ago, I promised myself that I will share 15% of the profits of all my cryptocurrencies with the poor in need. It is my life plan. so here I promise with all my steemian friends that I will share my 15% steemian profit with the needy poor in my area. so I will try to change their sadness to happiness. I know that my earnings are not great, but when I do, everything will be good and the earnings will be high. The benefit is not how much money I earn, the benefit is how much I help people.

Dear steemians! The title of my post is "How Steemit is making our life amazing" Yes, it is true that Steemit is making our life amazing. There are many tribes that help steemians improve life. Dear friends! It is very easy if we share our crypto earnings in poor and needy people, they will pray for us. They will get food. So it's my plan. I hope to succeed in this plan. I promise with all of you. that when I distribute my crypto benefit to poor people and I need, I will try to write a publication about this. but my heart says that if I am helping poor people, then I have no right to publish this. but I will, because in this way, others that my steemian people will follow me, will help their people. So friend, come do a good job and help the people who need you around you. Steemit is changing our life, it's really amazing.


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