Steem Dunk - Well ordered Manual for Making Your Steemdunk Record

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Little Presentation

Steem Dunk is a mechanized curation benefit intended to be as straightforward and solid. New highlights are being dealt with consistently for our clients.

This is a basic well ordered for getting your Steemdunk account up and running.
Needn't bother with a guide? Avoid whatever is left of the article and visit exchange.


Stage 1

The initial step is to make your Steemdunk account. Visit make your record.

You will be taken to a page that resembles this:

Fill in the shape and hit the join catch!

Stage 2

You will then be diverted to the setup page. You will get a confirmation code in your email (make sure to check your garbage organizer as well).


Fill in the confirmation you got and hit submit. At that point pick an arrangement and continue to exchange the essential assets for your arrangement. For this guide we'll run with the Gold arrangement.

Exchanging stores

Right off the bat, go to your wallet

Now that you're in your wallet, go to the Steem Dollars dropdown and tap on the exchange.

Fill in the fields, it should seem to be like the picture beneath. Try to fill in the notice field with YOUR memo. The update you see beneath is with the end goal of the guide.

This is the thing that a finished setup resembles.


Stage 3

Since your email is checked and the assets are exchanged, the setup ought to be finished (see the picture from above)! Next we have to go to for your record profile. Either tap the connection in this article or go to the upper right of the Steemdunk site and tap on 'profile'.

Go the distance to the base, where you should see the approve catch, tap on it. On the off chance that you need considerably more easy routes just go here: :)

Here's an example screen capture:

Do NOT use your Steemdunk secret word, it won't work!!! You should utilize your private dynamic key or your steemit secret word. After the frame is rounded out, essentially click approve.

Naturally Clergyman a Creator

Visit the landing page (upper left) or go to Presently you should basically include a creator! We should simply ahead and include "steemdunk" ;)

Once the creator is included your screen should resemble this:

From here you can change your settings and tap the "refresh creator" catch to spare your progressions.


Congrats! Your record is completely operational and as of now upvoting posts. Include more creators as you want and choose which settings work best for you.

You'll see your curation rewards increment soon :)

Go along with us

You can discover us on Disagreement here: Come fly by and make proper acquaintance or make inquiries about your record.

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