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Hi, my fellow steemer's today we are talking about world coin index in relation to steemit. So there was a point where crypto currency and steemit was all very confusing to me. Even though I was so confused I still was urged by family to join the community. World Coin Index is a great way to keep track of the current price flow of crypto currency. Here is a sample photo of from WCI to give you an idea or image in your mind of what you will see once upon your visit to the page.![XDzorlo.png]


Now I know a lot of this may seem overwhelming, absorbing all the information behind crypto currency at one time can be. So be sure to take it in one spoon full at a time or you will steer yourself away from interest. Now WCI will not only keep a good eye on where steemit stands in the market but it will also give you use full information and access to other crypto currencies agencies. The WCI gathers their data using the formula of an average weighted price. Now the formula below can be used in the same aspect to get your average price per share if used properly.


I hope my post was helpful to the new users to steemit. I am learning on a daily basis and if you are really planning to take off in the crypto currency world I truly recommend WCI as a helpful tool for all entrepreneurs. I will be taking my research further so I do advise to follow and please ask freely when you become confused. Thank you to my fellow steemers and I will be dropping the link below for WCI.


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Where did you find them and why are they important to you? There are so many different Exchanges why this one? Faster refresh rate?


This one to me seems like more of a direct easy sites to use for new members this happens to be the one I like, not sure about the refresh rate tho.

@youngfuego Hey buddy! Nice content. I dropped to this profile by chance but
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Thanks mann truly appreciate the support and will do flowing now.