PARTIKO - ✪ the preferred application for Steemit users ✪

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If you have a smartphone, this is your best option.

This app name "PARTIKO" is one of the many applications that are part of the chain of blocks that is found in the list of, a platform that brings together applications and chains of blocks based on the ecosystems cryptographic #Steem - #Ethereum - #EOS - #GoChain - #POA - #xDai

To begin with, I'll give you a summary of this, this decentralized social APP, allows you to monetize its content and win the cryptographic currency #STEEM #SBD✪ They can also earn Partiko Points and convert them into crypto. ✔

There are users who do not have free time to sit on a desktop computer, because of work factors, because they are outside their home or because they simply have only one smartphone. Missing the opportunity to connect to some social networks because your Internet browser does not process the information properly, is too slow or consumes too much data to be able to use some platform, these are some reasons that cause many problems to a lot of users who use blockchain.

With this in mind, a group of developers have designed an extremely fast and operational mobile device APP within the #Steem block chain that meets many of the needs. The important thing about this whole application is that you can use it from the comfort of your phone, do not require high-tech phones to be used and the performance is very good, giving the ideal balance between efficiency and comfort to users using Steem blockchain.

Score given to this application by users

Most people know that Play Google has a scoring system that is given by users who use the application can define its quality, performance, efficiency, functionality, by scoring stars and numbers from 1 to 5, which determines whether it meets the requirements or is a low quality application. But Partiko surprises with an almost perfect score of 4.8 means that it has a very good quality level, meeting the expectations and needs of the users.

Characteristics of the application

  1. ✔Pure native Android experience with Material Design❮
  2. ✔Push notification❮
  3. ✔Sliding vote❮
  4. ✔Smooth scrolling and quick app loading
  5. ✔Streamlined posting experience❮
  6. ✔In-app search experience❮

The application has a unique feature, which is remarkable with respect to the others that can be found, because this Partiko application in addition to winning the token STEEM by the votes received, also wins by the interaction it generates with other users, this is known as "PARTIKO points", with any action it makes, whenever it is from the application, assigns you a certain amount of # points that you can exchange for votes in future publications, something very productive the use of this application, because it brings many benefits to users who use it.

You can see the statistics yourself from the platform of : so that you can use your own criteria/knowledge, to avoid any doubt you may have about the quality of this application.


This application has many features that are remarkable, making it one of the most popular, but not because of its advertising, but because of its high quality level causing a positive impact on users who enjoy the excellent service provided by this application.

➭By just interacting with him, you gain #points

➭The #Points I win can be exchanged for positive votes✔

➭It has an internal chat, which allows you to chat with other users using PARTIKO and Steemit✔

➭It is one of the most popular mobile phone applications in the #STEEM block chain✔

The application has something that stands out when you have to comment, publish and it is how simple its use, its way of running things, becomes a good choice for those people who do not want to complicate themselves with codes or very advanced systems, who just want to upload their content and show it to the whole world.

➭Your developers are doing some updates to apply them soon✔

#PARTIKO Social Networks




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