We are in this together: VOTE FOR STEEM

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I do not know how, but it seems like some people here have still not heard about the chance of STEEM to get listed on netcoins. For now we are in the first position but 16200 votes is still a ridiculous low number of votes considering how many people are part of our community... Get it together guys: http://contest.gonetcoins.com/


It takes less than a minute. I expect to see ten times more votes at least until it closes later today! This is why we are here, right? To show the world how strong our community is and that we are able to work together in a decentralized way. Do your part: support Steem and support your community. This is how you help yourself too!

Lots of Light and Love <3


We can make it from our community how strong we are! Let be shown to them.

We have a responsibility to do that. Thanks for your dedication to steem.

Thank you for your comment. I woulld not call it responsability because that word turns me of to do anything. But I think it can show how strong our community can work together on a big scale. And since the idea to create a community with worldwide solidarity was one of the reasons why I joined steemit I would like to see if the other people are sincere too.

Es ist ein Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen. Hab auch schon mehrfach gevotet, wäre toll, wenn es klappt und vor allem sehr spannend, was es tatsächlich für Auswirkungen hätte

Ja, auf die Auswirkungen bin ich auch gespannt. Aber ich finde es auch relevant zu sehen, wie stark der Zusammenhalt wirklich ist.

...Und es hat geklappt, steem ist die Nummer 1 =)

We should be well ahead by now, i am sure Verge are cheating as there numbers rise far to quickly. I saw them jump by 500 in a second earlier today :(

Then we should be better at cheating :D

Wow very nice..great art work😊

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I don't even have any idea what is that, I'm so rarely online, so I barely know what's going on in Steemit world.

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