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Don't miss the story ...
4 boys to marry
Went to see it
It seemed. Then everyone searches for everything
Got the news
5 days after that
The man went to the ring with the girl's hand
Teaches and prepares marriage
Then the phone calls between them
Goes on
After 5 days the phone talk: -
Boy: - Well you read more
Want ???
Girl: - Yes ... because I had hope
Dr. Hobo.
Boy: - Dr. Hall would you be happy ???
Girl: - Yes .. This is my biggest
Seek God. And what if you want
I can !!!
Boy: - Why ???
Girl: - Because .. 1. I got married
Gone .. 2. My father didn't have that much money.
Boy: - I have. To you
I can and will not give anything
I will fulfill your hope !!! Are you
Agree to read ???
Girl: - Yes. But the marriage and the maa 5 days
The rest..What happens to the setter ???
Boy: - Leave it on me !!!
Girl: - OK.
The boy explained to all of his family
Says, and everyone agrees. Girl's writing
The boy is paying all costs for reading and
Listening was fine but after a few days.
Girl: - Will you keep my 5 words ???
Boy: - Yes. What can I do ???
Girl: - Don't mind. With me
Don't see it !!!
Boy: - But why ???
Girl: - When you see yourself
Can't hold on Meanwhile, mine
2 years remaining in the examination. If ,,, Fail
I cannot show my face in society. More
Your money and trouble will go away.
Boy: - OK. But talk on the phone
No ???
Girl: - Yes.
Boy: - ok.
After 2 years, the girl took the test and passed
She's happy to be at her daughter's house
Guest Barpur. But he did not tell the boy
Because the boy is now a husband
Can't introduce to everyone
After 5 days, the girl is a
Sitting in the chamber
If the boy calls her, she is
Cuts off the phone and closes it.
The boy goes to his house. And the girl
Tell him ...
Girl: - Forgive me and
Don't worry I'm married to you
Can't do it !!!
Boy: - Why: ???
Girl: - Because you're not worthy of me
Don't read the writing.
Boy: - That's from our family
Fix everything ???
Girl: - That was before. I do it now
Can't agree
Boy: - Two eyes filled with tears and said.
OK. Good luck with Amitoma
Stop it It came out.
A few days later the boy became ill.
On that side, the girl was in a hospital
The elder is Dr. Cheetah's condition is bad
He was taken to the hospital.
A doctor at that place recognized him
And everyone in his family is scared
Zaka did. Because many are letting up
Has left The girl then Dr.
They said why are you talking about them ??? Then
Dr. said that this man is about 5 from today
Years ago his wife's doctor read
It costs money to sell 5 kidneys
Did. He told me when I was banned
He is fine to me if wife Dr.
Give it ... hear it, from the girl's eyes
The water came down !!!
What a profit to cry now, actually all
The girls are selfish,,, for their own interests
For all they could do.

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