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Would you like the subscribe to my new Youtube channel for a chance to win 2 dollars out of the $200 dollars free Steem give away for the first 100 subscribers? If you like the idea, please click the youtube link below and subscribe to my channel. Also, don't forget to Upvote this post and Resteem. Thank you.



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Good idea! Count me in.. :)

Thanks for your comment!

I subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I followed and upvoted your post. I am a big fan of trains, so that's what hooked me!

why not. I've subscribed over there and upvoted here

You're really going to give away $200 for 100 subscribers, some upvotes&resteems? I doubt it.. No offense to you, but it just seems unlikely.

$2 to the first 100 subscribers. Thanks for your comment!

That's ok, pretty sure if he doesn't, people will unsub quick enough. (effectively) no cost for me, possible $2 gain. I'll take that

subscribed onyoutube, upvoted, resteemed

If you are givingaway 200 steem to one lucky, for 100 subscribers,I think it will be more fear to give 2 steem for each subscriber (100x2=200) :)

Hmm... Will update post and do that actually.. Thanks!

Ok, joined it... Upvoted&Subscribed. When will we receive $2?

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