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RE: Steemit Blockchain Team Update: AppBase, RocksDB, Bandwidth, HF20, SMTs, and more!

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This is a fantastic head feels like it's exploding trying to process all of this and imagining all of the possibilities that will soon be available on the Steem platform!

Once appbase and rocksDB are at a good point (which it sounds like they might already be at?) I would love to see a post or guide about the best way to set up a full RPC node/cluster using these new technologies and what type of hardware requirements are necessary.

I think it's a big problem right now that there are so few full RPC nodes available and it's getting prohibitively expensive and time consuming to set up new ones. Obviously these changes are aimed at changing that (which is awesome!), and I think it would also be good to have a clear guide on how to set a full RPC node up, what the various options are, etc.

Probably a good thing for the developer portal I guess (which I also love btw!)

Anyway, I could not be more excited about all of this and the future of the Steem blockchain. Keep up the great work!


Me too for new docs on building and selecting modules for a full or partial rpc node install, with the rocksdb build and lowered ram utilization configs and optimized disc strategies and all that. Get us to where we can get nodes online affordably, at lower witness levels and we will, and that will take a lot of pressure off the plumbing here.

Me too

I agree that these changes bring great capabilities which will be useful as Steemit continues to grow and SMT become more common.

Yes, I agree. It's one of their most successful summaries and it demonstrates a great effort to communicate the progress to us.

Agreed @yabapmatt @sircork it would be helpful if clear documentation were available for setting up full RPC nodes, as well as, ways to make them more affordable and how to manage them well. I've been chugging along trying to learn but there's so much information (much outdated) that its confusing and overwhelming.

Welcome to the game

✊😆 I swear I adore you @sircork hahaha

Aww shucks!

What I'd like to know is how to setup jussi to redirect the API calls to different nodes. That would help me load-balance between different machines 🙂

If I could understand more.... my head would explode too.

I'm curious why so many nodes are offline do you know? It looks a bit strange. For my logical brain I would expect that they should all be up and running. So would you be able to run your own Steemit server to keep the page up or is it only witnesses that are allowed to do that?

Anyone can run their own Steem blockchain instances as well as condenser (the code that runs

There is a cost to running the servers though.

Thanks for explaining.

Long time no see @timcliff ! these are exciting times! 👍👍👍😀

What nodes are you talking about exactly? There is a list of steem full nodes here: and most of them are up.

Thanks for letting me know. Never seen that link before.

Because no one gives a shit.

Lol xD Well some care, and some don't. As it always have been on Earth 😂

I like the sound of reduced latency for use with the use of rocksdb :D. Will there be additional recovery options for our keys in HF20? And what is to be expected when this version is rolled out? Thank you for all the hard work of improving this platform. Cheers! @STEEMITBLOG

I'm learning but it all looks interesting

Good luck with your learning :)

I am feeling the same way. Amazing update guys, lots of great and reassuring items being presented. I am extremely excited about the future opportunities the Steem platform will provide, especially as it supports SMTs and scales out to support all us app devs!

I agree this was a fantastic update about many things we were waiting to here more news about. This is very reassuring that Steemit continues to improve its infrastructure so transactions and other functions will proceed without delays or incidents. The steady march towards completion of the SMT is also great news as this feature promises both greater exposure of Steemit and greater exposure of everyday businesses to the blockchain and how it can help them survive to movement from brick & mortar shops to the internet. Bravo

same here! I want to see more languages support officially with the API; I'm a .NET type of person, and some of my goals include making Steem integrate with DNN CMS via a module.

I'm also a .NET developer. What I did was setup some Python stuff with DJango using the library and then I write my software in .NET calling the API 🙂

Hmmm. IronPython might work well for that. Thing just got an update as well, so I could be messing with that, or call a Python library from a C# application; C# or PowerShell, for that matter, actually. Now there's something cool. A Steemit client that has powerShell script calls.

Basically I just send http request to Django. So far it's working great 😁 you could check out my Github if you'd like to see my approach

That's pretty cool; wonder whether or not the APIs that are accessible via C Python are also accessible via ironPython? I would think they are; I mean, I do plan to include IronPython in my ideas for languages to learn; love all of them.

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