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RE: (Very) Basic stuff Steem needs to fix: my personal list

in #steemlast year

I'm in complete agreement with most of your list, but #1 and #2 especially.

  1. SBD was a neat idea, but failed in practice. It's great to try out ideas, but when they fail, you need to cut them fast and move on. For the past couple of years SBD's only purpose was to thoroughly confuse everyone.

  2. The ONLY current utility of the STEEM token, or actual reason anyone would want to own any, is to gain Resource Credits and be able to use the Steem network. It's a great utility actually, but it's totally dwarfed by the massive amounts of STEEM given out through the reward pool which there's no reason to hold except for speculation. I'm 100% on board with removing the reward pool and migrating it to SMTs.


Worse than confusing everyone, it has also actively devalued STEEM.