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RE: Question to the Steem Community. Would you like to spend your Steem on the High Street and with Merchants that have existing Fiat Payment Infrastructure already in place.

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Hi Stephen

I know you have worked hard for this over time. Everyone will definitely get this opportunity. With such an opportunity, Steem will also reach new heights.
I am posting a promo on world of xpilar with a link to your blog



I have sent a copy of the link to this Blog to the Strategic Partner working on the Project for them to gauge the appetite from the Steem Community as to whether this is the right time to launch a Project like this.

It is an ambitious Project but will be made easier if the Steem Community wants something like this.

Comments left are going to be vital to determine the pace and direction we take over the next few weeks.

The more exposure we get the better.


Yes, here everyone should give their comment and show their interest in this

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