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RE: The Steem News @ 15 March 2020 - Disappearing Delegations, Magically Appearing Witnesses & A Super New Space Game

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Mission: Agua-Possible closing down, it's sad to see

My team has supported the project for a long time and I hope that many will read about Mission: "Agua-Possible" now as it is in the news here. A massive support for the project will mean a lot now before @drutter finishes it completely and an opportunity to complete the project.
To those who have the opportunity, give your support to the project now


It is sad to see the project end like this. I have picked up your post for today's news. Hopefully we can give it one last push to help it reach the goal...

Hi @pennsif

Thanks for including it in today's news, hope that it will allow "Mission: Agua-Possible" and that @drutter can reach the goal

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