[Release] Piston 0.0.1 - Command Line Tool for Steem

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Piston for Steem

A command line tool to interface with the Steem network.


Install with pip:

pip3 install steem-piston

Manual installation:

git clone https://github.com/xeroc/piston
cd piston 
python3 setup.py install --user


$ pip install --user --upgrade steem-piston


Adding keys (for posting)

Piston comes with its own encrypted wallet to which keys need to be added:

piston addkey <posting-wif-key>

On first run, you will be asked to provide a new passphrase that you
will need to provide every time you want to post on the Steem network.
If you chose an empty password, your keys will be stored in plain text
which allows automated posting but exposes your private key to your
local user.

List available Keys and accounts

piston listkeys

This command will give the list of public keys to which the private keys
are available.

piston listaccounts

This command tries to resolve the public keys into account names registered
on the network (experimental).


To post new content, you need to provide

  • the author,
  • a permlink, and
  • a title

For posting the "posting-key" of the author needs to be added to the wallet.

Additionally, a --category can be added as well.

echo "Texts" | piston.py post --author "<author>" --category "<category>" --title "<posttitle>" --permlink "<permlink>"
cat filename | piston.py post --author "<author>" --category "<category>" --title "<posttitle>" --permlink "<permlink>"


Here, the same parameters as for simply posting new content are
available except that instead of --category a --replyto has to be
provided to identify the post that you want the reply to be posted to.
The --replyto parameter takes the following form:



echo "Texts" | piston.py post --replyto "@xeroc/python-steem-0.1.1" --author "<author>" --title "<posttitle>" --permlink "<permlink>"
cat filename | piston.py post --replyto "@xeroc/python-steem-0.1.1" --author "<author>" --title "<posttitle>" --permlink "<permlink>"
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The OP has been created by the following command

cat README.md | piston post --author xeroc --permlink "piston-0-0-1" --category steem --title "[Release] Piston 0.0.1 - Command Line Tool for Steem"

while this reply has been created by:

piston reply --replyto "@xeroc/piston-0-0-1" --author xeroc --permlink "re-piston-0-0-1" --title "created by piston"

Now, have fun!

Good job!

Is there a way to edit a post?

Repost it using the same permlink

You can always upload a new version which will make you loose your votes. Besides that, I read about a way to update posts by sending a patch as a comment. Need to first look into the format and can then add another call for editing posts with your favorit editor :)
Next thing to do though is to add voting ..

In my case it got installed into python2.7 and i dont know how to remove it and make it work in pyton3