Made a Bet About the Price of STEEM in Telegram.

in steem •  2 years ago

While you might now about Telegram from the very busy, but also very informative and helpful Bitshares DEX chat. Still, among the Russian speaking people Telegram chats are one of the more used places where people from the cryptosphere mingle.

I am subscribed to about 30 different cryptocurrency and trading related news feeds and chats in Telegram.

Steemit was the window into the wolrd of Crypto for me, but Telegram chats were what I found behind that window

Anyway, one of the chats that I participate in from time to time, is the one that is related to the Telegram BTC exchange bot(referral link here), which is a p2p exchange thing. So, today I talked to this one guy I know from the DASH chat.

And the talk was going about the price of Dash going up. Thing is I am not surprized about it. First thing I noticed about crypto is how unfriendly it is to the layperson, and I've seen that before.

It is "The year of Linux on the Desktop!" all over again, was my thought, since most of the cool and trendy projects do nothing to make themselves easier for a layperson to get into them. And I know only about a couple of Cryptos from the top 20 that are working on making something easy to use for the common man. And thats why I said that I expect to see Dash and Steem to go up.

That is what let to a bet, I'd like to save here on the Steem blockchain.

I expect the price of Steem in relation to USD to be higher within a year than it is today 2017.02.15 ($0.131420):

While my opponent expects it to be lower.

In case of either of us being right on 2018.02.15 we'll check the price on Coinmarketcap and the losing party pays the other 1 DASH, plus the transaction fees of the network (without any sort of InstaSend etc things).

Wrote this in Busy. Busy is cool!

Update: some clarification to the terms of the bet by explicitly mentioning the dates and coinmarketcap.

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Technically, you've already won.

Within this year, the price has risen from your starting point of $0.131420 to .133891.

You can now claim your DASH. =3

Yay for Steemit.


We'll see on 2018.02.15, thats when the result would be known. But I'll edit the post, to clarify that point.


Pffft, alright.

Yeah, I was only jokin' around.
I still think you're gonna win though. Enjoy your DASH. =p


Yep, I also think that I'm going to win, thanks! :D

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My local crypto friends use Telegram too.

Curious what you meant by 'wrote this in busy'. Can you explain / link?

· it is another interface for Steem blockchain.