The thinking is very interesting in the project, but me personally it makes wi-fi even more centralized and owned by the company elites by transferring the use of the router to the customer so that they receive ads. That can be worrisome, and this is just my opinion, in that you may be watching a clip, or reading information that is disguised as journalism or entertainment within a corporate manipulated context. Like say I am selling you space off my router, and you are getting advertisements, the intel basically opens you up for every kind of profiling data mining endeavor you can imagine, and within a very short time the technology is going to impulse market you to death, not literally of course but you understand what I am getting at. I think, again in my opinion it's viable, but I do not know how this can be tweaked to maintain ideal levels of ownership and privacy of the content. I guess that's why I wouldn't be a good candidate to be on their advisory committee, lol. Thanks for sharing world.wi-fi, this is a quite remarkable project, if you can iron out the kinks and foresee the possible issues that may arise you could be on to something quite revolutionary.

Plus you would to buy their router. If they instead made an software compatible with any router the project would be more successful

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