Why Going Above And Beyond May Not Be The Best Thing To Do

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MMX.Banner.gifToday is one of those days where I went above and beyond what I should have done at MoneyMakersXchange.

I am the Team Captain of The Soaring Eagles there and we are in 1st place. The week will end 4 hours from now and I will likely receive 97 bonus traffic credits. How many hours did it take me to click to earn that reward. Trust me, I could work at a fast food restaurant for less than an hour and earn enough money to buy a lot more credits than that. Look on the bright side though. It was fun and I did see a lot of great ads while surfing. I observed who was placing some very creative sites and will definitely follow up with them and share strategies for success.

Have some fun and join The Soaring Eagles Team at MoneyMakersXchange.

Ken Wolff
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That was a great achievement @wolffden, and don't look at the money you could have made in other places, you are building your brand, everyone in that TE will see your name on top and that builds credibility and recognition, and it makes people more likely to look at your ads the next time that they see it, keep it up and stay awesome.

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Thank you @thisisawesome, I appreciate your comment very much and agree.

Thanks @wolffden, and thank you for creating awesome content.

Thanks for sharing upvoted this post

Thanks Howy ... I am just learning this Steemit think...I need to stop clicking so much and spend more time here getting to know more about it. upvoted your response.

I am learning to. This place has been great so far I like new things

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