Why i think Investment in STEEM is better for future

in #steem3 years ago

I have been recently following up on STEEM price on this volatile market and STEEM is doing an amazing performance .

With bitcoin and other major cryptos going downtrend with bearish symbol , STEEM is being Quite resistive towards bear sentiments .

With SBD currently trading @ $7.3

and steem trading at $0.49


Both seems to be sideways for the entire 7 day trading window which is an amazing performance .

Currently i have delegated 2K SP to NUTBOX and remaining of My SP to upvu , this is a profitable deal with higher APR OVERTIME .

My plan is to bring in total of 200K SP delegated to nutbox and upvu while makinf posts on daily basis and multiplying my rewards overtime .

Lets see where i stand in exactly 12 months .

Happy Investing


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